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In the morning, Xiaodie mentioned that his puberty rite didn't come yet, so Li Changfeng wasn't clear his exact age. He asked Xiaodie about it at breakfast, and it turned out he was at the age of eighteen and deserved his puberty rite. The reason why the puberty rite was not held yet laid in the absence of the General. However, the General was coming back soon.


Plagued by Li Changfeng's question, Xiaodie was afraid of facing him. She mistook his meaning and thought of him as a lecher.


When Li Changfeng came out of the General's Residence by the back door and saw the bustle and hustle of the crowd, an inexpressible feeling mounted in his heart. It was comfortable! The people with swords could be found everywhere in the street. Some were ferocious, some were comely and they were all in retro dressing, which bewitched Li Changfeng. The atmosphere attracted him so much with the exception of some frightening faces making his heart pounding.


As Li Changfeng looked around with curiosity, Xiaodie glanced him over for he left a different impression on her. Since Li Changfeng's meridians disappeared, he seldom went out, especially after her mother's death. He could stay in his room for a whole month sometimes. Occasionally, he would walk around the yard but wouldn't be out of the yard.


But now, the transitions happening to Childe could be perceived by her. Walking confidently, holding his head high and looking around with a stern sight — all those transitions impressed Xiaodie deeply. As long as she thought of his lecherous face after the bath in the morning as well as the response he made when hugging her, Xiaodie was shy and went red.


"Ah, what is happening there?" Li patted her on the side when her thought was roaming space.


"Ha? Oh, it's Childe Second, Li Tianyi. Let's go!" Xiaodie was puzzled and looked up Childe Second of the General's Residence was badgering with a woman. He looked obscene, becoming like hoodlum.


"Wait!" Li Changfeng pulled Xiaodie, glanced at that woman thoughtfully as well as the people who were blind to it. "Wait a moment. I just want to get better acquainted with my second brother." He strode forward, regardless of Xiaodie's opposition.

"My second elder brother, you are in high spirits, aren't you? Aren't you afraid of losing face?" Li Changfeng got closed to Li Tianyi with unscrupulous manner, showing an extremely arrogant attitude.


"Ha?" Li Tianyi paused the pulling, looked up at Li Changfeng, and scorned, "I'm thinking about who you are? It is my talented younger brother, your head wound is much better now?"


"It's a piece of cake, just a little fuck hurt. I'm fine." Li Changfeng looked into his eyes in aggressive posture.


With a tic in Li Tianyi's face, he looked back into Li Changfeng's stubborn eyes, whispered that Li Changfeng would avoid the encounter every time met him, but today Li Changfeng talked with him like this! It made him very unpleasant.


"Since you have recovered, isn't it the time to begin our second match?" Li Tianyi let the woman go and decided to give Li Changfeng a lesson for Li Changfeng dared to be so unscrupulous before him and scold him. Li Changfeng was playing with fire.


"Childe Second, don't do this way. My Childe is far from recovery." Xiaodie was worried. Li Changfeng's head was swathed in bandages. It would mess things up!


"Damn! How dare you get a word in our talk?" Li Tianyi's face was darkened, and he released his wrath on Xiaodie. In Xiaodie's panic eyes, Li Tianyi's hand was falling, but she was afraid of backing away from it.




At the crucial moment, Li Changfeng reached out his hand and kept off Li Tianyi's hand.

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