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The attendant was leading the way so she could definitely not leave. Rather, she was going to be interrogated by the Lin Family.

What kind of person was she? Or should he say what kind of person was Jun Zhenzhen?

Ning Yunzhao did not care at all before.

He was wholeheartedly devoted to his studies, caring not for the matters of men and women. When he was ten he swore an oath to establish himself before getting married, so he was completely indifferent to all the admiring gazes.

He heard that someone had brought out a marriage contract with him, and he had heard his sisters privately say that the girl was utterly unbearable, and he knew that many people in Yangcheng were outraged on his behalf.

Actually, he had never been disturbed by this, because he simply did not care.

He was his own person, not someone who could be exchanged around like an object. Other people's promises had nothing to do with him, even if it was his seniors.

Because he literally did not care about it all, at that time, she was just someone his sisters spoke about.

She wasn't the one who had faced off with him in Go in that Lantern Festival.

With the girl his sisters spoke of overlapping with the girl from the Lantern Festival, he did not know what she was like.

But whether or not she was weak, she was a girl.

Ning Yunzhao sped up after them.

He was not doing this out of pity for this girl. What made him do this was probably because everything that girl did was because of the marriage contract with the Ning Family.

Although he said that people should take responsibility for what they did, she was yet a child.

Jun Zhenzhen and her group were going up the stairs. Before Ning Yunzhao could go up, he paused again.

Five men were standing in the corridor of the second floor. They were leaning against the banister, seemingly idle. One of them was trimming his fingernails.

The scent of blood assailed Ning Yunzhao's nose.

This was not because that person trimming his nails had cut flesh, but because he knew of these people's identities.

They were the Jinyiwei.

Although they weren't wearing the customary flying fish uniform or their swords, the fair skinned man in the center who looked as friendly as a shopkeeper was known to all of Yangcheng, even to the whole Shanxi.

The Shanxi Jinyiwei Thousand-Man Commander, Eighteenth Jin.

Don't look at his friendly appearance. The number of officials who've died at his hands are innumerous.

To provoke the King of Hell, you must be familiar with his guards.

If you said that the Thousand-Man Commander Lu was the King of Hell, then each of the local guards were his judges.

Judging whether or not you could see the King of Hell.

Why were they here?

Ning Yunzhao's heart froze.

It was not rare that a backer of the Jinyun Hall was a Jinyiwei. The rare thing was that these people were right here in the corridor.

The Jinyiwei would not just randomly appear in a place.

It looks like they wanted to meddle.

Registrar Lin was not a high ranking official, but he was good at currying favor. They were a major power in Yangcheng, so having dealings with Eighteenth Jin was not strange.

This was a thorny situation.

Ning Yunzhao looked at the girl in front of him. Many people feared just hearing the name of the Jinyiwei. To truly see them, and be glared at by them, you must be so scared you won't dare move.

As expected, the two girls in front stopped.

It was the Jinyiwei.

Fang Jinxiu and Jinchuan knew them. Although they weren't wearing the normal eye catching clothing, they couldn't disguise their ferocious aura. Moreover, Eighteenth Jin was there.

Because it was related to their business, they had to be able to recognize the important people. Eighteenth Jin's portrait as well as his home was pointed out to both Fang Jinxiu and the maids.

This actually was the Jinyiwei?

The Lin Family actually asked the Jinyiwei to come?

Jinchuan was trembling. She regretted that she didn't go back to tell Old Lady.

Now what would they do?

Fang Jinxiu was regretful now too.

She wanted Miss Jun to stir up trouble so that Grandmother could no longer protect and put up with her. Even if the Fang Family lost a little face and money, those losses were nothing compared to the trouble of provoking the Jinyiwei.

A hand darted out to grab her, pulling her forward.

Fang Jinxiu went blank, for a time unable to respond as she was pulled forward.

Miss Jun's gaze did not waver, her expression calm, as she neared the man leaning against the railing.

The one trimming his nails was blocking the way because his legs were long.

The attendant showing the way did not dare ask him to move. The one cutting his nails seemed to be in a trance, ignoring the outside world.

Miss Jun still continued to move.

'Hurry up and stop! It can't be that you're going to step on that person's legs? It can't be that you're going to ask him to move?'

Fang Jinxiu could not help but shout in her heart.

Miss Jun did not stop, nor did she speak. She just calmly continued forward.

Fang Jinxiu and Jinchuan were scarcely breathing, so much so that they saw the surprised expressions of the people leaning against the banister.

One step, two steps, three steps…

On the next step, she would step on his leg.

She was going to take the step.

She took the step.

Fang Jinxiu was shouting wildly in her heart. She looked at the minute movements of Miss Jun's skirt. The moment it was about to settle on the ground, the one in front moved his leg back.

Fang Jinxiu was pulled forward, her whole body wooden.

Why wasn't she scared?

Was it because she was so stupid, so conceited, so ignorant, that she was fearless?

The attendant followed behind, face scarcely hiding his astonishment, staring at Miss Jun impolitely.

'Why are you not afraid?'

'Is it because you think that your father is really such a good official for the country and for the people, so you yourself are unafraid?'

Miss Jun saw their gazes and stopped in what seemed like astonishment. Then after thinking about something, she turned her head to look.

Those Jinyiwei in the corridor were staring straight at her, their expressions full of surprise.

'Why are you not afraid?'

Of course she was not afraid because she was Princess Jiuling, Lu Yunqi's wife.

There were always Jinyiwei going in and out of her home. No matter how ferocious they were, they would lower their heads and kneel to her, meek as lambs.

Everyone knew that Thousand-Man Commander Lu adored his wife like his life. If you made Princess Jiuling unhappy, Thousand-Man Commander Lu would make your whole family unhappy.

She was accustomed to being unafraid, so she forgot why she should be afraid.

Since it was like that, pretending to be scared in front of these people was pointless.

Miss Jun smiled and continued to walk.

Fang Jinxiu only felt her stiff body being led ahead and felt sharp gazes at her back.

Several men looked away.

"She really is not afraid," someone said seriously. "She's not pretending."

Master Jin watched her departing figure with a strange expression on his face. His brows creased.

The people next to him immediately straightened up, waiting for his order to carry the girl into prison.

They were never soft on women.

"Where have I seen her before?" Master Jin said, frowning as he pondered.

Where? The person next to him froze.

After Master Jin spoke, someone went "ah!".

"It's her," said the man leaning against the railing in realization.

Who? Everybody looked at him.

The people behind were stunned, but Miss Jun didn't know. She had already entered the room.

Seeing her enter, a man in the room's eyes suddenly turned red.

Lord Lin was a middle-aged man in exceptional health. He had a broad short, broad whiskers, in accordance with the emperor's preferred appearance for his officials. As a county registrar, he had gained favor with the upper and lower class for his candid and approachable appearance.

But at this moment, he could not keep up such an attitude.

"I want an explanation."

Registrar Lin's face was white, his voice raspy.

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