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The strongest man in the team felt wronged. He had considered this was a good chance to humiliate Li Changfeng at first; however, when the combat had started, he couldn't give play to his strength at all. Li Changfeng seemed very weak and thin, but he boasted mighty physical power. Every time, when he had hit with Li Changfeng, it had seemed that he had fought against a powerful bull. Moreover, Li Changfeng had been flexible to avoid almost all his attacks. It seemed that Li Changfeng could predict his raids, whether by fists or by legs. Therefore, after a short time, he had been ridden by Li Changfeng and been beaten up. Finally, confronting his teammates' stunned sights, he had given up.


The result had caused a sensation in the eighth team! They had realized that appearance was not always matched with strength and their leader was not waste. Who spread the rumor? The man, beaten up by Li Changfeng, really wanted to find out the one who spread the rumor and to give the one a heavy lesson. Damn the rumor!


In the afternoon, Li Changfeng didn't continue the training as the morning, for he knew his soldiers needed some time to relax. Looking at the eighth team, he got amused inwardly.


The 23 soldiers had been recalcitrant and arrogant before, but now they became obedient. All featured black eyes, red noses and bloated faces, but they gazed at each other with obvious sneer and contempt. Nobody was depressed.


This was the hot-blooded spirit of real soldiers! Li Changfeng felt he acquired treasures in a sudden. In fact, it was not easy to pick up these distinctive men from over 1,000 people. But someone had succeeded!


In the afternoon, Li Changfeng used new workouts to replace the high-intensity training. According to their performance in the morning, they had an evident flaw in body flexibility. This flaw was a common one for most people, who had powerful strength but lacked flexibility. Therefore, Li Changfeng divided three or two people into a group, to pull each other's arms and legs. The sonorous screaming by the 23 people covered the sky of the military camp.


When the training came to an end, accompanied by the 23 people's respect, Li Changfeng got back happily.


At this time, in Liu Wuneng's tent, a people cast a gloomy glance on Li Changfeng.


"Chief guard, you can tell third madam, believe me, soon, I will find a reasonable excuse to kill Li Changfeng. But now is not the timing, I need some time to prepare." Liu Wuneng lowered his head to report to the man beside him.


"Time? Hum!" The man was unsatisfied with Liu Wuneng's response, "How long do you need? I have to warn you third madam expects to kill Li Changfeng now. You'd better not upset her! Don't forget who save you!"


"I know! I never forget! Chief guard, please believe me, seven days at most. You tell third madam, I only need seven days at most!" Frightened by the man, Liu Wuneng was in a sweat.


"I have gotten a contact with people of Pig Head Mountain. We will launch a crackdown campaign soon, and Childe Fourth will die on the mountain. Death is inevitable in fighting, so nobody will suspect us at that time. But if we kill Childe Fourth now, I worry third madam will be involved in the investigation. Third madam has a bad relationship with Childe Fourth, so if lacking reasonable way of death, she will confront troubles. How do you think?" Liu Wuneng replied with servility and kept his head low.


"Em? Do you play with fire?" The man froze his voice, the temperature of the tent seeming lower, "Don't play petty tricks! Remember! The whole thing is your own idea! You have seven days! I will report to third madam. I hope you will not bring troubles to madam. Otherwise…" The man stopped, turned round and opened the tent, walking out.


"Yes! Yes! I will not!" Liu Wuneng put his head down. Until the man vanished from his sight, he dared to stand up straight and brush his sweat away.

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