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"Aha! It's really a good weapon!" After getting back to the General's Residence, Li Changfeng played the dagger with excitement, while Xiaodie seemed nervous.


""Childe, I feel we did something wrong." Xiaodie sat on Li Changfeng's side and fondled the rabbit in her arms.


"Don't worry. No matter what will happen, I can deal with. By the way, we didn't make mistakes. Sai Ya gave the rabbit to you as a free gift, and I paid for the short sword. All are fair dealings!"


"But…" Xiaodie crinkled her nose. The boss sold the short sword by 20 gold coins, but Li Changfeng paid only two gold coins. The price of the box would even exceed two gold coins. Why did her childe say "fair"? However, she didn't worry about this; what made her agitated was Wang Baili, who was famous for his narrow-minded character. Therefore, she was afraid Wang Baili would revenge against Li Changfeng.


"Stop, okay? Relax! I know all things. Go to cook the meal. I'm hungry now." Observing Xiaodie want to continue, Li Changfeng patted her and hinted that she didn't need to be anxious. Li Changfeng actually knew Xiaodie's worries. So what? The life would go on though there were many difficulties. He didn't fear conspiracies, for he thought he was able to solve them.



Two days passed quickly. After helping Xiaodie obtain a pet, Li Changfeng stayed in his yard in the two days, not for sleeping or afraid of getting into trouble. He just devoted himself to physical exercise, a little crazy. From day to night, except the time for eating, he almost spent all his time in physical exercise, such as sit-up, push-up and squat jump. Every time when he ended the exercise, he was exhausted. Then he ran White Tiger Method to allay tiredness, which showed a strong result - muscles appeared on his thin and weak body gradually.


Regarding Xiaodie, she fell into high delight in the two days. Every morning, she had fun with the rabbit. Sometimes, she would ignore Li Changfeng although she saw him lying on the ground because of losing strength to stand up. But in the previous days, she would hold Li Changfeng up. This really annoyed Li Changfeng; he even regretted taking the rabbit back. When the rabbit appeared before him, he would be a little angry and wanted to stew it.


On the morning of the third day, Li Changfeng lied on the ground and breathed deeply because of weariness; Xiaodie chased after the rabbit, they circling around Li Changfeng. Suddenly, with the sound of opening door, Li Xiaotian walked into the yard with smile.




Li Changfeng turned round with unhappiness and sat up; Xiaodie bowed to Li Xiaotian, picked the rabbit up and then ran into the room. It was really strange that when they played games, Xiaodie couldn't catch up with the rabbit; but when the game ended, the rabbit would be obedient. Li Changfeng really wondered about the tacit understanding between Xiaodie and her rabbit.


"Fourth brother, what are you doing?" Li Xiaotian peered at Li Changfeng with seriousness, for Li Changfeng bared his upper body that was dirty and full of soil and sweat. It seemed like Li Changfeng had been buried into soil just now


"Nothing. It's a nice day today, so I go out." Li Changfeng patted the ground on his side, indicating that Li Xiaotian could sit down for a chat.


"Er…" Li Xiaotian's face twitched and he shook his head, "I want to squat."


"It depends on you." Li Changfeng shrugged his shoulder.

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