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Chapter 650: 650
Chapter 650: Are You the Devil?

In Los Leones, on the platform of an unfinished building .

“Get down, get down!”

After Liu Zilang had delivered a headshot to Li Muqiu, he quickly instructed Misaka Mikoto to lay prone . He then peeked out from the platform to see their reactions .

It was just as he had guessed .

The two people below had crawled behind their car, unaware of their attacker .

Then, they behaved like birds that were being hunted, looking around their surroundings as they perched on the ground . They could not find where Liu Zilang was .

Under his third-person perspective, Liu Zilang, who was lying prone on the high platform, could witness their frantic behavior .

He saw that they were going to begin the reviving process under their opponent’s full view . He felt joy swell up in his heart and nearly laughed out loud .

“Heheheh, Shifu~! Why are they acting so silly?” Misaka Mikoto asked merrily as she looked on . She was lying prone beside him .

Upon hearing Misaka Mikoto’s words, Liu Zilang smirked . Who was this silly disciple to call someone else silly… ‘Well, the two idiots below are silly alright!’

He continued observing the two people behind the disused car and suddenly had an idea . He aimed the crosshair of his 8x scope at Gao Yunyang’s head but did not fire .

Not only that, but he instructed Misaka Mikoto, “Don’t shoot first, I’ll give you the signal . ”

“Ah?” Misaka Mikoto was taken aback for a bit . She turned her head to look at Liu Zilang who was sitting beside her and then immediately straightened her head afterward . Her heart was thumping heavily…

‘I can’t take it anymore!

‘Shifu’s profile is just too handsome!’

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang was fully focused on the wicked plan he had formulated in his mind .

He shifted the crosshair of his 8x scope SKS to Li Muqiu’s head . He was still slumped on the ground, waiting to be revived .

The next moment… everyone expected gunfire to be heard once more .

However, nothing happened .

What was going on?

“Hm? Why isn’t Vic shooting? It’s not like he can’t shoot at him from that position?” Lord Rong on the commentary platform said out of curiosity .

The live caster seemed to have heard Lord Rong’s question . He immediately switched to Liu Zilang’s first-person perspective . On the screen, it was obvious that Li Muqiu’s head was well along his line of fire .

Ruo Feng’s middle finger pushed the glasses that rested on his big nose . He then smiled as he said, “Is he not shooting because he doesn’t want to kill his friend? Haha, I think that’s a little too obvious . ”

Su Changming, who had been listening all this while, laughed and shook his head . He spoke while touching his chin, “I don’t think that kid is someone who’d go easy on his former teammates . ”

Right after Su Changming had finished speaking, he opened his mouth in shock!

On the tournament screen, Gao Yunyang had just revived Li Muqiu .

At that exact moment, the muzzle of Liu Zilang’s SKS flashed . Another bullet was shot out at extreme speeds, and it whizzed across the sky!

It flew the distance of a hundred-odd meters in no time .

Before Li Muqiu was able to move elsewhere, his head exploded in a cloud of blood, and he fell to the ground once more!

“4AM-Vic knocked out Se7en-Lech by headshot with SKS!”

Many members of the live audience were shocked by Liu Zilang’s sudden shot . However, after they had realized what was going on, some of them chucked merrily…

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Regardless of whether they were live audience members or viewers of the live-stream, they were more than happy to be the spectators of the complex love-and-hate relationship between former teammates .

Of course, the ones who were happy were the spectators .

Li Muqiu, as one of the affected parties and the sole victim of the incident, felt like he had f*cked up when his body hit the ground once more!

Next to him, Gao Yunyang immediately stood up . He scoped in and looked around to find the perpetrator .

Liu Zilang had quickly laid prone after firing his shot .

Not only was his body hidden from Gao Yunyang, he had even hidden the muzzle of his gun from him . What was there for Gao Yunyang to find?

Li Muqiu, who had been knocked out twice, was fuming . “…F*ck! Did you manage to find that bastard?” he spoke through gritted teeth .

“No . ” Gao Yunyang shrugged as he unarmed his gun .

Li Muqiu was struck speechless!


‘Come out and fight me if you’re a real man!

‘You call yourself a man when you hide like that?’

At that instance, the two people fully understood what it meant to be kept in the dark .

The flow of information was entirely in one direction: Their opponent could clearly see every move they made, while they did not even know where their opponent was .

From the two shots earlier, they had guessed that Liu Zilang not only had a noise-suppressor attachment but was in a high place nearby .

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The problem was that Los Leones was a town full of tall buildings . They were even surrounded by several of them . Who could guess behind which window and on which building that kid was hiding behind?

“What now, Bro Yang?”

Li Muqiu took the initiative . He looked at Gao Yunyang with pitiful eyes, afraid that his teammate would abandon him .

Under such circumstances, the best choice was for Gao Yunyang to retreat to safety alone .

Gao Yunyang deduced the hidden intention behind Li Muqiu’s words . “Then come over here a little more . Let me try again,” he said .

“Ah! Thanks, Bro Yang!” Li Muqiu was overjoyed when he heard him . He then crawled over with his butt held high .

He did not know that it was the start of their nightmare…




Within the next minute, Li Muqiu had been knocked out by Liu Zilang five times!

Once again, Li Muqiu fell, his head was riddled with bullet holes . His red health bar began to bleed at a frightening speed!

Gao Yunyang did not say another word . He lifted his hand and pressed his palm on his teammate’s body .

There was a zen-like tranquility in his mind after having revived his teammate so many times .

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As for Li Muqiu, after being knocked out so many times, he had forsaken the idea of crawling around the car to hide from the bullets that came from an indiscernible direction .

There was no other choice . With the speed Li Muqiu was losing health at, he would have died after crawling not more than a few steps away .

Shortly after, Li Muqiu was revived again…


Before he could even stand up, he fell onto the ground once again .

That f*cker… is sick in his mind!

All the people watching who had doubts about whether Liu Zilang would go easy on his former teammate were shocked speechless . They could only suck in mouthfuls of cold air!

“Is he… the devil?”

“I was wrong! So wrong! Vic isn’t showing any mercy to his former teammates . He’s totally ruthless!”

“I feel sorry for Guru Qiu . I’m afraid he’ll be a shut-in after this . ”

“Well… I’m actually a little more concerned about Vic . He’d better lock his bedroom door tight before he sleeps tonight . ”

“Um… I think he should just not go back at all . ”

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