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"Childe, do you feel better today?"

At the humble yard of the residence of the Frontier General, which was located in the White Tiger City on the Ruize Land, Liu Zhen was leaning against the bed and blankly looking at the maid in front of him. The maid had a slim and round face, straight nose, and bright big eyes, in which there was a hint of panic. However, Liu Zhen was a little puzzled.

Childe? Was she calling me? Where was I?

Seeing the maid's dressing style and the simple and vintage furniture around him, Liu Zhen was extremely puzzled. Didn't he have an accident in the military exercise? Why was he staying here? Thinking of all kinds of things before the darkness, Liu Zhen cannot help losing himself in thought.

Liu Zhen was originally a descendant of a traditional Chinese medicine family in the Huaxia country on the earth. When he was a child, he was talented but naughty, and always led children in the neighborhood to fight with others. Therefore, his family sent him to the army after he finished his senior high school, hoping the life in the army would discipline him. They never expected that Liu Zhen in the army was like fish in the sea. 

The hot-blooded life in the army attracted Liu Zhen, and he settled down in the army. By virtue of his patrimonial medical skill, he soon gained the title of "violent doctor" in the army. He also joined the special forces and was promoted as company commander due to his outstanding performance.

It was just a fighting exercise in mountainous region, and Liu Zhen was leading a group to ambush at the cliff. The weather was originally fine, but it suddenly became cloudy with thunder and lightning. The rain came down harder. There were signs of landslides, so Liu Zhen instantly stopped the exercise, and told them to evacuate to safe areas. Concentrating on giving command on the evacuation, Liu Zhen paid no attention to himself. Walking on the slippery road in the darkness, Liu Zhen accidentally fell off the cliff. All of a sudden, endless black fog engulfed him. Then…, he could remember it. He was lying here when he woke up.

"Childe, what's wrong with you? Please don't try to frighten me." With logy and glazed eyes, the master on the bed did not say anything, which made the maid very anxious. 

"Eh? Well, I'm fine." Liu Zhen recovered himself, and slightly shook his head.

"Come up, you…come over here."

Liu Zhen beckoned the maid to come nearer. He just thoroughly recalled his experience, and was sure and affirmed that he had never seen the maid. Hence, he was more puzzled.

"Childe, what can I do for you."

The maid looked nervously at Liu Zhen. She slowly walked to him. It seemed that Liu Zhen was a ruffian who would flare up at any time.

"Look at me." Liu Zhen stretched out his hand and pointed at his own face, "Who am I? Do you really know me?"

"Um?" A hint of surprise appeared on the maid's face. "Childe, what's wrong with you. You are Li Changfeng, the fourth son of the Frontier General. I'm Xiaodie, and I have served you for 12 years. How could I not know you?"

"Li Changfeng? Have you served me for 12 years?"

Looking at the maid's earnest eyes, Liu Zhen abruptly sat up.

"Ugh!", Liu Zhen's drastic movement caused headache, which made him realized that there were bandages on his head.

"Childe, please do not move." Liu Zhen looked very painful, so the maid promptly assisted him.

"What is my name again?" Ignoring his headache, Liu Zhen bared his teeth and tightly grasped the maid's shoulders.

"Childe, your, your name is Li Changfeng. You are the fourth son of the Frontier General." A hint of grievance appeared on the maid's face in that the grasp hurted her.

"Quick, bring me a mirror."

It didn't seem like the maid was telling a lie. Liu Zhen became more excited. Only at this moment did he realize his hands were very delicate and fair. He had served in the army for five years, and where was his tanned skin?

Taking the mirror from the maid, Liu Zhen held up it with his fingers that quivered slightly. Looking at the attractive young man in the mirror, he could only cursed inside.

"What's the hell?"

Then he lay down.

By the time Liu Zhen woke up again, it was already night. The maid was leaning close to him and serving him, with red eyes and a red slap mark on her cheek.

"Chile, you, you finally wake up, oooo…" Seeing that Liu Zhen had opened his eyes, the maid threw herself into Liu Zhen's arms and tears of grievances suddenly flowed out.

Hiss… Liu Zhen breathed in a gasp.

"Sorry, childe, I, I forget that you are injured." Liu Zhen's painful look made Xiaodie stand up with reverence and awe, and fear filled her eyes.

 "I'm ok. Just small injuries." Liu Zhen casually waved his hand, and then sat up. He once again looked Xiaodie and himself up and down, and then heaved a thoughtful sigh.

He now finally believed the fact that he was in time travel. The body belonged to another person, but that was alright. It took Liu Zhen, who was known among his fellow soldiers for violence and heartlessness, a very short while to accept the fact. A good thing about being heartless was it endowed him with strong adaptability. 

"Come over here." Liu Zhen coughed unnaturally. He beckoned the maid to come nearer. "Eh… I suffer from memory loss. Describe the current situation for me in detail."

"Memory loss? In detail?", the maid looked at Liu Zhen with her eyes wide open.

"Yeah, for example…What kind of place is this? What is my name? Who are my parents? Do I have any siblings? And what is your name?" Liu Zhen nodded earnestly.


Xiaodie looked at the childe with surprise. It astonished her that the childe in front of her had forgot everything, even his own identity and name. She had no choice but to tell him about the world again, like teaching a child.

Xiaodie's detailed introduction eventually helped Liu Zhen establish a general understanding of the world background and his own situation.

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