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Today, at Kasumi-sama’s invitation, I was having lunch at the Pivoine seats. I feel like I’ve been eating nothing but sweet foods recently, so today I went with a healthy spring greens and bacon pasta.

“I heard that you planned a lunch event for your class,” she said with a teasing expression.

I’ll bet this is about how I used her name on Tomoe-senpai.

“Yes, both the Student Council President and the cafeteria staff happily agreed, you see. Thanks to that, everybody was able to have a pleasant lunch together”

“My! Huhu,” she laughed.

Suddenly, some others joined our conversation.

“Was there any need to go out of your way to ask the Student Council? Why, it almost seems as though the Student Council is ranked above us.”

“Yeah. When everything’s said and done, it’s us Pivoine that’s the highest here at Suiran.”

Oh dear~ Things have become annoying.

Kasumi-sama was hanging her head awkwardly. Considering their reactions, it would be impossible to come clean about her boyfriend.

It’s probably because the power of the Student Council is a lot greater in the high school section. Well, considering who our current StuCo President is though, I doubt it’ll turn into an all-out confrontation, but still…

“Because I am still only a new student, I felt that perhaps it would be safer to notify the Student Council as well. However, if my conduct has caused anybody discomfort, I am truly very sorry…”

“Ah, no, it’s not your fault, Reika-san. Sorry about that. Just don’t worry about it.”

Once I started acting feeble and pitiful, they backed down surprisingly quickly. Uhehe.
That was the end of that, and lunch progressed peacefully again. Both Kaburagi and Enjou occasionally joined in on the conversation too. Apparently they weren’t going to join a club. Although, it seemed that a lot of sports clubs invited them.

“Which club did you want to join, Reika-sama? I heard that you went to check them out.”

“Yes, although I am still having trouble deciding…”

Although, the truth is that there are a few cultural clubs that I want to enter. But all of them are filled with quiet kids, so it would be like a sudden wolf in a pen of little rabbits. They definitely wouldn’t welcome me.

“How about the Tea Ceremony Club or the Flower Arrangement Club?”

“I have teachers that I have been learning both under since young, so there is really no reason to join those clubs as well.”

“I see. Is there anything else you wanted?”

“At first I was interested in the sports clubs, but…”

Suddenly, Kaburagi and Enjou glanced my way. What the heck. So what if I wanted to join a sports club.

It’s not that I’m bad at sports. I’m just lacking the willpower, okay.

“I’ve heard that the Suiran sports clubs lean towards the intense side. Wouldn’t it be a little harsh for you, Reika-sama?”

“Yes. I realised that it was impossible for me after having a look.”

I heard Kaburagi and Enjou quietly stifling their laughter. Annoying.

“Huuuh~? These seats are free, guys~”

At that moment, Wakaba-chan suddenly came this way with a bentou.

I got careless because of how far into lunch break we were. Did her class get held back or something!?

As Wakaba-chan came over with an innocent smile, the atmosphere around the Pivoine senpais grew severe. This is bad… It seemed like the Pivoine Supremecists would explode at any moment.

“U-Umm! These seats are reserved for our use only, so normal students cannot sit here, you know?”

Before I knew it I had stood up and warned Wakaba-chan.
For a moment she stared blankly as our eyes met. Then she turned around and found her pale friends, and finally realised that she was in trouble.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t realise. I sincerely apologise,” she exclaimed as she bowed, low, before rushing back to her friends.


“What was that meant to be. A new External? Let’s find her name later and issue a formal warning. She’s setting a bad example for the rest.”

“That girl did not seem as though she belonged here. Could it be that she was a scholarship student?”

“That’d make things all the worse.”


“Umm! There is really no need to go that far. I am sure she is simply still acclimating. Could you perhaps turn the other way just this once?”


“Of course it would not do to simply leave things, so I will personally talk to her class representative to give her a warning, as well as properly teach her about the Pivoine. Please?”

“…Then just this one time, in deference to you, Reika-san.”

“…Yes. If Reika-san is willing to go that far, then…”

“My! Thank you very much!”

Scaryyy~ The Pivoine is so scaryyyy~

And Wakaba-chan, you’re way too careless. The friends with you all noticed, didn’t they? And friends of Wakaba-chan, you’re supposed to tell her. Don’t just go pale and stand there.

Also, all throughout this little drama, Kaburagi and Enjou continued eating like nothing…

But wow, what happened just now was that scene when Kisshouin Reika got angry and screamed “Know your place!” at Wakaba-chan, right?

Still, I managed to avoid it, right? Although I did sort of stand up and warn her without much thought. I mean, things would have gotten extremely troublesome had I stayed still.

But I’ll finish make sure to this pasta. Vegetables are good for you, after all.

I spoke to her class representative about what happened at lunch, and asked them to discreetly teach the new students what to watch out for.

It’d be nice if there was a Pivoine manual or something, though. Perhaps I’ll have a word with Tomoe-senpai about it…

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