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"I think I'm at the second heaven now." Li Changfeng nodded his head with seriousness.


"What? Childe! Are, are you cheating me?" Xiaodie gazed at Li Changfeng in surprise. He had recovered his meridians yesterday; but in just one night, did he reach the White Tiger second heaven? It was so amazing!


"Heh. The fact is…" When Li Changfeng opened his mouth and wanted to explain to Xiaodie, suddenly, a person appeared in his sight. Li Xiaotian? Why did he come here?


Li Xiaotian smiled and was accompanied with a guard who held a box. Seeing that, Li Changfeng frowned and guessed his brother came his yard for making a trouble for him.


"Childe Third, good morning." Noticing Li Changfeng's expression, Xiaodie turned round and saw Li Xiaotian.


"Em. Good morning." Li Xiaotian nodded to Xiaodie with smile.


"It's rare to see you in my yard. What's wrong? Third brother?" Observing Li Xiaotian's indecent sight at Xiaodie, Li Changfeng patted her, hinting her to get back the room.


"Heh heh. Why do you say that? I just want to visit you! By the way, it has been long time since we two chatted last time. Today I have nothing to do, so I go here and visit you." After Xiaodie got in the room, Li Xiaotian withdrew his sight and looked at Li Changfeng.


"Oh? Really? Okay, please come in and have a seat." An imperceptible smile emerged on Li Changfeng's face when he saw Li Xiaotian's expression. Chat? Fuck the lies! How Li Xiaotian wished he could fix his eyes on Xiaodie all the time! It was impossible for Li Changfeng to believe Li Xiaotian.


"Ah! I rarely come here. Your room is succinct as before!" Li Xiaotian took over the tea water from Xiaodie and looked around earnestly. He put on a complacent expression, because Li Changfeng seemed to be poorer than he expected. He thought it was more likely to purchase Xiaodie.


"Heh. It's just a living room. I don't want to pay attention to its decoration." Li Changfeng shook his head and asked Xiaodie to leave here.


"You'd better not think like that." Seeing Xiaodie get out, Li Xiaotian ordered his guard to put the box on the table, and then to leave the room.


"We live in the world just for enjoying. Only by having a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle every day, we don't regret for ourselves. Fourth brother, right?" Li Xiaotian cast a glimpse to the box and then stared at Li Changfeng.


"You're right. But you know, I have no money!" Li Changfeng held a cup in his hand and threw out a glance at the box without any change in his expression. But in fact, he got overjoyed inwardly. Fucking surprise! There came someone who wanted to give him money. It seemed that he would make a fortune. He wouldn't let the money get back to its owner now that he saw it.


"Fourth brother, you don't say that! We are brothers, so if you lack money, tell me, I will help you as long as I can." Li Xiaotian opened the box with smile. Immediately, the golden light dazzled Li Changfeng.


Damn it! Why was Li Xiaotian wealthy like this but he was so poor? Peering at the box filled up with gold coins, Li Chnagfeng instantly felt he was really poor. He and Xiaodie had mere five gold coins totally each month, which included the costs in basic necessities of life. But Li Xiaotian took a box of gold coins to meet him! Were they really brothers? A same father?

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