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When Eldest Madam Ning returned to her room, her face was still frosted over. Without a word, she sat down and drank her tea.

Ning Yunyan had already left with her sisters while Third Madam Ning and Fourth Madam Ning were still waiting. They looked at Eldest Madam Ning's expression with surprise and unease.

They, of course, knew that Eldest Madam Ning was not the Bodhisattva that she portrayed, but they hadn't seen her wear this kind of expression in front of others in many years.

Obviously, that Miss Jun had not been easy on Eldest Madam Ning's nerves.

"Eldest Sister-in-law, I can see that the marriage contract was real." Third Madam Ning then muttered, "Right now she is in our house, it would be best for me to get someone to destroy it."

"You will steal it?" asked Fourth Madam Ning, her heart jumping.

"When the servant girls go and bring her tea, they might just have an accident and soak the marriage contract," said Third Madam Ning. "Or perhaps, Miss Jun felt indignant, and was deliberately scaring people, and she never had the marriage contract from the beginning. We have never seen it. Anyway, this is not the first time that Miss Jun has been causing a disturbance in our home. She had also played the hanging trick. If she makes a fuss about this,no one will believe her."

The Ning family was a large and established household; during their lifetime they had done plenty of underhanded things. However, this was the first time they had to deal with a little girl who was acting so shamelessly.

Fourth Madam Ning did not know what to say.

Eldest Madam Ning put down her teacup.

"No use," she said. "She really just wants money."

So they had already discussed it?

"Eldest Sister-in-law, she is sincere about this?" Fourth Madam Ning asked in a hurry.

Eldest Madam Ning exhaled, her expression returning to normal.

"Yes, she said that since our family did not agree to the marriage, then we should give her the money," said Eldest Madam Ning. "She is an orphan girl; having money is good for her."

Her speech suddenly paused.

"She already gave the contract to me," she continued. After taking it out, , Eldest Madam Ning laid it on the table.

It was actually over with?

Third Madam Ning could not help herself and snatched the contract.

"This is for real? Or did she give you some fake nonsense?" she asked while scrutinizing the contract.

Fourth Madam Ning coughed lightly.

Third Madam Ning did not pay her any mind.

"Eldest Sister-in-law is very honorable and with the heart of a Bodhisattva, who will always keep her promises. If you give, then you will receive. However, that Miss Jun might be a scoundrel," she said. "So, you must look at it carefully."

These words improved Eldest Madam Ning's mood greatly, while Fourth Madam Ning smiled without saying anything.

"I looked at it, it's real," said Eldest Madam Ning. She stood up. "This matter is already over. I will say a word to Mother, and then send her off with some money."

"Elder Sister, before you go talk to her; we will go to the accountant and arrange it," said Third Madam Ning. "Two thousand taels of silver does not require Mother's concern."

Eldest Madam Ning stopped in her tracks, a gloom falling on her face.

"It's five thousand taels," she ground out.

Five thousand taels?

Third Madam and Fourth Madam Ning were stunned.

How could two thousand taels become five thousand taels in one meeting between Eldest Madam Ning and Miss Jun?

"Eldest Sister-in-law is, indeed, compassionate," said Third Madam Ning, shaking her head. "She could not bear to see an orphan girl who's so pitiful."

"That scoundrel is not worthy of Eldest Sister-in-law's pity," said Fourth Madam Ning.

Even though the sisters-in-law were echoing one another, Eldest Madam Ning's expression did not become better, but, instead, turned even uglier.

She remembered the girl's exact words, '{But right now, seeing how Eldest Madam is extremely opposed to the marriage, I understood that I had underestimated him. Tenth Noble Son Ning is more precious than I had imagined.} '

Although, the words were extremely polite and Miss Jun's attitude was very respectful, the inner meaning was painfully clear.

Because I am very angry at your words, I decided to raise the price.

A true scoundrel.

Eldest Madam Ning's heart was full of hatred, but she did not want to speak of it. After all, she had been forced to admit defeat by a young girl.

She paid no heed to the sisters-in-laws and left.


Ning Yunyan was pacing impatiently back and forth around the room when the news finally reached her.

"Five thousand taels?" she said in surprise, soon becoming angry. "She really dares to open her mouth."

The two sisters behind her were frightened by the sum.

"Why do we need to promise her anything; we can send her out without giving her a single cent. See what she does then." Ning Yunyan stood up to leave.

The servant girl hurried to stop her.

"Young Miss, Eldest Madam does not want you to get entangled further," she advised. "Dragging out the conflict will not be good for the Tenth Noble Son."

