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"Don't worry. After Xiaodie follows me, I will arrange two maids for serving you. Although they can't be on a par with Xiaodie, they will take good care of you. Moreover, if Xiaodie stays with me, she will not suffer a rough time and will live in the Castellan's Residence. By the way, there are several teachers of the sixth heaven realm in the Castellan's Residence; I believe all of them will like Xiaodie." Noticing Li Changfeng deep in thought, Li Linglong continued to persuade him.


"Yeah. I can also promise you! Xiaodie is so cute. We will not treat her as a maid. At that time, we three cultivate and play together. We will be good friends!" Princess Lingyun stopped her silence and opened her mouth. Her words would change Xiaodie's life. To be a good friend of them, Xiaodie would become a high-status miss from a lowly maidservant.


"Wait, please." Seeing the two getting into excitement, Li Changfeng waved his hand and interrupted their words. Although they presented great conditions, he noticed that Xiaodie gazed at him nervously. According to her sights, he could know she didn't want to leave him because he was her only relative. In fact, Li Changfeng didn't plan to let Xiaodie go at all.


"What's going on? We promise you so much. Are you still worried?" Li Linglong looked at Li Changfeng with amazement.


"No. Indeed, I'm not worried. I know you will treat her well if she follows you." Li Changfeng nodded his head earnestly.


There echoed the sound of chopsticks falling down to the ground. Hearing Li Changfeng's words, Xiaodie was so stunned that she didn't know her chopsticks dropped down. Tears rolled in her eyes, seeming to rush out immediately. If  Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun were not here, she would cry out.


"Silly girl." Li Changfeng pinched Xiaodie's face gently.


"But…" Li Changfeng continued, and again gazed at Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun, "I said if I meet a woman like Xiaodie, I will let her stay with me. So, it's impossible for me to let Xiaodie go. Heh heh."


"You…" Confronting Li Changfeng's cynical expression, Li Linglong wanted to persuade him continuously, but she stopped in a sudden. Li Changfeng stared at her with firm sights. What did his sights incorporate? Not selfishness but a kind of aggressiveness. He indicated his power couldn't be infringed according to his sights despite of his unpleasant expression.


"Okay…It depends on you." Li Linglong didn't persist in persuasion. Actually, she had done the preparation of being rejected. The reason why she still had persuaded Li Changfeng was she wanted to remind him. She didn't want to see Li Changfeng be killed by his brothers.


"I got it. If there is nothing, we want to go back." Li Changfeng didn't intend to spend his time here. This lunch made him feel much pressure. He wiped Xiaodie's tears with hands and held her to leave here.


"Is he really your fourth brother?" Lingyun gazes at Li Changfeng's back in surprise.


"Yeah. He shares a same appearance with my fourth brother, but why he looks so different compared with before?" Li Linglong couldn't believe what she had heard and seen; everything Li Changfeng had done here astounded her. Was this her fourth brother? The timid, glum coward?

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