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During the summer break, I bought a stepper machine to vanquish my excess flab.

With a reference book in hand, I’ve been stepping on the stepper. Step step step.
Recently I saw this supermodel in a magazine say,

“I don’t drink anything with calories in it,”

The scales really fell from my eyes. I decided to stop drinking my favourite sweet milk tea.

I gradually grew thinner as I continued this lifestyle. At summer cram school, even Aoi-chan told me,

“You look a bit smaller now.”


Speaking of Aoi-chan, apparently she was aiming to get into a national high school so the exam is going to be pretty hard. Thanks to that, she has to start studying now. I hope she takes care of her health…

Thanks to using the stepper all summer, I ended up back at my original weight. After that I was so sick of the stepper that I chucked it into the same corner as my hula hoop.

When Term 2 started, I went to school for the first time in a while. Even though it had only been a month, I was a little shocked at how everyone seemed just a little more mature.

I’ve stopped growing ages ago, but I guess this is when boys really start to grow. During your growth spurts, sometimes your bone pains keep you awake, don’t they. Sounds rough.
While everyone was talking about their holiday, I overheard that no ghosts appeared at this year’s summer camp. Apparently the hotel performed an exorcism before the camp began… I’m so sorry.

After clearing the hurdle that was the mid-term exams, it was finally time for the Athletics Carnival.

As the class reps, Monk-kun and I had to find out who was participating in which events.

His Imperial Majesty was sitting in his chair with his arms crossed, gazing over the citizens.

The nominees all had grim expressions on their faces. Yeah. Try your best.

The chosen horse members were apparently going to undergo special training at the Kaburagi house. I’ve always wondered where he did that each year. After all, I never saw him doing it at school or anything.
Apparently what the training actually involves is top secret, as are the tactics. I wonder what on earth is driving him to take this cavalry battle so seriously…

Since I’m the class rep, I ended up going to the Student Council Room a lot to help prepare for the Athletics Carnival.

Stalking Horse noticed my gaze and looked at me suspiciously.


“Eh, ahh~ I was just wondering if you were joining the cavalry battle as well.”

As I recall, last year he battled it out with Emperor until the end. Naturally he was no match though.

“…Are you scouting?”

“No, no, nothing of the sort.”

“I am, but that’s all I’m telling you.”

Goodness, he’s so guarded.



“Don’t think that I’ll go easy on anybody because they’re a Pivoine.”

He looked at me with a strong gaze.
Aahh, this guy was anti-Pivoine wasn’t he.

“That sounds perfect. Please give your all.”

But the enemy is much more of a cavalry battle maniac than Stalking Horse suspects. I bet he’s at home practising right now.
Having finished what I needed to do, I exited the StuCo room. But before I left,

“President, have you ever wanted to dye your hair silver?”

“Silver? No way.”

Thought soo~

On the day of the Athletics Carnival, the sky was nice and clear. Perfect for the Emperor’s arrival at the battlefront.

Emperor’s Horse members got pretty ripped in the short time since they were chosen. Just what on earth did he do to you… And it’s scary how your eyes are all fiery.
But anyway, I’d better be careful as well. If I mess up, I might anger the Emperor.

After I participated in the spoon relay and tug of war, I went to do the ball-toss event.

Around that time, a ball smacked me in the back of my head.
I yelled out,

“Ow!” in reflex, and when I turned around I found a male classmate frantically apologising,

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to!”

Yeah, I get that already. Could you not be so frightened of me?

For some reason it looked like everyone was throwing carefully away from me. Is this just persecution complex?
In the end, my class didn’t do well in the ball-toss. Thanks to that, the Emperor was in a bad mood when we returned. Geez~

Eventually, the fated time arrived. The cavalry battle.

When they gave the start signal, the teams around Emperor were taken down one after another. Perhaps the other teams were trying to avoid him because they were all gathered far away.
Emperor moved to hunt them.


For the first time in a while, Night on Bald Mountain played in my head.

Thank goodness I was born a girl.

As the Emperor was taking down his enemies… suddenly, a 1st year team charged in at the Emperor! How reckless!


The 1st year rider bravely attacked, but he was still no match for the Emperor. First his arm was grabbed, and then not only was his headband was ripped out along with his hair, he was tossed to the ground as well.


No, no, I really admire your spirit, First Year-kun. You look like a muddy mess though.

Stalking Horse was fired up too. The two riders measured the distance between each other before breaking into a gallop.

Even whilst the two riders battled up top, the horses were engaging in a kicking contest to destroy the others’ balance.
In the end, Emperor timed his attack with the kicks below, and splendidly protected his victory by defeating Stalking Horse, steed and all.

After the battle, Emperor announced that he would be retiring from his participation in cavalry battles. The Cavalry Battle Emperor became a legend.

What the heck is ‘retire from cavalry battles’ supposed to mean, anyway…

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