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"Heh…" Li Changfeng let out a big smile when he saw Xiaodie covering her mouth with tears. His white teeth seemed very strange compared with his skin full of blood.


Li Changfeng threw out two worgens' heads and extended his arms to Xiaodie.


"Awrrr…Childe!" Neglecting Li Changfeng's blood and people's sights, Xiaodie couldn't hold back her excitement and rushed into Li Changfeng's arms, like a cheerful bird. Then, she broke into tears loudly.


"Awrrr…" Witnessing this scene, Sai Ya sat on the horse and also cried out in a sudden. In fact, she didn't know why she wanted to drop tears. But when Li Changfeng had appeared before them just now, she couldn't help crying out. She was not clear what type her emotion belonged to. Worried? Or excited? She had never felt such a kind of emotion before.


"Thanks god!" First madam slowly closed her eyes when she saw Li Changfeng and Xiaodie hugging each other. She put her palms together devoutly and lowered her head. It was lucky that Li Changfeng was still alive; otherwise, she didn't know how to face Li Yuanxiong. Soon, Li Yuanxiong would get back to the General's Residence for holding a coming-of-age ceremony for Li Changfeng. If Li Changfeng died in an accident, all explanations were weak, because it's she who had sent Li Changfeng to the reserves.


"Liu Wuneng, where is military doctors? Call them here and have a check for Childe Fourth! He may suffer some serious injuries, needing to be handled at once." First madam found her mind from excitement and cast a glimpse on Liu Wuneng beside her. Confusion appeared on her face immediately because of Liu Wuneng's utterly nervous expression. Why did he become so stressed? He looked very pale. But she said nothing actually. Why did he behave like this?


"Military doctors…" More sweats emerged on Liu Wuneng's face.


"What? Didn't you bring them here?" Observing Liu Wuneng's tension, first madam blackened her face instantly.


"First madam, we hurried to Pig Head Mountain this time, so we…"


"Shut up!" First madam straight waved her hand to stopped Liu Wuneng's explanation. Her chest sharply fluctuated, displaying her rage.



As the wife of Frontier General, although she had never gone to the battlefield, she was still clear about the military doctor's important role in a war. Today, Liu Wuneng completely enraged her. It was okay that he didn't bring army provisions due to the short distance, but it was his malpractice that he didn't bring doctors together.


"Black, go to check whether Childe Fourth suffered urgent injuries!" First madam took a deep breath and tried to suppress her fury.


"Yes!" Black gave a salute to first madam and immediately walked to Li Changfeng.


"I'm fine and I don't need check." Li Changfeng refused Black, because he didn't want to show his wounds before so many people. In fact, if others suffered same wounds as him, others would die already. Therefore, he didn't want to attract people's curiousness.


"Here is a gift for you." In order to divert Black's attention, Li Changfeng kicked Zaks' head to Black.


"This…Zaks!" Black stared at the head and shouted.

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