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After turning around, Li Changfeng got agonized when he saw the muscular men before him. He felt that they were not easy to be controlled.


"Nice to meet you. I'm Li Changfeng, your temporary leader from today." Li Changfeng's modest and gentle attitude was replaced by huge stateliness. He was unwilling to manage recalcitrant people, but it didn't mean he had no ability to tame them. When he had been on the Earth, he had led many recalcitrant people. He could make the team consisting of 100 people obey to him, so it was not difficult for him to subdue them. He only needed some time and energy.


"Nice to meet you too, Leader Li." Several people replied. They didn't think why Li Changfeng said he was their temporary leader.


"Heh! Don't call me Leader. You belong to the eighth team in name only, because you don't acquire my recognition. Whether you can be the real soldiers under me depends on your performance." Li Changfeng sneered at them for they were worse than he expected.


"What do you mean?" These men looked at each other to find answer, and finally they fixed their eyes on Li Changfeng.


"It's simple." Li Changfeng changed his mood and walked up and down.


"The eighth team will be the most outstanding team, so only real elite can stay in the team. Are you elites?"


Not waiting for their response, Li Changfeng continued, "Obvious, you're not. But I will give you 7 days. In this period, if you can meet my demand, you will be allowed to stay in the eighth team. If not, sorry, you will be eliminated from the team."


"So where should we go if we're eliminated?" A defiant sound came out from the team.


"Go anywhere only you want. As for those unqualified guys, I will tell others the guy is eliminated from our team and he is rubbish. You can still be a soldier if other teams are willing to accept you. Otherwise, you will go back home. Believe me! I have the right to do that." Li Changfeng glared at the direction of the sound and added, "By the way, I'm not autocratic. You can break in my words when I'm talking, but you should do a preparation for making 500 push-ups in advance."


Hearing Li Changfeng's words, these men couldn't help discussing. They came here just for being a soldier and no leader had threatened them as Li Changfeng in the past. If they were eliminated from the team as rubbish, which team would accept them? Moreover, nobody knew Li Changfeng's standards. 500 push-ups were requested when interrupting his words. Damn him! Could he complete 500 push-ups?


"Okay, now, who has different opinions?" Giving a glance to the team, Li Changfeng nodded his head in satisfaction. Only by this way, could he control them.


All people of the team raised their hands highly.


"Fine. After my deliberate thinking, all your opinions are turned down. Now, run with me!" Li Changfeng didn't give them the chance to refute him. He turned around and led them to an open site at the corner. In his eyes, the site was a good place, without shelter, under the blazing sun. His soldiers must enjoy a "wonderful" training here.

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