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This lantern workshop was bought by the Fang Family, but it was only a workshop, not a store.

The Fang Family was not like other merchant families, expanding and diversifying their businesses after getting rich. They had always been involved only in the exchange firm business, while at most buying some land.

This workshop was like a piece of land, only opening when large quantities of lanterns needed to be made.

The craftsmen were all drawn in temporarily. Of course, in order to be lured in by the Fang Family, they had to be some of the finest artisans.

However, right now, the A-grade artisans were hesitant toward carrying out this young lady's request for a lantern.

"Is it very hard to make?" asked Miss Jun.

Next to her, Manager Gao was very nervous.

This Miss Jun's temper was explosive.

Because Miss Jun and Lady Fang had discussed that she would go to a workshop to make lanterns and that it would not be suitable for Fang Yuxiu to come here, Old Lady Fang had summoned Manager Gao.

Firstly, Miss Jun knew Manager Gao, and secondly, Manager Gao had alerted Old Lady Fang about Miss Jun's statement about interesting things in the capital.

With such a perceptive Manager Gao there, Old Lady Fang could rest easy.

When it came down to it, she still didn't trust Miss Jun. But the young miss did not oppose this in the slightest. She calmly accepted Manager Gao's guidance. It could have been that she did not realize Old Lady Fang's intentions, or that she just didn't care.

The young misses at home and the servants were all making small lanterns, and all kinds of materials were prepared for that. But this Miss Jun insisted on coming to the workshop and had also drawn a strange design.

From everybody's past descriptions, it was clear that this Miss Jun loved to be in the spotlight, so she probably wanted to push down everyone at the Lantern Festival.

Right now, the craftsmen were all making embarrassed expressions. Miss Jun was definitely not happy.

Manager Gao carefully glanced at this girl but saw that her expression was still calm.

"Did I not explain myself clearly?" she said gently. "Because I can't make lanterns, I don't know whether what I planned is possible. If there is something that is wrong, please tell me. We can think it over."

Manager Gao looked back at the craftsmen.

He had said previously that this Miss Jun was very unflustered. Her patient temperament worked well to help her get the answers she needed.

Miss Jun's gentleness and organized way of speaking soothed the craftsmen.

"Young Miss spoke very clearly," said one of the senior craftsmen, red in the face. "We are hesitant not because we can't make it, but because it might not look good."

Manager Gao looked at the plan at his side. Although he was not a craftsman and did not like lanterns at all, he felt that the lantern on the design was not too aesthetically pleasing.

However, since Miss Jun had drawn it out very excitedly, of course he could not say it was ugly.

The young lady had a temper. If she heard words not in praise, she would definitely not be happy. These craftsmen were too honest.

Miss Jun smiled, her expression relaxed.

"If it's just that, then it's no problem," she said. "It wasn't meant to be pretty in the first place."

These words stunned everyone.

The lanterns weren't meant to be beautiful? Then what was she making them for? Could it be just for lighting?

This strange Miss Jun.

Since she had said it, the craftsmen did not suggest any more ideas and hurried to work. Manager Gao sent Miss Jun back home. When they arrived at the entryway, Manager Gao thought of something, then passed her a scroll.

"Last time, Miss Jun asked me about interesting things in the capital. Although I do not know too much about such things, but I do have something fun. Recently, some people went to the capital and bought some," he said with a smile.

Something fun from the capital?

Miss Jun took the scroll and opened it. Liu'er leaned in close, unable to stop herself from squeaking.

"What is this?" she asked.

"A Map of Routes to the Capital," said Miss Jun.

Manager Gao shut his mouth in surprise, swallowing down the name he was going to say.

"So Miss Jun knows of it." He smiled. "I saw people selling it at the post station, so I bought one."

Miss Jun looked at the map in her hands.

This was a somewhat crudely drawn map and could never be called a composition of the brush. It outlined the entertainment places in the capital, even marking out toilets.

This was the first time there was such a clear and conveniently marked map for people in the capital.

It was unknown who was the first person to produce it, but afterwards, it was passed around like bamboo sprouts after rainfall. Later the map was even brought before the emperor. The emperor was furious, believing that this public map of the lay and activity of the capital was for the Jurchen to have more insight into the city. This was a big worry.

The authorities had been ordered to launch an investigation. Although the distribution had been somewhat abated, it had not stopped in private.

Actually, this kind of map and a geographical map were completely different. It did not outline the line of defense of the capital. It was mostly a representation of the flourishing capital, making people long to go there.

She had seen it back then, but she could go wherever she wanted in the capital. She never needed such a map.

She hadn't thought that she would die before she had gone to some of these places. If she wanted to go now, they were far and hard to get to.

Miss Jun touched each of the markings on the map.

"So you bought it at a post station," she commented.

That really was a suitable location. No wonder the capital hadn't searched it.

"Yes. It wasn't very expensive, though I have no idea who would come up with this. It looks unremarkable, but it probably made quite the profit," said Manager Gao with a laugh.

When he said this, he felt embarrassed.

He was accustomed to talking about business and things related to money, but that was the behavior of the merchants that Miss Jun hated the most.

"But the most important thing is that there was someone who was able to see the demand and respond. They definitely must be very intelligent," he hurried to amend.

Miss Jun nodded her head and smiled to express her approval.

{Was she praising the ability to earn profits or the intelligent person?} Manager Gao couldn't help the thought from flitting across his mind.

After the workmen had begun, they didn't need any directions. Miss Jun did not go out everyday, waiting until the 12th day of the 1st month when the lanterns finished construction to go and see the last part of the process. Miss Jun had made this lantern for the some reason as the other lanterns—to welcome the coming of the Lantern Festival.

Manager Gao's task was finished. Miss Jun had never asked him anything related to the capital, as if she had never asked about it before.

There were only three days until the Lantern Festival. Fang Chengyu looked at the medicine he was carrying and fell silent.

He had eaten this medicine for three days already.

Though he had eaten all kinds of fantastic medications before, he had never eaten one so unpalatable before.

Especially when Mother served it with such relief and lamentation.

"If you eat this medicine, you can go see the lanterns," she said.

So this was the medicine that woman made.

Fang Chengyu laughed inside.

First, whether or not he could go to the Lantern Festival needed her agreement, and now they were actually making him eat things that she had made without the least bit of care.

Grandmother and Mother had been driven this mad because of his illness.

It really made one both sad and angry.

He picked up the bowl of medicine and drained it all in one gulp despite the medicinal concoction burning like fire as it ran down his throat and setting his whole body aflame.

"See, you have the strength to drink this bowl of medicine. This medicine is truly working," Lady Fang said happily. "Chengyu, come see the lanterns with your mother at the Lantern Festival."

Fang Chengyu no longer wanted to see the lanterns and was already somewhat regretting ever raising the request.

How could the lanterns be beautiful, what use was there in seeing them if he could not forget that he was going to die?

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