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Throwing a view of Li Changfeng's unbridled back, Xiaodie didn't know how to evaluate her childe's behaviors. He was not like before. Although she didn't know what happened to Li Changfeng, he was a real man who didn't seem to be good-for-nothing because of giving up a match. Instead, he didn't conceal his attempt on purpose, didn't make excuses for men's dignity. As a broad-minded, free and easy man, when he recognized he couldn't defeat his brother, he chose to neglect the promised match. This was the most charming feature of Li Changfeng. A real man should know when to eat humble pie and when to hold his head high, showing men's aggressiveness during the process. Li Changfeng glowed with confidence; this covered up the shameless fact.


Li Changfeng walked a little far. Behind him, Xiaodie collected herself and went after him with pleasure.



"Ow! It's too tired!" Under the burning sun, Li Changfeng lied on the top of a mountain outside White Tiger City, like an exhausted dog, gasping for breath.


"Childe, it has been a long time since we climbed mountain last time. I'm so happy." Xiaodie giggled with sweat. She held a hand fan made up by leaves and created cool wind for Li Changfeng. In the meantime, she leaned forward to shield Li Changfeng from the sun.


"Yeah! I also feel good." Li Changfeng moved his body to avoid Xiaodie's shadow.


"So can we come here frequently later?" Xiaodie again blocked out the daylight above Li Changfeng, with her face full of expectation.


"No problem. But don't you mind the heat? Why ward off the sunshine?"


"I, I just don't want you to be sunburned." Xiaodie pouted with grievance.


"Haha." Li Changfeng let out a huge laugh and stood up immediately. Confronting Xiaodie's confused sight, he got off his upper outer garment and showed his upper body.


"Xiaodie. A real man should grow up under the burning sun and rainstorm. You should know if you always cherish me like that, I will be a worthless man. Do you want to see your childe be a real man or a white and tender worthless man?"


Under the burning sun, Li Changfeng displayed his naked upper body to a maximum degree with crooked smile on his confident face. He was manly, but in fact, he desired to stay in a shady and cool place. He was not stupid. His body was a little bit painful for the heat and daylight. However, he was so weak that he needed to have a sunbath to absorb vitamin D and to promote his body's assimilation of calcium. By the way, he wanted his body to be darker, for he disliked his current white body.


"I…" Xiaodie's attention wandered when noticing manly Li Changfeng, "I want childe to be a white, tender and real man."


"Em?" Meeting Xiaodie's obsessive sight, Li Changfeng flicked her forehead, "You naughty girl. You have too many requests! Is there a white real man?"


"Yes." Xiaodie chuckled.


"Haha." Li Changfeng could not hide his amusement at Xiaodie's words.

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