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Liu'er felt those words were strange.

It was reasonable if Miss Jun had said she had forgotten about Miss Lin. After all, they hadn't seen each other in some time. Even if they had the best relationship, forgetting about her was not such a big deal.

Young Miss had many things to do. Great minds have short memories.

But what did she mean by 'forgot that she was still here'?

But Liu'er did not have time to ask that question.

From outside, a girl's tearful voice sobbed, "Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen."

So, that Miss Lin had actually come here herself.

Miss Jun straightened in her seat. Through the window, she could see a delicate and lithe form rushing through the courtyard.

When she saw this girl's appearance, Miss Jun's memories informed her about what Jun Zhenzhen had thought about her.

She was ugly. Of course, that was Jun Zhenzhen's thought. After giving Lin Jin'er a once over, she felt that Jun Zhenzhen was a bit too harsh.

Although making friends was beneath her dignity, she was won over by gentle words and her heartfelt sincerity. Those things were very important to Jun Zhenzhen, who had just come to a strange place, so she sincerely made friends with her.

Miss Jun was silent for a moment.

Jun Zhenzhen was really a strange person. Towards the people she liked, she was totally devoted to them and completely sincere and heartfelt.

But sadly, she was never able to see whether the other party cared about her sincerity.

No matter if they cared about it or desired it, once you've given them your heart, if they didn't like or want it, they would only trample on it. And you couldn't really blame them.

At times, such a thing really made other people unhappy.

Liu'er cheerily opened the door.

"Miss Lin!" she shouted happily.

At almost the same time as the servant girl announced Miss Lin's name, she walked in through the doors.

Although this was seen as disrespectful, it was not something unreasonable. This was something Miss Lin often did here in the past.

Miss Lin was from an official family. For her to call upon merchants like the Fang FAmily was a step down for her and an honor for the Fang Family. So she never had to notify them.

This was something Jun Zhenzhen told the servants of the Fang Family. At first, Miss Lin had been barred from entering.

For Jun Zhenzhen, this Miss Lin was her family.

Footsteps. A delicate fragrance. Miss Lin walked into the room.

Miss Jun stayed seated at her kang table and didn't look at the young miss.

When Miss Lin saw her, her red eyes leaked gem-like tears.

"Zhenzhen, you…" Her voice trembled.

However, her sorrowful deluge was halted because Miss Jun cut her off.

"I am not like how I was before." Her expression was grave as she focused on Miss Lin.

Miss Lin was unable to describe her feelings to those words. It felt very awkward to be interrupted, but soon, she understood what this meant.

"Zhenzhen, don't talk like this. No matter if you married…" Her voice was stuck again, her face even more sorrowful.

Again, her speech was interrupted.

"No, I said I was not the same not because I married into a merchant family," Miss Jun stated very seriously. "I'm talking about how I died once, so now I'm no longer the same."

Miss Lin felt somewhat annoyed. Internally she retorted, You indeed are not the same as before. Have you gone mad?

But she was still very knowledgeable on how to interact with a person such as Jun Zhenzhen.

"Zhenzhen." She walked over to Miss Zhen. She reached out to grab her hands. "I know."

When she said this, her face was very serious, seeming to be doing her utmost to stop her tears. This added a heavier weight to her sorrow and made her more apt to console someone.

No matter what you say, I will believe it. No matter what you do, I will listen.

This was comradeship. This was a true friend.

Miss Lin saw Miss Jun sigh. She sighed internally too. She knew that what she did was right. Deceiving this girl was very easy.

"Let me tell this to you frankly. Do you really know?" Although she sighed, Miss Jun asked her question again. "Whatever you do, whatever you say, you must remember my words."

Miss Lin nodded without a trace of hesitation.

"I remember," she said, tightly gripping Miss Jun's hand as tears dripped down her face. "Don't worry."

Miss Jun didn't.

Last time, Zuo Yanzhi had intended to make things hard for her but had the tables turned on her. When she said she bullied Zuo Yanzhi to Fang Yuxiu, she meant it.

She knew they were the enemy, but they didn't know that she was not the foolishly trusting Jun Zhenzhen, who was easily excitable.

In light of this, it was somewhat unfair.

This had given her an unshakeable faith in Heaven's justice, yet when she had lost her silver because she played a poor trick, she felt somewhat uneasy.