Ning Yunyan ground her teeth vehemently.

"Why are you scared?" she asked. "It's she who is disgraceful; how is that related to Elder Brother?"

"This isn't being scared of her. Eldest Madam said that her elder really had a past with Old Master. Now that her parents are no longer here, and without any siblings, she is an orphan. Since the elder generation have some old sentiment between them, although our family cannot arrange a major turning in point of her life like a marriage, we can give her money to rely on," said the maid. "She is a child that does not understand the world; our Ning Family cannot lower ourselves to her level."

"Truly, human kindness will be taken advantage of by this kind of people. Wasn't this what made her so proud?" Ning Yunyan was extremely angry.

"Young Miss, she is nothing, really. She isn't important enough for you to fight with her," said the maid while smiling. "Whether they have sense or not, people have seen that she is no more than a scoundrel, and this marriage, this disturbance was just for money."

She was just like those scoundrels in the marketplace, engaging in blackmail.

That's right, she was blackmailing them.

Ning Yunyan nodded her head furiously.

Five thousand taels of silver, what a scoundrel.

At the present, that Miss Jun, who was seen as a scoundrel, was looking at a servant standing before her.

"Young Miss Jun, here is our five thousand taels of silver banknote," said the servant coldly, the banknote in her hand shaking. "It is part of your maternal family's exchange firm. It will be convenient for both of us, but in the future, we will have no need of the Fang Family's exchange firm."

Her meaning was obvious. Afterwards, the Ning Family would not have any dealings with the Fang Family.

Young Miss Jun was still calm, looking at the servant's trembling fingers.

"If you drop it onto the ground, then you have to give me an equivalent sum of money," she said suddenly.

The maid's hand shook, her expression shocked.


"If you want to do this kind of thing, I suggest you first go ask permission from Eldest Madam and see whether she allows it or not. She is certain to confirm my words," said Miss Jun. "If you believe yourself infallible, then while patting the horse's behind, make sure you don't pat the horse's hooves[1] That wouldn't be good."

As a capable maidservant by Eldest Madam's side, the woman naturally knew that the eldest madam was very mad right now. She also knew that the Old Madam had not given Eldest Madam any face just now.

The Old Madam was very upset about Eldest Madam letting go of the five thousand taels. She cursed Eldest Madam for being a blind Bodhisattva whose confused benevolence could not distinguish between love and hate. In front of many maidservants, Eldest Madam kneeled and cried for Tenth Noble Son and begged for Old Madam's consent.

"This is for Zhao'er's good fortune."

Old Madam was forced to agree. Tenth Noble Son was her favorite, after all.

Eldest Madam had suffered such a grievance because of this Miss Jun. Unlike the usual courageous young misses, who would turn and run away, never mentioning the marriage contract again, when faced with such coldness, she did not waver. Instead, Young Miss Jun turned to extortion, like a lion stretching its mouth wide open.

This scruffy scoundrel, she should be made to pick up the money off the ground.

The maid servant had planned to do it, but she hadn't expected that the scoundrel would dare to warn her.

If the money was thrown on the ground, then she'd want another five thousand taels?

The daring!

The maid servant's expression was bewildered as she looked at Miss Jun. The girl's emotions were calm, no anger or sneering evident. Her whole body exuded warmth and gentleness. However, the servant woman had an indescribable feeling that this Miss Jun hadn't threatened her by accident.

She really dared to do such a thing.

This rascal, perhaps, wanted to take the opportunity to cause even more trouble for the Ning Family.

As long as she took the money, there wouldn't be any marriage to entangle her with the Ning Family. Without a reason to bother them, any trouble that occurred would be her fault.

The maid servant's hand shook, but steadily passed over the banknote pinched in her fingers.

"Take it, Liu'er," said Miss Jun.

The foolish, young servant girl standing next to her stepped forward to take it.

"Many thanks," said Miss Jun politely. "I shall take my leave now."

Her voice was gentle and her movements graceful, her posture upright. The maid servant subconsciously hurried to respond in kind, but while she was in the middle of paying her respects, she froze.

Why should she be polite with this scoundrel?

Young Miss Jun passed her on the way out, her dress fluttering in the air, her posture graceful like a weak willow bending in the wind.

[1] If you pat the horse's behind, be careful not to pat the hooves: this means that flattery might backfire at you. One origins of the phrase refers to when Mongolian people used to praise each other' horses by patting their behind. Once the empty flattery was used on a bad horse and it kicked the flatterer.

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