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Sneak attack was more difficult than Li Changfeng had thought before. The 15 archers must have received official training; under the condition that someone took the lead before them, they still looked around cautiously. The more troublesome thing was that there were two orc people in bandits, who shared a similar appearance with Black, the personal guard of first madam.


Due to the long distance, Li Changfeng couldn't distinguish the two orc people, but he found that they were more strong-built than Black. Their sturdy arms were equipped with over 10cm long steel claws.


When the two orc people passed by Li Changfeng under his eyes, he noticed the homicidal intent in their eyes. According to this, Li Changfeng judged out that the two orc people belonged to the worgen race, not the same race of Black.


"There!" The guard leader of Liu Wuneng seemed to seek out something; his loud sound even reached into Li Changfeng's ears.


Li Changfeng observed that the archers before him accelerated towards the guard leader and he seized this chance at once, speeding up his steps. Then, the distance between Li Changfeng and archers became shorter and shorter.


As these archers stopped running in a sudden, Li Changfeng hid himself behind a tree instantly. Then he poked his head out and gave a glimpse; they were preparing for launching raids.


"Fuck all you guys! How dare you hurt my soldiers?" Li Changfeng got pleased when he saw all archers down on one knee and holding bows and arrows before them. What a good chance!


Aiming at the archer who was closest to him, Li Changfeng fished out a dagger and bent his body, like a ready cheetah, walking to the archer quietly.


As an extremely low groan resounded, Li Changfeng cut the archer's throat off successfully. The archer goggled at Li Changfeng with blood coming out of his throat. He didn't imagine that behind him was a person. He planned to make noise to warn others, but his mouth was covered by Li Changfeng and then he was dragged by Li Changfeng to a tree's back. Li Changfeng threw him to the ground.


"Don't worry. Your partners will accompany you soon." Li Changfeng didn't care the archer and transferred his target to another archer.



"Em?" After releasing the third round of arrows, the leader of archers felt strange in a sudden. Why there were just three arrows? What were other archers doing? The two other archers also had a same view with the leader, so they turned their heads to shoulders and saw nothing. Immediately, surprise struck the three men.


Where were other archers?


"Enemy attack! Here is someone launching sneak raids! Come to protect us!" The archer leader knew what had happened in a wink. They paid all attention to release arrows so that they didn't find their partners being killed. If the person didn't appear before him and distracted their attention, they must die already.


"What?" A worgen before them got astonished. After hearing the help sound, he turned round and got close to them. Archers were their main fighting strength; thanks to them, many hand-to-hand battles were avoided. The sneak arrows had unexpected effect in the battle and greatly decreased the danger of hand-to-hand battles. Therefore, archers were the group's treasure; every time when they fought against others, archers would stay behind them. But the worgen didn't predict that someone was able to carry out sneak attacks behind them, for they were tracing the eighth team all the time. Why could someone give the slip to them?

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