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I’ve been thinking of starting a new project for a long time now since chapter 4ish of Lucia. This is because Lucia is mostly 19+ vocab. I wanted to start a project which will increase my Korean vocabulary (words I can use in real life. Cough.)

I’m still working on Lucia. fyi.

Kill the Dragon is written by BaekSoo KwiJok. It is 9 volumes long and completed.

Official summary by publishers:
In the near future, humanity had begun a war to prevent the extinction of the human race. A fight against dragons and humans.

The so called dragons invaded Earth in an organized force from another dimension.

After three years, humans had won the war against the dragons. But… 15 years later the dragons will return for another war.

I haven’t completely finished the series so I can’t tell you the full summary. But it takes place in the modern settings. Psychic powers are involved, similar to magic. If you like reading about military school life, this will be your cup of tea. I really like this story so far! Please give it a try.

(I don’t believe there is any romance in this story!)
I will be splitting the longer chapter into parts. This just keeps me on track. But the length will be about the same as Lucia Chapters which is fairly long. I won’t stop in a cliff hanger so you can read with a calm heart.

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