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Chapter 1813 - Liu Huihui s Techniques

Wang Liang had always loved violence since he was young, so when he was seven or eight years old, he let his father find someone and teach him a lot of martial arts.

Shen Ma had learned karate and Taekwondo.

However, Wang Liang felt that those were boring. His favorite method of violence was still Mongol wrestling.

This Mongolian wrestling, in Mongolian, is also called "Burke."

This kind of barbaric wrestling was his favorite.

But Mongol wrestling had other rules that he disliked: no hugging of legs, no face-slapping, no sudden tugging from behind, no touching of eyes and ears, no pulling of hair, no kicking of the stomach or any part above the knee.

Wang Liang sincerely did not like these.

He loved violence.

In those days, he was immersed in a series of classic "Ancient Fascination" movies.

Thus, the Mongol wrestling changed its whole form here with Wang Liang.

This was originally a form of competition, but to him, it became a method of bloody violence.

Wang Liang's arm strength was also very strong. He grabbed Qin Chao's collar, intending to beat this four-eyed scholar down to the ground and then fiercely give him a few slaps to let him know what kind of price he would have to pay if he provoked him.

However, what surprised Wang Liang was that his collar had been pulled up, but the Four-eyed Scholar's body, was standing there steadily, like a pendant that weighed a thousand kilograms.

The other party, on the other hand, still had a faint smile on his face.

The others also looked at Wang Liang, not knowing what he was doing.

According to the usual practice, didn't he have to beat this teacher up violently by letting him fall to the ground?

Why was it different today?

"Bro Liang couldn't have played in Sanlitun last night, right?"

"It can't be... Shouldn't Bro Liang be quite strong? "

A few of the Genin s started to discuss.

Wang Liang was suddenly anxious, Liu Huihui was still watching from the side.

No matter what, he couldn't lose face in front of Liu Huihui.

In a moment of anxiety, Wang Liang loosened his grip on Qin Chao's collar and grabbed at his crotch.

This brat was truly sinister.

Qin Chao then extended out his hand and grabbed onto Wang Liang's dishonest wrist.

"As a student, you should act like one."

Qin Chao's hand was like an iron hoop, seemingly relaxed, but it made Wang Liang unable to struggle.

Wang Liang's face flushed red in a blink of an eye.

"If you want your teachers to respect you, you have to respect your teachers first."

As he said that, Qin Chao extended his other hand, loosened his grip on Wang Liang's hand, and lightly pushed at Wang Liang's chest.

Immediately, Wang Liang felt a strong force hit his body, causing him to stumble back a few steps, before finally crashing into the desk behind him.

"Look, the teacher's clothes are all wrinkled by you, this is a big brand, Beni Road."

Qin Chao patted his wrinkled clothes, and then looked at Wang Liang whose face was already covered in cold sweat.

"This student, shouldn't you go back and earnestly listen to my lecture?"

Qin Chao pressed on the stage, laughing as he looked at Wang Liang.

Unexpectedly, Wang Liang turned around and returned to his seat without saying a word.

He took off his cigarette and sat there quietly.

Liu Huihui was surprised.

What did the so called teacher Qin do?

Wang Liang, who had always been a lawless person, was actually so honest.

Tao Wei also narrowed his small eyes, as he looked carefully at Qin Chao's figure that was writing the book.

"If something is out of the ordinary, there must be demons."

Wang Jingyi adjusted the frame of his glasses and muttered.

"Bro Liang, what happened to you?"

"Right, Bro Liang, why didn't you beat that teacher up?"

A few students could not help but approach and ask Wang Liang.

"All of you, shut up and start lessons!"

However, there were veins on Wang Liang's forehead. He roared, making the few students quiet down, not daring to breathe out, he sat obediently at his table.

Qin Chao was very satisfied.

Sure enough, Wang Liang was one of the thorns in the class.

But at this time, Wang Liang secretly pulled open his sleeves, and saw the shocking red handprint on his wrist.

F * ck, I was tricked by that teacher for pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger.

F * ck, from the thin appearance of that teacher, he should be an inner force expert.

If he was truly determined to deal with her, then her arm would definitely be crippled...

Although Wang Liang liked violence, he was no fool.

This kind of inner force expert would surely have quite a powerful force behind him.

It was better for him to be honest and not provoke them.

F * ck, why did these inner force experts come out to be teachers instead of practicing in the deep mountains or in the deep forests …

He almost made himself fall into his hands.

It was over, it seemed that his free high school career was going to end like this.

However, when Wang Liang announced his retreat, everyone's interest was piqued.

"A vulgar fellow can only use vulgar means,"

Tao Wei took out his own phone and sent a message out.

He had to find out the identity, family, and background of this teacher.

As long as they knew his family's condition, it would be much easier for them to become his teacher.

Even if he had a bit of strength, what use would it be to deal with Wang Liang?

