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Kenkyo 79

On the day of the trip, the weather was beautiful, I had a good Breakfast and am going Full throttle.
Every single trip before was painful, but this one will be different. I was taught the proper way to walk by my brother this year! 

Every year I always try to go forward as much as possible by always taking large strides. But for mountain climbing and to hike it’s better to take small strides and go at slow pace is what my brother had taught me!

Someone really should have told me this years ago! Every single year how much pain I went through….

Besides learning how to properly walk, I also took out my trusty and rusty stepper and trained my legs. So long the me who can’t climb!

Well even though I did all that I am still in the back end of the group.

But I am able to keep up and am not that fatigued, I am quite enjoying this. The act of taking small strides and bringing out the stepper really helped.

I might start to actually want a hiking trip every year. As I am a very kind person, I told my friends about the act of taking small strides will greatly help.

But are there really people who have worse physical ability than me? I see those types of kids retiring early and taking a different route, what, they are drinking tea while taking the easy route. Isn’t that quite unfair?

I also want to retire! But since this is my first time on this trip, I don’t know at what point they will let me retire. Well since I don’t know at what point they will let me retire, might as well climb this slump.

I can retire due to my anemia problem but I strangely am fine form, maybe I got better at controlling my blood you know, well since I am still fine I don’t want to bring up my anemia yet.

From what I see, there were many people who had retired, they were on a car elegantly while breathing very hard. I saw many people from the Pivoine in that group as well. For example I saw the Heian princess Hagi Shouji Hagino Koji Furuko Fuyuko-sama.

TLNote: It really did say that, and the Japanese wiki for the novel also confirmed that this is the name. I would be thankful if someone could help decipher this name.

TLNote: 麿眉が似合いそうな平安御公家顔の萩小路はぎのこうじ芙由子ふゆこ様とかね。

Fuyuko-sama family is in the same group as us because it is the biggest faction, but the section of business it belongs is different than us. Also maybe it because of the face, she looks really similar to Sakura-chan, maybe god ran out of faces….

Sakura-chan is more modern Japanese style while Fuyuko-sama is more old Japanese style, but for her I think a shogun-mistress style kimono will fit better.

TLnote: I am not trying copy oniichanyamete style, its just even I didn’t know what type of clothes it was describing so I put a pic to help you guys

“ Reika-sama, look you can see the Ocean” (Serika)

“True, How Beautiful” (Reika)

Looks like I can still speak even after finishing the hike, I am in perfect condition this year. If the trips are like every year, I think I will really like going on these trips. I think as long it is not a mountain I will be fine.

Now that we are in Kamakura, I want to eat Warabi Mochi and also Pudding with my friends. I would like to show this scenery to someone someday.

We finished hiking and now it is time for lunch at the hotel, I change my clothes back.

Oh thank god, the jersey is off. I really don’t look good in a jersey. That’s why I don’t really wear that much.

After I fix myself up a little, I go to the lunch hall and see that seats has been provided for each class.  The menu consisted of Seafood and of various soups. After a good exercise, a good meal is always welcomed.

The soup in Kamakura is delicious.   

I look at the external students and see they were getting ready for the performance. They had all the external student group leaders together, it must be tough.

Now that the main dish was over, the performance have started with class 1.

It was the classic chorus as the opening event, their voices were kind of off. but of course it was.

I was thankful from the bottom of my heart that I was not an external student.

Afterwards there was an ensemble, some magic tricks and the people in our class had brought tambourines to the piano accompaniment to play with their chorus. They practiced a lot and it paid off.

There was one ensemble where a student with disheveled hair was playing the violin, was he not in the right school?

TLnote: I think it Kudo Shinichi from detective conan

Ah it Wakaba-chan classes turn.

Wakaba-chan class did the skit “ Tenjo and the Five Headed Dragon”

The story goes as

“long, long ago, in the beautiful waters of Kamakura there existed a Five Headed Dragon. It caused massive floods,  and required that the villagers sacrificed children.  The heavens sent a very beautiful maiden down from the heavens to quell the dragons wrath. The dragon bewitched by the maiden beauty asked the maiden to marriage but the maiden would agree if the dragon stopped and repented for all the bad things he did”

or so the story went

A boy was playing the dragon dressed up with 5 heads and was wrapped in a black cloth. The heaven sent maiden was played by a girl who wore a crown and a pure white cloth around her. All the other students were either playing villagers or children while one person was doing the narration.

Wakaba-chan was the role of the sea and swaying a big blue cloth back and forth to make the movement of the sea while going “zazen,zazen”. when the part of raging sea came, she had started swaying the cloth very fast.

…really well done Wakaba-chan, that performance was wonderful, it was a shining performance. Though nobody noticed, and the entire time she kept up the swaying motion while switching from hand to hand to rest.Asexpected of you Wakaba-chan.

you truly had it hard did you not Wakaba-chan?  But I think it was just my imagination since there was also the role of Island that was done by other student. The sea is still better than being an island isn’t it Wakaba-chan?

After all the performances were finished, the externals from my class came up to Satomi-kun and I and thanked us.

” Thank you very much for your help” (External A)
“Thank you very much Reika-Sama” (Ikoma)

I just secured the music room, but apparently Satomi-kun helped out with the practice, showed what to fix and improve on also showed where to get the tambourines from.

Satomi-kun is really good at looking after people.

” Everyone was very good, you all performed great, it showed the results of practicing” (Satomi)

The external students all had very good expression on their faces, and the bonds between them and in the class has strengthened. But it is not a good idea to put the external student through this again, lets keep it in moderation.

The grand prize for this year external student performance went to Wakaba-chan class.

The prize was a meal ticket to all the students in the class, Wakaba-chan was very happy as her eyes was shining. As the school meals are expensive and quite hard for common people to buy it.

Aren’t you glad Wakaba-chan, I should tell her my recommendation of the menu.

Well these performances aside, I made a new friend, Ikoma-san who is an external student.

I got a new friend!!!?

Ikoma-san is great except for the fact she is kinda looking at me with eyes of admiration which a little problematic.

Please Ikoma-san don’t construct a weird image of me.

Ikoma-san who looks at me with her eye shining, I am just a meager person please do not expect much from me.

Well I will try not to disappoint her as much as possible. Ikoma-san do you really like my hair style that much, why do you not roll it together, I can help?

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