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Just as she had told Old Lady Fang, she did not care about the Ning Family at all, but she knew that the Ning Family did not think well of her.

This is just like when you and a passerby accidentally bump into each other and start an argument, or perhaps because of something else. You even get into a physical fight that can no longer be resolved even if you wanted to. Once passerbys, now you will ignore each other or violently curse each other out whenever you see each other.

In the end, that all amounted to nothing. In life, many things happen and you would meet many people. It is hard to prevent your top teeth from touching your bottom teeth.

But you can't just have someone die because you want them to. Moreover, without any deep-rooted hatred, and against a young girl who didn't really understand anything.

Your ancestors were the ones to have done the deed, but you are still unsatisfied. So you decide to eliminate the person in question?

This was just too much. How could it go so far?

Without benefits, no one would wake up in the morning. Lin Jin'er was carrying out this plan, but there were definitely some hints from the Ning Family. They may not be overt, but the Ning Family had definitely suggested some things covertly.

Was it that Tenth Noble Son Ning?

Miss Jun had encountered the man at the Lantern Festival. She deeply believed that you cannot judge someone by his looks. Go talent definitely did not equate moral character.

If he was the kind of person worried that his reputation would be sullied by a girl, well, that was upsetting.

Ling'er squealed excitedly.

"Really? H-he wants to see our family's Young Miss?"

Young Miss. Lin Jin'er smirked inside. When she had just walked into the courtyard, she'd heard this Liu'er call her Young Lady, and now hearing about her beloved turned her back into an unmarried young girl.

But Liu'er's excitement had disappeared since Miss Jun was still silent and motionless.

It looked liked she was actually not too similar to her old self.

Lin Jin'er grew more serious.

"Of course not. Tenth Noble Son is most conscious of a woman's good reputation. How could he say such a thing?" She lowered her voice. "He dropped by my home as a guest and met me by chance and asked me."

"Tenth Noble Son came to Yangcheng?" Liu'er asked excitedly.

The servant girl grasped her main point, so Young Miss must have too.

Miss Lin's gaze slid over to Miss Jun.

Miss Jun felt a bit embarrassed, but she did give Miss Lin a fleeting glance. She moved her lips, but no words would come out.

"What's the use in saying this," she finally said. "This is all fate."

Miss Lin saw the sparkle in Miss Jun's eyes and felt satisfaction curl in her heart.

They do say that it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to revise one's character.

She grabbed Miss Jun's hand.

"Zhenzhen, didn't you say that fate is in one own's hand?" she said tearfully.

That was true.

Miss Jun's face looked lamentable.

Miss Lin sighed.

"Never mind. Don't talk about this anymore. I know that you don't feel well," she said.

Liu'er's ears perked up in excitement. How could she not say it? She should say the most crucial thing.

"Miss Lin, did Tenth Noble Son Ning really come to Yangcheng?" she couldn't help but ask.

Lin Jin'er made an 'en' sound. She was different than the other young misses. She was very patient with the servant girls. Her temperament was gentle. So no matter if these servant girls' young misses liked or disliked Lin Jin'er, except if their young misses directly ordered them, they would never make things hard for her, as if she was their head girl.

"I hear he'll be leaving for the capital on the 3rd day of the 3rd month," she said.

Tenth Noble Son was in Yangcheng. Liu'er looked at Miss Jun eagerly.

Miss Jun's head was lowered, so she was unable to guess what she was thinking.

"Do not speak of such painful things," Lin Jin'er reminded while squeezing out a smile. "We should all be happy. I wasn't here for the first month so we couldn't go out to play. On the 3rd day of the 3rd month, we should go out and play."

She paused.

"Only, is it convenient for you to go out now?"

She looked outside.

"Is Young Master Fang doing well?" she asked in a near-whisper.

Liu'er caught her meaning.

"Whether he's doing well or not has nothing to do with our Young Miss," she said unhappily. "If Young Miss wants to go out, that has nothing to do with him."

She turned to Miss Jun.

"That's right, Miss Jun. You have been oppressed here for so long. Didn't you always want to see the activity in Yangcheng on that day?"

Moreover, Tenth Noble Son Ning was in Yangcheng. The main point of the main point was that Tenth Noble Son seemed to want to see Young Miss.

Tenth Noble Son Ning, Tenth Noble Son Ning.

When Miss Jun saw Liu'er's eyeballs almost completely exposed, she wanted to smile.

Really, these girls were still young. And because they were young, their plans were very simple. But when they did something, sometimes the consequences would be greater than they expected.

It wasn't just these girls. She was older and shouldn't be like that, but when her hatred bubbled, she could only think of taking her enemy down with her. The plans to take it slowly disappeared from her mind.

She just didn't want to think about it, didn't want to go slowly, lest she infuriate herself by thinking about it too much. Afraid that taking it slowly would freeze her blood and stop her three energies.

Since it was like that, then she would do this.

Miss Jun looked at Miss Lin.

"If I want to go out, I can go out. Right now, I am the young lady of the Fang Family," she scoffed.

As expected, she was still this idiot...

Lin Jin'er smiled and nodded.

"Okay, I will go back and think about what we should do. I will come to get you then," she said.

Miss Jun nodded.

"Good, go back and think about it well," she said seriously, without smiling.

Although Lin Jin'er was unimpeded in the Fang residence, it wasn't like Old Lady Fang had turned a blind eye to her.

When she heard Lin Jin'er enter Miss Jun's courtyard, Old Lady Fang's face froze. When she heard that Miss Lin had left with a satisfied smile after a merry chat, her face turned downright ugly.

At the moment, Miss Jun was standing in front of her, telling her that she would be stepping out with Miss Lin on the 3rd day of the 3rd month. Old Lady Fang's expression was wooden.

"I thought that you would chase her out," she said after a moment of silence. "Or use your words to humiliate her, just like you did to the madams of the Ning Family and me."

Miss Jun smiled.

"How could I go so far," she said.

"You hanging yourself was Miss Lin's idea," Old Lady Fang said.

Miss Jun thought it over seriously.

"Actually it wasn't. She only wanted me to scare you and the Ning Family. I was the one who thought up the hanging," she said with a smile.

She was actually smiling. If it was before, Old Lady Fang would think that this was a dumb smile, but now, she knew that it couldn't be.

Old Lady Fang also paused.

"Did you know that before she came to find you she was drinking tea in a teahouse?" she said. "Miss Ning was also there."

An expression of surprise spread across her face.

Old Lady Fang felt satisfied.

"So you actually assigned people to watch the Ning Family," she said with surprise, then sighed.

She was surprised about this? That surprise was nothing. She also sighed. It was the kind of sigh you would give as praise to a child.

"Rubbish," Old Lady Fang said ill-temperedly.

She was a woman, but she, like a man, worked hard to make a living, so her coarse words were understandable.

Miss Jun laughed.

"So it was like that," she said.

Old Lady Fang let out a small breath.

"I accepted Miss Lin's invitation," she said next.

Old Lady Fang frowned.

"Accepted her invitation? For the 3rd day of the 3rd month? Don't you know that she has no intention of being nice to you?" she said.

"I just want to see what she is up to, what she will do," Miss Jun stated.

Old Lady Fang knitted her brows.

"What are you? To willingly go to the mountains you know have tigers?" she asked.

Miss Jun rubbed her neck.

The bruises had recovered completely.

"I'm settling this affair," she declared.

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