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A wicked idea hit Li Changfeng suddenly when he saw Xiaodie's rabbit jumped in the yard. Xiaodie had remembered the General's Residence would give out monthly money today, so she left the rabbit at home and got out. Observing the rabbit was fatter than before, Li Changfeng moved his mind and White Tiger, two times bigger than the rabbit, turned up. Compared with two days ago, White Tiger grew bigger. It seemed very cute. But in consideration of its special identity, Li Changfeng had to keep it in the White Tiger Space all the time, except when he cultivated in nights.


"Go. I want to see you and rabbit, who is whiter?" Li Changfeng patted White Tiger's head and pointed to the rabbit at the corner.


White Tiger turned round and looked out along Li Changfeng's finger. When it saw the rabbit, its eyes sparkled immediately. White Tiger jumped to the rabbit with pleasure. Hearing the sound from back, the rabbit faced round and its hair stood up at one. The rabbit ran fast in the yard in a twinkling.


Li Changfeng observed the two ran around the yard and felt a little happy. The rabbit took Xiaodie's attention away from him, so he was unsatisfied with it and wanted to give it a lesson.


Thinking of Xiaodie, Li Changfeng got puzzled. She had left for some time but didn't have come back yet. Might she meet troubles? Li Changfeng cleared up his clothes, cast a glance on the two pets and then went out.



"You say Xiaodie got money and returned just now? Are you sure?" Li Changfeng put his head on the desk and seriously gazed at the old steward who was responsible for monthly money.


"Childe Fourth, although I'm old and have poor eyesight, I witness the growth of you and Xiaodie. I'm sure Xiaodie gets back now."


"Oh." Confronting the steward's nearly closed eyes, Li Changfeng was suspicious of his words. It had been some time. Xiaodie couldn't walk so slowly; in the meantime, he didn't meet Xiaodie on the road.


"Thanks." Li Changfeng stepped out of the accounting room. A trace of homicidal intent appeared in his eyes when he saw the spacious General's Residence. It was difficult to judge what had happened to Xiaodie. Did someone call her away? Or was she kidnapped by someone? Though Li Changfeng thought it was impossible to happen something excessively terrible in the General's Residence, he couldn't exclude the possibility that Xiaodie had suffered an accident. He really suspected Li Xiaotian. His third brother was a lewd man, able to kidnap Xiaodie in the General's Residence. Their residence was so large that Li Changfeng couldn't find out Xiaodie if she was hidden in a corner.


"Changfeng, have you come here to get monthly money? Where is Xiaodie?" When Li Changfeng hesitated to go to Li Xiaotian's yard or not, a graceful voice reached in his ears, so he turned round.


"First madam." Li Changfeng bowed to the woman before him immediately. The woman was first madam of the General's Residence. Although he didn't know who she was, he guessed out her identity according to Li Linglong's attitude and behaviors. Li Linglong held the women by her hands. First madam was the only one who could receive such a treatment from Li Linglong in the General's Residence.


"Why does you stand here? Where is Xiaodie?" First madam got close to Li Changfeng with smile and helped him clear up his clothes.


"She…goes back…" Li Changfeng nodded his head.


"Heh." Noticing Li Changfeng's absent-minded appearance, first madam laughed, "Is monthly money not enough?" By saying that, she faced round and said to Li Linglong, "Linglong, take some money to your fourth brother later." She turned round and looked at Li Changfeng, "You're so thin! If your mother sees your current appearance, she must blame me!"


"Em." Li Linglong nodded her head lightly. She behaved so obediently before her mother, completely different from before Li Changfeng.

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