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Sword Elf Mountain was one of the seven great mountains of ancient antiquity. Its area was extremely large, and finding a person was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Not to mention the entire ancient antiquity.


The seek mirror had just been used up and had exhausted all of its energy.

It was also impossible for them to search for the same seek mirror.

"Master, I've searched everywhere that the Senior Sister would go, but didn't find anything."

The person could not be found.

King of Sword Elves's expression was slightly unsightly, he apologized to the Great Clan Elder and said, "This disciple's personality is a bit wild, running around everyday. As his master, I do not care, so be it."

The Great Elder smiled. "Brother Zhang, you're too serious. Since we can't find her, I will leave first. I just want to know how she completed the mission."

"It's just a pity..."

"I really want to see her."

The old man sighed softly.

King of Sword Elves could tell that the Great Clan Elder valued Liu Luoxi greatly, as the person who completed his mission, and said, "Don't worry Great Clan Elder, once I find her, I will personally bring her to main hall to see you."

The elder nodded. "Then I'll be troubling Brother Zhang."

Hugging his fists together, the elder took a step out of the hall and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The speed was so fast that even King of Sword Elves could not see it clearly.

He was the leader of the Sword Elf Mountain.

His cultivation had reached King Swordsman.

His identity was also the most respected person other than the sect master.

Sword Spirit Mountain, the head of the six peaks.

How honorable was the status of the King of Sword Elves?

However …

In front of the old man from before, King of Sword Elves always slightly bent his body when he spoke, because the Great Elder's identity was even more unique.

Other than his cultivation, the only other thing that was special about him was his identity.

Aside from the Sect Master, he was the strongest existence.

Based on the speed just now, it was impossible for the King of Sword Elves to reach that level.

His deep cultivation was only one of the special places, and what was even more special was his identity!

The messenger of the divine space.

He was the only person in the ancient antiquity who had ever entered the divine space.

With his status, even the grand master had to be polite.

If anyone from the ancient antiquity wanted to enter the divine space, they would have to be recommended by him. He was like a person who had control over the life and death of the ancient antiquity.

It was also because of this that the King of Sword Elves treated him with extreme respect.

After the Great Clan Elder left, King of Sword Elves's face was filled with anger. She slammed her palm on the chair and the chair made of Gold Silk Sauna Wood was instantly turned into powder. She bellowed, "Running around the entire time and ignoring the rules of Sword Elf Mountain, does she even have a master like me?"

A disciple said, "Master, Junior Sister must be in a hurry for something …"

The King of Sword Elves stared at him, "Ling Yuan, don't you stand up for your Junior Sister."

"As the Great Senior Brother of Sword Elf Mountain, you are the first disciple to step into the King Swordsman Rank. Tell me, how is it that you, a sword cultivator, can't even tame a girl?"

Sword Elf Mountain Great Senior Brother, Ling Yuan.

King Swordsman Rank.

He was the strongest disciple in the Sword Elf Mountain, and also the youngest King Swordsman disciple in the entire ancient antiquity.

They wanted to train him into a disciple who could enter the divine space.

They wanted to betroth Liu Luoxi to him.

However …

His rejection because of Liu Luoxi's disagreement made King of Sword Elves very angry.

Liu Luoxi was very talented.

Ling Yuan's talent was also great, the combination of the two would be even stronger, and would be of great help to their cultivation.


Ling Yuan just did not want to make things difficult for Liu Luoxi.

King of Sword Elves asked: Do you like Liu Luoxi?

Ling Yuan said: "I …"

King of Sword Elves said, "You like it, right? If I like you, then don't care so much. I'm her master, so whatever I say doesn't matter even if she disagrees. "

"The easiest way for you to get a woman to fall in love with you is to get her body first."

"Women remember the first special occasion in their hearts."

"There are a lot of things that you can't wait for the results to come out. You have to do them to get results, understand?"

Love is made.

There was no end to such a silly waiting.

Ling Yuan laughed bitterly.

King of Sword Elves said, "This time is just a chance. Go and find Luo Xi, you guys go and see Great Clan Elder, I will also strongly recommend you to Sect Master. Once you have the chance to challenge the Divine Tribulation Realm, it will be fine!"

The Divine Tribulation Dao!

The trials that mortal warriors had to go through to enter the divine space.

It could also be called a calamity.

Only those who had passed the tribulation of the divine way were qualified to enter the divine space.

Ling Yuan had been preparing to enter the divine space for the rest of his life, but... He didn't want to do it this way.

King of Sword Elves looked at Ling Yuan's silly expression and let out a long sigh, thinking to himself: "Ling Yuan, this is your last chance. If you don't hurry up and make a move, Liu Luoxi might have to marry someone else."

Last time, among the few powerhouse s that came from the divine space, one of the young disciples took a fancy to Liu Luoxi.

Facing the powerhouse of the divine space, the ancient antiquity would only be crushed.

Asking the ancient antiquity to provide a few women, the Sect Leader didn't dare disobey.


To these girls, this was the best opportunity of their lives. Anyone could dream of entering the divine space.

It was possible that not too long from now, the divine space's powerhouse would bring Liu Luoxi away if he were to come to the ancient antiquity again.

King of Sword Elves did not say it out loud.

The fact that the powerhouse of the divine space had descended upon the ancient antiquity was an absolute secret.

Ling Yuan said: "Master, Junior Sister might have gone to the outer sect to play, I will go look."

King of Sword Elves waved his hand and said, "Go."

Ling Yuan left the hall.

King of Sword Elves let out a long sigh.

… ….

"Big brother, this is the blood demon beast meat that we bought today."

"Are, are we really going to set up a barbecue stand?"

"This, this is too much, isn't it?"

When Long Fei returned in the morning, he did not send anyone to cause trouble for the past few days.

Baili Tianhai and Zhao Dahan had also been cultivating behind closed doors for the past few days.

They now knew that they were not in Sea City, and if they did not want to be bullied, there was only one way, to become stronger.

Long Fei nodded his head, and said: "En, since you guys feel that it is beneath the price, then you guys can stay at home and cultivate, I will go myself."

Phoenix raised her hand and said, "And me, I want to go as well!"

No matter what, Baili Tianhai was the City Lord's son, when did he ever do such a lowly job?

However …

Long Fei was going, and he wanted to go as well.

Baili Tianhai said: "Since Boss is going, how can I not go?"

Zhao Dahan laughed and said, "Me too, I'm in charge of errands!"

Long Fei pushed the wooden wheel carriage he had prepared in the afternoon and waved his hand, saying: "I'm out of the stall. I'm going to use my roasted meat to conquer this world, hahaha …"

The group of four walked out of the small courtyard.

Earning money is the key.

The currency here is the Holy Source Stone. If Long Fei wanted to cultivate faster, then he would need a lot of Holy Source Stones!

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