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"Don't pretend to be innocent! You broke my foot! This is reason!" Li Changfeng pointed to one foot and stomped heavily by the other foot.




Damn! Confronting Li Changfeng's actions, the two men couldn't speak a word because they didn't know what they could say.


"I ask you one more time. Do you want to bully the minority by the majority?" Li Changfeng gave a glimpse to several familiar men among the crowds and thought of a new plan.


"Hu…" Seeing Li Changfeng's increasingly arrogant attitude, one man took a deep breath and tried to hold his fury back.


"Bro, we're strange with each other actually. If you continue to be overbearing, we have no time to stay here, so we'll fight a quick battle!" This was the first time for the two men to be involved in such a passive situation, and the first time to meet such a barefaced man. If they were not in the city, they would grab Li Changfeng jointly and beat him up.


"Oh! You said it's okay that the majority bullies the minority! Don't regret!" Seeming like obtaining a great permission, Li Changfeng pointed to the two men with excitement.


Noticing Li Changfeng's pleasure, the two men looked at each other and a common thought hit them - was Li Changfeng an idiot?


Though the two men didn't respond, Li Changfeng waved his hand passionately. Fuck them! How dared they compete with him in the number of people? He would give them a surprise!


"Hey! You guys, come here now! If not, I will expel you from the team tomorrow!"


After the roaring, in the places to which Li Changfeng had pointed, eight muscular men with black eyes stood up from the crowds. They were extremely obvious for they were greatly higher than the surrounding people.


"Come here!" Li Changfeng crooked his finger in high spirit while the eight men drew a long face.


"Leader!" The eight men walked out from people reluctantly. How depressed they were! They didn't expect to meet Li Changfeng on the street. Before they ran away, Li Changfeng seized them!


"Who are they?" Sai Ya asked Xiaodie in puzzlement. She remembered Li Changfeng had no official position. But just several days passed, he became a leader? In fact, she had seen several men of the eight people when they had gone on patrol in White Tiger City. She knew they belonged to military reserves.


"I don't know. Maybe they are subordinates of childe. He took office in military reserves today." Xiaodie pouted when she saw the eight men. As she thought, though there were no handsome and graceful gentlemen in Li Changfeng's team, there should be some moderate and kindly-looking men. However, the eight men were muscular and looked fierce. She really worried that Li Changfeng would pick up bad habits if staying with them in a long time.


"You're so lucky!" Li Changfeng peered at the eight men excitedly, "I want to increase a training for you guys. Looking at the two men!" He pointed to the two men, who darkened their faces, "It's difficult to seek a live target! This training is for your teamwork! Go together! Beat them up!"


Li Changfeng stared at the two men with smile. Mass brawl? Come on!

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