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The place Li Changfeng now stayed was called Ruize Land, which was on a very enormous planet. The continent alone, excluding the oceans around it, was five times as large as the earth, and this was not the key point. The key point was that there were multiple races living on the Ruize Land, including human, elf, and orc. Currently, the Ruize Land had been mainly covered by human, elves and orcs. However, human, just a weak and obscure race 3,000 years ago, was a race risen recently.


According to Xiaodie's description, it was 3,000 years ago that the Ruize Land was the most powerful and prosperous. And that period was known as era of gods. At that time, there were numerous strong and outrageous races, and human was nothing to them. But it was just 3,000 years ago, a "eschatological war" broke out silently. Races from outside invaded the Ruize Land and the fire of war swept across the whole land. That war lasted many years, with the disappearance of plenty of strong and outrageous races. Although all the invaders were eliminated, many strong races that used to live on the Ruize Land vanished in that war. And right then, human inherited the Four Divine Beasts Cultivation Methods, and began to rise gradually. Up to today, human had become one of the top three races controlling the Ruize Land. As time went by, the original form of tribe gradually evolved into the form of empire.


Li Changfeng belonged to the Yulong Empire. His father, Li Yuanxiong, was the Frontier General of the Empire, in charge of the stability in the southern border of the Empire. Due to his vital responsibility, Li Yuanxiong went home about once a year, and stayed no more than seven days each time.


Li Changfeng was the fourth child in the General's Residence. He had three elder brothers and a younger sister. The Eldest Brother and the Youngest Sister was born by the First Madam (the General's first wife); the Second Brother and the Third Brother were respectively born by the Second Madam and the Third Madam; and Li Changfeng's mother was the last wife of the General. Li Yuanxiong saved her in the border area with a hostile country, and fell in love with her at the first sight. So Li Yuanxiong married her and brought her to the White Tiger City.


It may be because of her family background, Li Changfeng's mother felt extremely marginalized at the General's Residence. Except the upright First Madam, the other two madams always played dirty tricks on her. Therefore, although Li Changfeng was the Fourth Childe at the General's Residence, his treatment was not that good. What was worse, his mother had already died from overwork and tiredness more than a year ago. Since then, Li Changfeng's treatment became even worse. They brazenly bullied him in a more obvious manner. He originally had two servants, and now only Xiaodie remained.


Xiaodie was the girl in front of Li Changfeng. When Li Changfeng was six years old, his mother bought Xiaodie, the servant girl, from a bazaar. Because of his mother, Li Changfeng was severely marginalized since he was born. In a world without playmates, Li Changfeng was very lonely. Therefore, his mother bought him a little servant girl to comfort his childish heart.


Speaking of which, Xiaodie burst into a flood of tears. Seeing this, Li Changfeng could not help having pity for that. His mother was indeed a miserable woman. She was very unfortunate to live in such a big family, in which scramble was inevitable. Li Changfeng only had pity for her. After all, he had never seen her, so he did not hold similar feelings with Xiaodie.


"Xiaodie, you've just mentioned the Four Divine Beasts Cultivation Methods, and what are they?" The crying Xiaodie could not control herself. Li Changfeng had no choice but to distract her attention. Although Xiaodie just made a casual remark on the Four Divine Beasts Cultivation Methods, Li Changfeng subtly captured the information that in this nonsense world, the rise of human was closely related to the Cultivation Methods.


"Well," Xiaodie gently wiped the tears, "I cannot tell very clearly the legend about the Four Divine Beasts Cultivation Methods. It is said that since the "eschatological war", the Four Divine Beasts Cultivation Methods, namely Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Rosefinch, and Tortoise cultivation methods, have been spread among human. Human contended with other races by virtue of those four cultivation methods."


 "This…can all human cultivate them?" Li Changfeng was in doubt for a while. Just like the Classics of Tendon Changing in the Earth, they sounded extremely fantasy.


"Of course, all members of the human can learn to cultivate them, but each one can only cultivate one certain kind. Quantity may cause the lack of proficiency. The Four Divine Beasts Cultivation Methods are very difficult to cultivate. Each method is divided into nine heavens, and each heaven consists of low, middle and high levels. Among them, the third, fifth and seventh heaven are the most difficult ones to break through. The third heaven will block half cultivators, while the fifth heaven will block two thirds of the cultivators who had broken through the third heaven. As for the seventh heaven, it all depends on personal perception."


"What about me? Which level am I at?" Li Changfeng excitedly pointed at himself without caring about the difficulty Xiaodie mentioned. He did not expect any surprise brought by time travel. Cultivation was his fantasy from childhood. Was there any man who had not had a bullshit dream?

"Childe…" Li Changfeng's eyes sparkled, making Xiaodie lower her head. Then she told a moving story that set Li Changfeng's eyes at flow.


Li Changfeng learned that he was very talented in cultivation when he was a child. At the time when Li Changfeng was eight, the White Tiger Cultivation Method he cultivated had reached the highest level of the Third Heaven of the White Tiger. And that staggering speed and talent amazed the whole White Tiger City, and even the Yulong Empire at large. At that time, all people at the General's Residence respected Li Changfeng and his mother very much. But soon the White Tiger unexpectedly appeared in a sacrifice ceremony for the Divine Beast White Tiger which was held every three years. At that moment, the whole White Tiger City was plunged into chaos and darkness. The short period of darkness caused no accident except that Li Changfeng fainted.


After that anomaly, Li Changfeng did not wake up until one month later. When he woke up, he found that his cultivation base all vanished. What was worse, he could not even release any strength.


Later, Li Changfeng tried cultivating from scratch, but what shocked him was he could not feel his regular meridians. Li Changfeng's father had asked the best doctors to diagnose him, but they all failed to find out the cause. It seemed that his regular meridians had vanished for no reason.


Still later, as Li Yuanxiong was not home all year round, Li Changfeng and his mother were treated increasingly worse. As a childe without potential at the General's Residence, Li Changfeng was in a highly stressful situation. His pressure was far greater than that in the outside world. One more childe meant one more competitor. Therefore, Li Changfeng had been marginalized up to now.

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