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"Third brother? What do you mean?" It was impossible for Li Changfeng to neglect a box of gold coins; especially he was in an embarrassed condition. Thinking that last time they had gone to the pet shop of an elf, he had no enough money to buy a pet for Xiaodie; he was so sorry for that.


"Nothing." Noticing Li Changfeng's response, Li Xiaotian nodded his head with satisfaction, "I really want to tell you, I…like your maid. Can you give her to me? If you agree, I will help you do one thing in the future." As he said these words, he pushed the box to Li Changfeng.


"It's a good thing! It's Xiaodie's honor to be in your good graces." Li Changfeng rolled his eyes and clasped the box. He said to himself, "You like? Bullshit! I also like her! But love shouldn't have a relation with money. Yes! Your money is a gift for me, but I won't give Xiaodie to you. Heh heh."


"Do you agree?" Li Xiaotian raised his eyebrow for he didn't predict that Li Changfeng would agree easily. It seemed that Li Changfeng was more shortsighted than he thought. If Xiaodie's master was the other people, the one would refuse to drop Xiaodie off, because Xiaodie had a high talent in cultivation.


"Sure. But this thing depends on Xiaodie. I think you should ask her." Shutting the box, Li Changfeng spontaneously put it into his arms.


"Are you making fun of me? Xiaodie is your personal maid; as long as you talk to her, she has to obey. I don't need to acquire her promise."


"No way." Li Changfeng broke in Li Xiaotian's words, "Xiaodie and I have grown up together, so I regard her as my sister. How can I ignore her thoughts?"


"Em…" Li Xiaotian gave a glimpse to the box in Li Changfeng's arms. His meaning was obvious - Li Changfeng accepted the money, so he must meet commitment.


"Heh. Be patient, third brother." Confronting Li Xiaotian's eyes, Li Changfeng laughed inwardly. The money was in his arms, he wouldn't return it to Li Xiaotian.


"Third brother. Could you please get back to wait? Let me slowly persuade Xiaodie at first, okay?"


"Slowly persuade?" Li Xiaotian showed his discontent, "Fourth brother. It's so troublesome! If you let me to take her away today, she will be obedient tomorrow. It doesn't need to persuade a woman."


"Heh heh. Third brother, be patient. Okay. Two days at most. I will give you a reply two days later. At that time, Xiaodie may be very happy to follow you. What do you think?"


"Em…Okay!" Hearing Li Changfeng's words, Li Xiaotian had to compromise, "Two days later, I will come here and take her away. You can't stop me."


"Fine. Get back and wait for good news!" Li Changfeng gazed at Li Xiaotian with a meaningful expression and sent him away.


"Childe, what does Childe Third want to do?" After Li Xiaotian left the yard, Xiaodie walked out of her room with her face full of worries, because she obviously felt Li Xiaotian had come here for her. Especially, Li Linglong had analyzed the troubles she would bring to Li Changfeng after her real strength had been exposed.


"Heh. He is so foolish! Don't care him. Let's go. I buy you gifts today." Li Changfeng smiled and grabbed Xiaodie to go out. His destination was the pet shop of the elf.

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