Now that Miss Lin had came calling, she, of course, knew perfectly well what she had come here for. Moreover, she had plans of her own that this Miss Lin definitely did not know.

So she wanted to remind her now and tell her that she was not the same as Jun Zhenzhen in the past. That was only fair.

As for if Miss Lin believed her or understood the words, that was not her problem.

Who told the Heavenly Father to make her wear Jun Zhenzhen's skin. Even if she shook Miss Lin's shoulders while wildly yelling 'I'm not Jun Zhenzhen', she reckoned that Miss Lin would only think that she had become crazy in a fit of passion.

Hmm. That was quite an interesting situation. Should she try it?

Miss Jun couldn't stop herself from grinning. She thought she was getting more naughty. That was no good.

When Miss Lin saw her smile, she felt even more mystified. Jun Zhenzhen couldn't really have gone crazy in a fit of passion, could she?.

"Zhenzhen, what hardships have destroyed you so?" She sat down and spoke with a choked voice.

Miss Jun extricated her hand.

"I'm fine," she said. "There is nothing so sad."

Lin Jin'er did not believe her but did not refute it. She silently sat next to her, shedding tears.

"I didn't believe what happened. I never thought that it would lead to such a conclusion," she said quietly. "Everything is my fault. If only I had talked to you then. I felt that I was too ashamed to see you and told mother to send me to my relatives. Several days ago, I heard that Tenth Noble Son Ning didn't have an engagement with Miss Yang, and that Eldest Madam Ning blatantly rejected the marriage. Do you know why?"

She lifted her head and gazed at Miss Jun seriously.

Miss Jun seemed to blank out.

"Why?" she asked.

"Tenth Noble Son is a gentleman," Lin Jin'er said.

Miss Jun followed her speech with reverence.

"He did not know that you had a marriage contract before. Now that you brought out the contract, for Tenth Noble Son, that is enough proof," Lin Jin'er said. "He is a man that follows his honor."

Miss Jun's expression was complicated. She looked at Miss Lin, not knowing what to say.

Should she say that Miss Lin was stupid or that Jun Zhenzhen was childish?

Why would she ever believe such words?

But after thinking it over again, it wasn't impossible to believe.

For these young girls, Tenth Noble Son Ning was like a god. A god-like man naturally was proud, disciplined, yet a noble gentleman.

And abiding by honor was an essential moral of a gentleman. This was undoubtable.

If someone was to dare say that Tenth Noble Son Ning was not such a person, these girls would only believe they were trying to humiliate him.

Other people might not believe it, but the original Jun Zhenzhen definitely would. Not just because she was Tenth Noble Son's fanatical worshipper, but also because this concerned a major preoccupation of hers.

Caring could become madness. People are always inclined to think well of things related to them, so it was easy for her to imagine her love being reciprocated.

So although Miss Lin's words were dumb, no doubt they were the best thing to say to Jun Zhenzhen.

Miss Jun felt somewhat embarrassed and lowered her gaze.

"If you say that now, it's no use," she said.

She meant to imply again that she was no longer Jun Zhenzhen with the hidden connotation in 'no use'. But Miss Lin did not share the same thought.

"Yes, as soon as I heard of this, I ran straight over here. But I was too late. You have already married." She sighed, affecting deep mourning. "Destiny plays with humans."

The room sunk into a silence of sorrow.

Liu'er could not help but rub away her tears.

So Tenth Noble Son Ning and Miss Yang had never had an engagement to begin with. It really was much too pitiful. If Young Miss hadn't married Young Master, she might still have a life.

"That is life," Miss Jun said. She smiled at Miss Lin. "Right now, I'm doing very well."

Lin Jin'er's tears renewed their deluge.

"Stupid Zhenzhen, what are you calling 'doing well?' Now you'll be a widow for life," she sobbed.

Miss Jun did not say anything.

How could she say such a sorrowful thing.

Lin Jin'er shuddered out a breath and wiped her tears.

"I know that you have accepted your fate, but someone still wants to ask," she said suddenly.

"What?" Miss Jun did not understand.

Lin Jin'er looked at her.

"Tenth Noble Son Ning wants to ask whether honor must not be observed here," she declared.

Miss Jun's eyes flashed angrily.

To go this far.

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