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"What are they doing?"




"I have already known they will cause a mess!"


"Yeah. But they beat each other too heavily. Why does no one stop them? Where is their waste leader?"


"He is eating. I saw him during the lunch."




As time came to noon, after lunch, more and more people flocked to the site Li Changfeng's team stayed. All got surprised when they saw those men, baring upper body, rolling on the ground, one to one. Dirty talk came out from their mouths from time to time. How orderly the team was! Before, the team members were always the first persons to rush to dining hall. However, today, each one didn't run and stayed here for combat. Did they have a huge hatred with each other?


"Fool! Will you die if you give up? You can't win. Why do you continue?"


As a dirty talk resounded, spectators threw out a glance to the source of the sound, and they saw two people changing their positions. The new person, who sat on the other, opened his mouth wide and put his hands round the other's throat, his eyes being black like a panda. Although he was a famous recalcitrant, nobody recognized him at once.


"Fuck you!" The person, who was under the other, crossed his legs round the other's head and turned around, the two lying on the ground. "I can't win? Maybe you should take a dive!"


"Damn! I throw in the sponge? We needn't to have a lunch if you don't admit your defeat! Ah!" The man, whose head was confined in the other's legs, struggled to free his head and kicked the other. The two then rolled on the ground again.



After the lunch, satisfied, Li Changfeng picked his teeth, burped and slowly headed towards his team.


"Your dishes taste well!" Li Changfeng cast a glimpse on the muscular man beside him.


The man also burped and extended his hand to touch his black eyes, "Leader, you make a joke. Soldiers have no strength to battle when hungry."


"Yeah." Li Changfeng stopped under a tree, "I'm gonna sleep. You tell them they can go for lunch. If their fighting goes on, they will miss the lunch."


"Okay, Leader. Do all people can eat? How about losers?"


"Loser? You're the first loser! They can't win each other for the moment, so let all go for meal." Li Changfeng waved his hand, directly sat under the tree and leant against it, narrowing his eyes.


Behind the muscular man, Li Changfeng couldn't help smiling. The easiest method to convince those recalcitrant men was to vanquish them in the aspect they were best at. This was so easy! They had a common feature - they were strong. Thereupon, Li Changfeng had ordered them to make 500 push-ups first and 500 leapfrogs later. After that, all men gradually got frightened. In the end, two men had formed a group and fought against each other. The winner could go for lunch.


When Li Changfeng had released his orders, someone had presented adverse opinion. The number of the team was singular, so one man was surplus. Therefore, these men had fixed their eyes on Li Changfeng. Then, Li Changfeng had picked the strongest one up with pleasure. Before all people, he had beaten up the man. The whole team had been overwhelmed by amazement. They had even suspected Li Changfeng of doping for his excited performance. All had reappraised Li Changfeng when hearing the heavy sound of punching.

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