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"Li Tianyi, you're so impolite. How dare you slap my follower without any consideration?"Li Changfeng fixed his eyes on Li Tianyi with anger. The red trace of palm caused by Li Tianyi yesterday still could be found on Xiaodie's face. In front of him, Li Tianyi wanted to slap Xiaodie again. Li Changfeng was angry for that. In his previous life on Earth, he protected his soliders very well. Nobody had courae to offend the army he led. But at this moment, there was a guy trying to slap Xiaodie. Li Changfeng would punch Li Tianyi directly if his body was strong enough.


"Li Changfeng, pay attention to your address. I'm your second brother." Li Tianyi's anger rushed out. Li Changfeng brought disgrace on him. He just slapped a maid, but Li Changfeng held back. If the rules in General's Residence were not strict, he would give Li Changfeng a lesson.


Li Changfeng put on a disdainful smile after the girl besieged by Li Tianyi ran away, "How to call you depends on me. Today's afternoon, let's meet at the appointed place and have a fight. See you there." Li Changfeng gazed at Li Tianyi with meaningful smile, and dragged Xiaodie away.


"Shit…" Fit to burst with anger, Li Tianyi glowered at disappearing Li Changfeng.


"Childe Second, you should have made him disabled last time and kept him lie on the bed for half a year at least." After Li Changfeng was far away, a guilty-looking man got close to Li Tianyi with a vicious expression.


"Hum! It's not late." Li Tianyi's darkened his face. A useless man dared to provoke him. If General's Residence didn't stipulate brothers and sisters can't fight to the death, Li Tianyi had confidence in killing Li Changfeng by a fist, just based on his physical strength. It was also a good idea to afflict Li Changfeng slowly.


In fact, original Li Changfeng was already dead. The person provoking Li Tianyi was a faker.


"Childe, you shouldn't make an appointment with your second brother. You're too impetuous. If you suffer an accident, I will feel guilty with your mother." When they slipped out from the city, Xiaodie couldn't control her emotions. Her eyes were full of tears with worries.


"What? Why will I have an accident?" Li Changfeng stared at Xiaodie at a loss.


"Because of match! Childe Second will kill you. You disgraced him just now. He will spare no effort to hurt you. If you get severe injuries, what can I do?"


"You mean that. I ask you, how about my chance of winning?" Li Changfeng didn't mind at all and shook his head.


"Chance of winning?" Xiaodie opened her eyes wide, "It's impossible."


"I will die?"


"Well…No, he doesn't dare to kill you directly. But I'm worried there will have no medicine for your wounds…"Xiaodie pinched her clothes. She had a feeling of hopelessness at the thought of the difficulties of calling a doctor.


"You mean I will die, right?" Li Changfeng understood Xiaodie.


"Yum." Xiaodie nodded her head slightly.


"Raise your head and look at me." Li Changfeng put his hand under Xiaodie's chin, "Am I silly?"


"No. Childe is not silly at all. You're smartest." Xiaodie shook her head unswervingly.


"So everything will be fine." Li Changfeng kneaded Xiaodie's face gently. "I'm not a fool. I know the match is dangerous, so I don't go. Let him fight with himself. We continue our walk. Look! There are beautiful mountains and clear water, how gorgeous…" 

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