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"Fourth brother, what does Xiaodie think? Are you successful?" Squatting beside Li Changfeng, Li Xiaotian winked his eyes at Li Changfeng.


"Xiaodie? Ah!" Li Changfeng showed an expression of sudden comprehension, "Don't worry. It will be done soon. Look! Xiaodie was so happy in the two days, but she still considers. You'd better wait for several more days; I will inform you at once if she agrees."


"What? Still wait?" Li Xiaotian's expression changed immediately. Two days had passed! In fact, only Li Changfeng agreed, then he could take Xiaodie away. But now, he needed to keep waiting. Did Li Changfeng make fun of him?


"Yeah. Believe me! I have made a progress every day. It will not be so long before I obtain a big breakthrough. I believe I can succeed several days later." Li Changfeng clenched his fist with confidence and blinked his eyes.


"Heh heh…" Li Xiaotian let out a sneer and stood up instantly, "Fourth brother, why take the trouble to do that? This problem can be solved by just a sentence, but you make it so complex. I don't want to wait any more." After saying that, Li Xiaotian turned his back to Li Changfeng.


"Heh, so what do you want to do?" Li Changfeng dusted himself down and stood up. He moved his neck, shook his head and didn't cast a glance on Li Xiaotian.


"I want to take Xiaodie away today." Li Xiaotian faced round, goggled at Li Changfeng and said word by word.


"Today?" Li Changfeng raised his eyebrow, "Impossible. Give up!"


"You!" Li Xiaotian darkened his face and pointed to Li Changfeng, "Fourth brother, you'd better not forget you have accepted my money!"


"Money? Oh! Are you talking about the settling-in allowance you gave me last time? I haven't said thanks to you yet. Third brother, thank you for your care!" Li Changfeng nodded his head lightly to Li Xiaotian to show his gratitude.


"…" At this moment, Li Xiaotian realized he had been teased. Li Changfeng never considered letting Xiaodie go. But he didn't know why Li Changfeng had done that and who had given Li Changfeng the courage to deceive him. Was Li Changfeng a coward like before?


"Actually, I don't hope our relationship will be broken just for a woman. Don't force me!" Confronting Li Changfeng's eyes, Li Xiaotian spoke out seriously.


"Ha! Who force you? I must warn you, third brother, Xiaodie is my girl. You'd better not harass her in the future; otherwise, you will regret." Now that they discussed the truth, Li Changfeng didn't want to conceal his real thoughts.


"Warn me? Okay. You just wait and see!" Like hearing a ridiculous joke, Li Xiaotian threw out an angry glimpse to Li Changfeng before leaving. Damn it! He gave Li Changfeng 500 gold coins, but he didn't gain Xiaodie. His money was in vain! In fact, what made him annoyed was not the money but Li Changfeng's arrogant attitude. He couldn't bear that! Who was Li Changfeng? A useless man! When thinking of the warning from Li Changfeng, Li Xiaotian felt disgusted as swallowing flies. At the same time, an insidious idea hit him.


Behind Li Xiaotian, Li Changfeng shrugged his shoulder and returned to the room.


"Xiaodie?" Noticing Xiaodie sat in the room absent-mindedly and her dull eyes, Li Changfeng knew she must hear what they had said outside.


"Childe." Xiaodie came to herself and immediately used her hand to wipe her eyes, "Are you thirsty? I'm going to take a cup of tea."


"Xiaodie." Li Changfeng grabbed Xiaodie when she got close to him, "Have you heard that?"


"Em." Xiaodie nodded her head lightly with her tears flowing out.


"Don't worry. Only I'm here, nobody can take you away from me!" Li Changfeng wiped Xiaodie's tears and pulled her into his arms.

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