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"How much is it?" At the first sight of seeing this dagger, Li Changfeng was sure it should belong to him.


"If you like it, please pay its materials costs, 20 gold coins."


"What? This is just an abandoned short sword! You say it sells for 20 gold coins? Are you crazy?" Before Li Changfeng responded, Xiaodie expressed her dissatisfaction. 20 gold coins! In the past days, 20 gold coins had been her and Li Changfeng's living costs for half of a year. But the boss sold the short sword at the price of 20 gold coins! In most cases, one or two gold coins were enough to buy a good sword.


"Wow! What a good short sword!" A disgusting sound came in from the shop door in a sudden.


Li Changfeng turned round and frowned. A man in white waved the folding fan and slowly walked into the shop. Behind him were two guards.


"Hi! Childe Wang! Sit down please! I immediately ask people to fetch you tea!" When the boss saw the man, he behaved like a low-status servant.


"Who is he?" Li Changfeng frowned. As Childe Fourth of the General's Residence, he didn't receive such a respectful treatment, but the man received. Li Changfeng disliked other people showing off before him.


"Childe. He is Wang Baili, the eldest son of Family Wang in White Tiger City." Xiaodie threw out a disdainful glance to the man, who was notorious in White Tiger City.


"Family Wang?"


"They are a big business family. Very wealthy!" Xiaodie explained in a low voice.


"Oh. Upstart, right?" Li Changfeng nodded his head as if thinking of something.


"Boss Zhang, relax. I just take a short walk today, but I don't predict I can meet such a superb short sword." Wang Baili slowly got close to the short sword, pretended he had a good knowledge of weapons and observed it seriously.


"Amazing! You have used the precious dark steel to forge its body and added the dark gold to blade for increasing rigidity. There is star sand on the hand shank for skid resistance, right? Boss Zhang, it seems you have spent much money and energy in the short sword. According to its craft, I guess it was created by Master Preh two years ago, right?" In order to show off his broad and profound knowledge, Wang Baili spoke out the materials and maker of the short sword.


"Childe Wang is so good! This is actually the last product by Master Preh. I really admire you for your profound erudition!"


The flattery from the boss pleased Wang Baili. "Thanks. But I think the short sword has only one disadvantage. It's regretted that there are two fullers on its smooth body. This has a bad impact on the beautiful appearance and rigidity of the short sword. Alas, this is a pity!" Saying that, Wang Baili also shook his head.


Hearing Wang Baili's words, Li Changfeng couldn't help laughing. It was okay that Wang Baili had known the origin of the dagger and pointed out. Who gave Wang Baili courage to talk nonsense before his unknown fields? Li Changfeng looked down upon Wang Baili at once. Disadvantage? Fucking hell! The dagger became more valuable than before in terms of the two fullers. Damn Wang Baili's words!

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