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Noticing Li Changfeng's scorn, Wang Baili darkened his face for a short while and instantly became indifferent, "Actually, Boss Zhang doesn't need to take out the high-quality short sword. It's not affordable for everyone." Wang Baili cast a defiant glimpse on Li Changfeng.


"I have to say the short sword is so lucky. It can be used as decoration merely. If it is mated to a suitable scabbard and equipped on the miss, it will increase the heroic spirit for the miss." Wang Baili did some gestures before Xiaodie's waist. His indecent action astonished Xiaodie and made her hide behind Li Changfeng immediately.


"Bullshit! Give it to me!" Confronting Wang Baili's obscene sights, Li Changfeng grabbed his wrist, turned his hand round and took the dagger away. Only could be used as decoration? How dared he say these words! Li Changfeng really wanted to slap him.


"I met it earlier than you and I like it. Do you want it?" Li Changfeng raised his eyebrow and gave Wang Baili a provocative glance.


"Em?" Wang Baili's expression changed. He didn't imagine Li Changfeng would be rude like this. How dared Li Changfeng provoke him in White Tiger City! Didn't Li Changfeng know his family strength?


In the meantime, one guard behind Wang Baili opened his eyes wide, jumped up and extended his hand to seize Li Changfeng.


"Be polite!" As Li Changfeng's gave a contemptuous sight to the guard, Xiaodie stood out again with his identity board, "Does Family Wang want to hurt Childe of the General's Residence? Are you going to rebel?"


Wang Baili darkened his face when he saw the identity board. Why the man before him was Childe Fourth of the General's Residence? In fact, it was normal that Wang Baili didn't recognize Li Changfeng, for few people knew Li Changfeng. Most people forgot Li Changfeng after his age of eight years old. Because Li Changfeng hardly turned up in the public, even some people thought he had died.


"Sorry. I don't know you are Childe Fourth. Please forgive my offensive actions." Wang Baili forced himself to tolerate the humiliation in his heart and to make a bow. Although Family Wang had much money, Li Changfeng came from the General's Residence. It was unwise to oppose officials.


"That's all right. You guy should be smarter in the future. I met the dagger at first so it belongs to me." Li Changfeng waved his hand, fished two gold coins out and put them on the counter, "Keep the change! The remaining money is your tip." Li Changfeng put the dagger into the box and took them away.


Seeing the scene before him, the boss was stunned. Alas! How foolish he was! Why he didn't recognize Li Changfeng? He received two gold coins at least, but Wang Baili had been completely humiliated this time.


Staring at Li Changfeng's back, Wang Baili got angry. How dared a useless man behave arrogantly before him! If Li Changfeng's father was not general, he would be killed by him! Li Changfeng had better stay in White Tiger City and never get out; otherwise, Li Changfeng would be murdered! Thinking of this, Wang Baili changed his expression, turned round and walked out of the shop.

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