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Ever since people started calling him Emperor, Kaburagi’s popularity rose again. Because of his achievements during the cavalry battle, it seems that his adherents amongst the boys have gone up. Particularly amongst the underclassmen. Amongst all the clamour, apparently the boys who served as The Emperor’s Horse were boasting about doing so. I can’t say I understand how they feel, but as long as the people themselves are happy, then it’s fine I guess. Emperor’s fame wasn’t contained to the primary school section either. Apparently the stories went as far as the middle school, and I got a mail from Aira-sama reading ‘Apparently Masaya is being called ‘Emperor’ now, isn’t he.’. When particularly excited kids called him ‘Emperor’ to his face though, he would look at them with an icy gaze. So in the end, everybody had a tacit agreement that ‘Emperor’ would just be an informal nickname, and would never be used in front of him. I think Emperor made the right choice. If he got on board with it like ‘I am the Emperor!’ then it would definitely turn into dark history and the source of future cringing. Just to be safe, I mailed Aira-sama with ‘It appears that the person himself has not authorised the nickname, so please take care.’.

But man, to think that the nickname ‘Emperor’ actually came from Napoleon. As the fake Rococo Queen, he really has terrible compatibility with me. In 『you are my dolce』 he had always been called Emperor like it was natural, so I never really paid it much mind. I thought for sure that it was because he ruled over the school like a monarch. But to think that it was an old nickname from primary school. And what’s more, the reason it came about was a children’s cavalry battle… If it got explained to you once he was already an adult, wouldn’t it sound pretty stupid? Upfffpftt-! Incidentally, I should note that my Drill Hair nickname is completely unauthorised. Rather than a nickname, that’s more like an insult after all.


Anyhow, unrelated to my personal opinions on it, the girls around me were completely in love with the ‘Emperor’ nickname.

“Isn’t it truly a fitting nickname for Kaburagi-sama?”

“To our class, he was like a conquering hero from the legends~”

“He was so cool during the cavalry battle~”

“Hahh~ Emperor is so dreamy…”

A refreshing breeze blew in from the window. Autumn really is the most relaxing season~ With my tummy also filled with food from lunch, I’m starting to feel sleepy.

“Don’t you think so too, Reika-sama?”


Think what? Er, I wasn’t listening at all.

“Reika-sama, you also think that Emperor is cool, don’t you?”

“Y-, Yes, well, yes.”

Can’t go against the majority.

“I knew it~”

All the girls around me nodded in agreement. All of them like the same people, after all.

“I think Reika-sama would be well-matched with Emperor.”


“Right. It’s frustrating, but if it was Reika-sama, I could accept it.”

“If some normal girl was paired with Emperor I definitely wouldn’t allow it, but Reika-sama has both the pedigree and refinement worthy of him.”

“But I still don’t want Kaburagi-sama to belong to anybody yet~”

“If it’s Reika-sama, I’ll definitely cheer for her.”

“Right. Reika-sama, try your best!”

…Hang on there. What’s with this sudden development? To begin with, Kaburagi has Yurie-sama. Although it’s completely one-sided on his part…

“Everyone, are you not misunderstanding something?”

“My, what would that be?”

“I do not particularly desire to date Kaburagi-sama or anything as amazing as that. In the end, these are simply feelings of admiration. I would never dream of such a thing.”

Seriously, please stop with this! It’s a matter of life and death for me, okay!?

“But, don’t you like Emperor too?”

“It is admiration. Simple admiration. Something quite different from love.”

The girls tilted their heads in confusion.

“Then, Enjou-sama? You were together in the executive committee, weren’t you?”

“My, so Reika-sama was actually in Team Enjou-sama. Oh my, you’re my rival then. But he really is so gentle and dreamy, isn’t he~ The other day when we bumped into each other, he asked me if I was okay and then smiled at me!”

“Hey, are you sure you didn’t bump into him on purpose?”

“I didn’t~!”

Sorry for breaking it to you while you’re all happy and stuff, but that’s also a misunderstanding!

“I do not hold any special feelings towards Enjou-sama. Although, naturally I admire him as you all do.”

“My, is that the case?”

“That is so.”

Need to say it clearly here.

“Then, just who on earth do you like, Reika-sama?”

“Eh- …nobody in particular.”

“Reika-sama, you don’t like anybody?”

“Well, no.”

“Nobody at all?”

“I do not think so, no.”

“Never ever?”

“Thus far, I do not suppose there has not been anybody like that, no.”

Yeah, my first love is still to come.

Everybody’s eyes turned pitying.

“So Reika-sama was actually still a child…”

GAAHHH…!! OTL I got called a child by a child! What is this silent damage that I’m taking…?

I mean, there haven’t been any princes on white horses yet, so it can’t be helped, right!? My ideal is a calm, dreamy, gentle person who’ll laugh and forgive my selfishness. Overbearing types like Emperor from the manga are great for screaming ‘Kyaaa! Emperor, so dreamy~~’ when it’s just a manga, but in real life he just causes you trouble. I mean, come on. Barging in uninvited to the house of the girl you like? Who on earth does that. You just cause huge trouble for their family, or the neighbourhood, you know. And confessing in the middle of a crowded road? Mannn, no way, no way. Being forgiven for everything you do because you’re a hot guy? That’s only the case in manga. At least in my opinion. And so, in that sense, a logical and gentle person is best, hey? Where can I find my ideal man, I wonder~ Huh? Isn’t he sitting at my house studying for his exams?

What do I do. Could it be that I really am a brocon…?


Later after school, I, Reika the child, was called to the staff room.

“Kisshouin-san, could you join the executive committee for the Learning Presentation?”

“I decline.”

That thing is even harder than the Athletics Meet. Just who on earth would say yes. I’ve retired from being an odd jobs master. Even if you flatter or soothe me, I’m definitely refusing. The tears of an old guy won’t move my heart at all.


Ever since my experiences during the Athletics Meet, I gained the courage to refuse.


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