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Because yesterday was the Lantern Festival, in order to allow the people to view the Yangcheng lanterns easily, the city gates were not shut, so you could leave the city at night.

For a beggar like Tian San, even if he won that much money, he was still powerless. The places he was familiar with were no longer safe for him. Taking advantage of the news not spreading, he would leave Yangcheng for some other place, change, and then begin his life anew. This was a very reasonable thought process.

However, Miss Jun frowned.

"You followed him?" she asked.

The man watching over the lantern shook his head.

"Manager Gao did not instruct me to do so," he said.

"Yes, I also did not instruct Manager Gao about that." Miss Jun's eyebrows smoothed out and she nodded.

The man saw something flash in her eyes, and he lowered his head further to conceal his expression.

What did the young miss mean by that? Did she ask the wrong thing?

"Then how did you know that he colluded with other people? Did you see him?" Liu'er could not help but ask.

The man watching the lantern shook his head again.

"He was alone," he said, then paused. "But he was only wearing one shoe."

One shoe?

What was this? Liu'er was even more perplexed.

Miss Jun did not say anything but looked at him thoughtfully.

"I heard the carriage driver ask whether or not he lost a shoe, and Tian San said no, this was someone else's shoe," recounted the man. "The carriage driver asked him why he was wearing someone else's shoe, and Tian San said not to look down on this shoe that was exchanged for a lifetime of riches."

At this, the room plummeted into silence.

Liu'er stared at him, waiting a long time for him to say anything else.

"Is that it?" she asked testily.

The man nodded.

"I am done speaking," he said.

Liu'er glared.

"What is going on?" she asked.

"It can be inferred that Tian San met with a certain person. That person is the owner of the shoe he was wearing, as for why he only had one shoe is neither evident nor important. The important thing is that Tian San said that this shoe had been exchanged for a lifetime of riches. As for what he called a lifetime of riches, naturally is the silver Tian San got from our lantern," said Manager Gao. "Moreover, these riches came from this shoe, by extension, the owner of the shoe."

Liu'er made an 'oh' sound.

"You merchants do think a lot," she said, her lips curling.

Manager Gao would not lower himself to the little servant girl's level. He simply smiled, but did not respond.

Miss Jun set down her teacup and nodded.

"I know now. The solving of the Go board was not because of luck, but because of true talent," she said with a smile. "Thank you very much, Manager Gao. This makes me feel better."

Manager Gao's eyes sparkled slightly.

"I also think that. It would be too coincidental for this to be just luck," he said with a smile. "So many people couldn't solve it. The one who did must be a very able person that would not shame Miss Jun's Go arrangement."

Miss Jun smiled and nodded.

Liu'er wanted to say something, but at Miss Jun's look, she held her tongue.

"Although it's a shame that everyone thinks that this was a trick, but it really was the pity of two heroes [1] after all. Young Miss did not make this lantern in vain; it was actually very satisfactory," Manager Gao added with a laugh.

As for whether or not it was really satisfactory, Manager Gao wanted to ask Miss Jun.

If this five thousand tael prize lantern had really worked, the whole city would have been shaken up. Miss Jun's identity definitely could not remain hidden. Such a classy anecdote would definitely be penned in the county annals.

From his understanding, this Miss Jun had put much thought into making this lantern and had taken out such a big prize certainly to become famous. Just like spending a thousand pieces of goals to buy horse bones [2], she could show off her great talent and ostentatiousness.

Although this would not immediately give her a good reputation, it would at least rub away a bit of her bad name, laying the foundation to build a better reputation.

But now, because an unknown person had pushed Tian San into the limelight, the citizens thought that the five thousand taels were fake. They took it for a trick, a way to make quick money.

Afterall, being cheated was not such an illustrious matter, so no one would be interested in proclaiming it. At most, it would be a few selfish curses. If a determined person found out it was Miss Jun who did it, it would not be any good.

This outcome, to be honest, was giving away a bride and then losing an army on top of it.

For Miss Jun to be able to sit here and smile, Manager Gao had endless praise.

That said, she was very clam on the outside, though inside she was probably so angry she was throwing up blood.

Of course, this problem was not without solution. As long as they found the person behind it and made him testify, the matter was redeemable.

But Miss Jun never ordered the man watching the lanterns to pursue Tian San and had instead just left.

That was fine. A child who has not experienced much would look to the Fang Family when she doesn't know what to do.

But after looking left and right and seeing no people, she actually went back home to rest.

What an unreliable child!

Fortunately, he was there. Manager Gao had taken upon himself to make arrangements and have people watch the four city gates. He knew that Tian San would definitely leave under the cover of night. Although no one saw the mastermind's face, they could make a guess towards his appearance.

He had waited till daybreak for Miss Jun to ask him. Old Lady Fang had also not given any instructions. Thinking that this Miss Jun's conduct was very unreliable, Manager Gao had sent Buddha to the west [3] and personally asked for instructions.

He had spoken very intelligibly. Now it was just time to see how Miss Jun would respond.

Manager Gao looked at Miss Jun.

Miss Jun nodded.

"Yes, it s very satisfactory," she said.

It seemed as if a trace of joy was in her eyes.

Joy? Joy for what?

Manager Gao went blank. So she meant that it truly was satisfactory? Even like this? Or did she not understand what he said?

"Miss Jun, should we find this expert and ask them to swap pointers on Go?" he said.

Miss Jun shook her head without the slightest hesitation.

"No need," she said. "I made a lantern because it was the Lantern Festival, not to play Go. And the Lantern Festival has ended."

When she said this, she paused to think over something.

"It is very good like this," she said and nodded.

She was speaking the truth.

Manager Gao closed his gaping mouth.

That was good, how?

When Miss Jun had put out the five thousand tael prize, he had reported it to Old Lady Fang. Old Lady Fang said that it was her money to do with as she wished.

Since that was so, she could do as she pleased. Anyways, he had told her all the necessary warnings and suggestions. In the end, the person chose their own road to travel.

"Then I must ask to be excused. If Miss Jun has any other instructions, just have Old Lady tell me." Manager Gao bid his farewells respectfully, his eyes turning into crescent moons because of his smile.

These words were very strategic. It appeared to be enthusiastic, but actually meant that her instructions amounted to nothing, since she had to get Old Lady to say them.

Miss Jun smiled and got up, her gaze falling upon the man in charge of watching the lantern.

"What is this one's name? What kind of work does he do?" she asked suddenly.

The man was stunned.

"He is named Lei Zhonglian," Manager Gao answered. "He watches the carriages at the exchange firm and is a senior there."

He didn't know how much understanding Miss Jun had of the exchange firm business, but watching over the carriage was not any sort of important position, so he specially mentioned that he was a senior.

Meaning that although he held a lowly position, he was very experienced and was not someone she could use as she wished.

When Manager Gao said this, he saw a small smile at the corners of Miss Jun's mouth.

This smile made people feel uneasy. It was like an adult seeing through a child's tricks, but choosing not to say anything.

[1] Pity of two heroes: it means an acknowledgment between two experts

[2] Spending a thousand pieces of goals to buy horse bones: being THIRSTY

[3] Send Buddha to the west: this means that when you help others, you should do it to the end

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