He had to live in this society and eat.

Tao Wei wanted to use his father's network to throw out this man's roots.

Very quickly, he received a reply on his phone.

When Tao Wei picked it up, he almost slapped the table and cursed.

F * * k, does he even have such a wicked identity?

According to the information that I received from you, this guy is called Qin Xiaoshan. In addition to his bullsh * t name, he also has a bullsh * t background.

He was an orphan, brought up in an orphanage and supported by the government. He was admitted to Kyoto Normal University and then graduated.

F * ck you, where do you think you're going to start from?

Tao Wei's head hurt.

There was nothing he could do, he could only turn his pleading eyes to his fiancee, Liu Huihui.

The young and beautiful Liu Huihui could not help but smile.

These self-righteous men, they can't do it anymore.

At the most critical time, he still had to rely on the women around him.

Liu Huihui's expression suddenly became somewhat ugly, as he said while clutching his stomach.

"Teacher... "Teacher, my stomach hurts …"


Qin Chao glanced at Liu Huihui.

Now that he didn't have the Diamond Sutra and was using the devil puppet as a clone, he really couldn't tell if this girl was in real or fake pain.

However, from the expression on his face, it seemed to be true.

However, women were naturally gifted with exceptional acting skills, Qin Chao still drew a big question mark in his heart.

"Teacher... "My stomach really hurts …"

Liu Huihui's face was drenched in cold sweat. He bit his lips and looked at Qin Chao pitifully.

"About that, which guy would like to use his gentleman character to send our Liu Huihui to the infirmary?"

Qin Chao could only look at the other students in the class.

Normally, if this Liu Huihui really had a stomachache, there would definitely be a lot of classmates fighting to be the first to send her to the infirmary.

However, this time, all the boys subconsciously turned their heads away.

Qin Chao's heart immediately thumped.

The student with the black eyes said it well. If there was anything abnormal, there must be something strange.

Such a pretty girl, yet no one was willing to send her to the infirmary.

There must be something in it.

Qin Chao started to ponder.

"Teacher... "I'm in so much pain …"

Liu Huihui said in a pained tone, as if she was acting coquettishly once again.

she said to herself.

F * ck, when an ordinary man sees this sort of method from this old lady, he would have already surrendered long ago.

Was this man made of wood?

He actually didn't react for such a long time.


Qin Chao was really worried about this girl, and looking at how she was going to continue, he couldn't teach anymore.

Alas, he was ready to tell these goods all about Lu Xun.

This was a failure.

"Let's go, I'll send you there."

Qin Chao had no choice but to walk down the stage.

"Teacher... "I, I can't move …"

Liu Huihui said daintily, biting her lips, and said again, "It really hurts so much …"

Qin Chao's head hurt.

This girl was simply tormenting him, right?

"Got it."

In his fury, he walked with large strides to Liu Huihui's side.

That aggressive look caused Liu Huihui to open his eyes wide for a moment.

He … what was he trying to do?

Why did he have a kind of suffocating atmosphere...

Since when could a man give himself such a feeling?

Just as Liu Huihui was startled, Qin Chao suddenly wrapped his arms around him and directly hugged him.

This Liu Huihui couldn't help but let out a surprised cry.

Qin Chao noticed that there was a trace of evil in Tao Wei's eyes.

It seems that this man was also one of Liu Huihui's pursuers.

But it didn't matter, since I would be leaving in three days.

It was enough to solve the problem at hand.

Under the jealous gazes of a group of men, Qin Chao carried Liu Huihui and walked out of the classroom in large strides.

At this moment, Liu Huihui's breathing was slightly hurried. It was the first time that she was hugged by a man like this princess, and she actually felt like she was about to suffocate.

Moreover, for some reason, this man's aura … It smelled so good...

Qin Chao did not care about what the current Liu Huihui was thinking, he took advantage of Liu Huihui's honesty to quickly send this girl to the infirmary.

In the infirmary, a thirty year old female health care worker inspected Liu Huihui and said.

"Maybe you have caught a cold. Let me prescribe some medicine for you. You should rest here for a while."

Liu Huihui secretly gave the female medic a glance.

The female health care worker quickly added, "You'll need to observe during this period. As her class teacher, I'd like to trouble you to take care of her first. The administrative department has something to talk to me about. I need to submit a drug report."

With that, the female health care worker picked up her bag and quickly left the infirmary.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Chao, who was lying on the bed, was left in the huge infirmary.

Qin Chao was dumbstruck.

What the heck, what was going on?

I'm a big man, and you want me to stay here and look after a big girl.

Forget it, I'm a teacher. I'm just like my parents.

Qin Chao hurriedly adjusted his state of mind and looked towards Liu Huihui; his eyes immediately went wide.

"teacher Qin... "Can you cover my stomach for me …"

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