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"Haha…" When the worgen arrived, Li Changfeng let out a loud laugh. The rest two archers, one was grabbed by Li Changfeng, while the archer leader quivered and held his bow and arrow to target Li Changfeng. On the ground lay a corpse without head.


"Demon!" The archer leader couldn't control his emotion due to fear. When they had asked for help, Li Changfeng rushed to them like a cheetah. They immediately had shot out 9 arrows to Li Changfeng, but he had avoided all attacks. In fact, they couldn't confirm Li Changfeng's position.


Because they couldn't predict his location, they could only release arrows to him together. But they had only three people, it was impossible for them to shoot arrows out from all directions. This was the first time, also the last time, they had fallen into passive condition.


When Li Changfeng got close to them, he had cut down an archer's head directly. The blood had covered his body, making him like a demon. Later, he threw out the head to hit another archer, causing the archer to faint.


Thinking of the previous scene, the archer leader couldn't help trembling. Li Changfeng was the most merciless and bloodcurdling people he had ever seen.


"Who are you?" The worgen cast a calm glance to the two rest archers, showing no anger; instead, he didn't care the current scene, just closing his eyes and smelling the pervasive blood odor. It seemed that he was enchanted by the smell and didn't care Li Changfeng at all.


"Who am I?" Rubbing the blood on his face, Li Changfeng smiled and exerted his strength, the archer in his hand losing his life.


Li Changfeng threw out the corpse and raised his clothes to wipe hands, "You have done too much just for killing me. Now, I stand before you. You don't know me?"


"Oh! You're Childe Fourth!" The worgen nodded, "We have really suffered huge losses. You destroy my precious archers!"


There came the smell of piss in a sudden. The worgen's face twitched and homicidal intent appeared in his eyes. He turned round and used the steel claw to kill the last archer straight.


"What the hell! You, dirty human being, ruined this attractive smell." The worgen pulled out the steel claw and kicked the archer to the other side directly.


"Okay. It's all over." Gazing at the worgen's action, Li Changfeng stretched his body, "Come on, baby wolf. Show me whether you are weak or not. Catch me! Haha…"


Facing the worgen's red eyes, Li Changfeng put forth his strength in legs and ran into the jungle.


"Hum! Nobody can escape from my hands, for I'm strongest Zaks! You can only be my prey!" Looking at the direction Li Changfeng disappeared, the worgen snuffled and then followed, fast as a gray sharp arrow.



What the fuck! The worgen was so fast!


In the deep jungle, Li Changfeng paid attention to the towering trees beside him and heard the footsteps behind him. He couldn't help but speed up his steps. He was covered by blood, so it was impossible for him to get rid of the worgen, who was famous for superb smell. Moreover, worgen favored mountain and forest because in the two landforms they could give a full play to their strength. Therefore, the distance between him and Zaks became shorter and shorter.


Hearing the sound behind him, Li Changfeng judged their distance in his heart. Finally, when he passed by a huge tree, he changed his direction and hid behind the tree.

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