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With the naked upper body, Li Changfeng stood on the top of the mountain. He looked up at the distantly high mountains and lofty hills as well as the limitless peaks into the cloud, a kind of passion rushing out from his heart. His fighting will for a new life was lighted up when confronting the endless firmament. A sudden enlightenment hit him when a flock of strange big birds flew over sky. This vast land belonged to the strong. A man should be born with tremendous heroic spirit and aggressiveness. Wherever a man was, he should behave in a manly way.


"I'm Li Changfeng. I'm coming…"


Before the boundless sky, Li Changfeng couldn't control his heart, so he roared to the ethereal space. He would accept his current identity and became an aggressive, brave Li Changfeng after this shout.




Following his words, Li Changfeng suddenly felt something blow out in his lower abdomen. Instantly, a stream of heat flow passed through from his head to feet, his sweat running over.




At the same time, roaring of a tiger resounded in Li Changfeng's head, shocking his soul. Li Changfeng looked around immediately. The tiger seemed to stay behind him, and be an extraordinary big beast.


What's the matter? Li Changfeng was stunned by the empty surroundings. The mighty energy had broken out in a sudden from his lower abdomen. He couldn't response to the accident at once. He even felt the danger of exploding death. The roaring of a tiger echoing just now was so clear that it seemed to happen behind him. However, there was nothing strange around him.


"Childe." Li Changfeng turned round and saw Xiaodie got out of the wood with some fruits in her hands.

 "Are you hungry?" Xiaodie put fruits on the ground with smile, took a red one, scrubbed it by her clothes, and handed over to Li Changfeng.


"Xiaodie. Are there tigers in the mountain?" Li Changfeng took over the fruit in the clouds and still looked around.


"Tiger?" Xiaodie opened her eyes wide, and giggled, "Childe, are you frightened by something? Here is a butte and near to the city. It's impossible to see tigers here."


"Really? But I heard the roaring of a tiger just now." Li Changfeng stared at Xiaodie in confusion. Xiaodie's words made he feel this place more unsafe. Unknown danger was most horrible. If a tiger appeared, the only solution he could think of was coming back to earth. Original he might have courage to combat with a tiger; while current he could only be the food of a tiger.


"Really? May a tiger come to the mountain when we don't know?" Xiaodie got some hesitation for Li Changfeng's words.


"We can't take a risk."


Li Changfeng grabbed Xiaodie to go downhill when he found Xiaodie's hesitation. On the road, the roaring of a tiger resounded two times; the sound was like something waking up. Li Changfeng told Xiaodie, but she expressed she heard nothing. Li Changfeng was extremely puzzled. Why did only he clearly hear the roaring?

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