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A courtesan from the capital… worth three thousand taels… Tenth Noble Son Ning… worth five thousand taels...

These words echoed unceasingly in Ning Yunyan's ears.

Disgraceful! This disgrace!

At the start, she had thought that she was causing a ruckus, later she thought she was just retaliating, and then she thought she was trying to clear things up.

She did not expect her to speak with such a deadpan voice. She had been insulting them all along.

If Ning Yunyan had known earlier that she was insulting them, why would she have so easily let her say so much?

The insult was also hard to listen to.

She actually compared her older brother to a woman from a brothel. Was this something a girl could say?

This scoundrel, this shameful trash.

Ning Yunyan went crazy with anger. The other girls could not say anything out of surprise and anger.

On the other hand, the people around them responded instead, immediately breaking into raucous laughter.

"His price!" was some unknown lout's eccentric shout.

This voice attracted laughter.

In the midst of all this noise, Miss Jun remained calm and gentle as she watched those girls.

"Jun Zhenzhen, you have no sense of face!" Ning Yunyan cursed, pointing out an accusatory finger, face red from anger.

"I have no sense of face? I did this because I want to save my face," said Miss Jun. "If you were unhappy because I laughed and wanted to force me to apologize, then send me a written invitation to my face to make me kneel in front of you and apologize. But don't humiliate my ancestors."

She turned when she said this, taking two steps and pausing. Her gaze swept over the young misses.

"Girls, don't have such terrible tempers. Think before you do things or else bad things could happen."

This disgraceful shit.

Ning Yunyan was so angry, she was going to pounce on her. Miss Jun had already taken a step, and a young servant girl blocked the path in front of Ning Yunyan.

"We will think things over," said the servant girl in a loud voice, raising her nose loftilyl.

Fang Yuxiu gave the servants a look and stepped forward herself.

The Fang Family servants stepped forward in a huff, crowding around them, separating the bystanders and blocking Ning Yunyan's path. Hurriedly, they maneuvered Miss Jun into the carriage, and the carriage immediately set off.

"You are just letting her go?" asked one of the girls, panting in rage.

Ning Yunyan snapped off three fingernails.

"If not, then what? Fight with her on the road?" she said, looking at the carriage in the distance. "If she insults people, she is wrong. If we fight with her, than we will be wrong."

The girls didn't dare say more.

One of the girls suddenly broke into tears.

"What are you crying about?" Ning Yunyan asked in displeasure, turning to look at that girl who had fallen.

The girl who had fallen had felt faint and just now regained her senses.

"Someone tripped me," she sobbed.


The girls looked on blankly.

"You're saying that you fell because someone tripped you?" Ning Yunyan asked, her brows pushed together.

That girl nodded, rubbing the tears from her face.

"Someone stuck out their leg and tripped me," she cried.

Ning Yunyan almost snapped another fingernail out of anger. She appraised the girls before her.

"Who was it?" she said, grinding her teeth.

Was it an idiot who couldn't read the mood?

The girls shook their heads and waved their hands, taking a step backward with surprise and fear on their faces.

"Yanyan, it was Jun Zhenzhen," cried the girl.

Jun Zhenzhen.

Everyone was sent into shock again.

Just now, because Jun Zhenzhen had passed through the door, everybody knew that the girl's target was Fang Yuxiu so no one paid attention to Jun Zhenzhen, especially when the slap was coming down. So no one saw that Miss Jun had actually made a move.

They had all thought that the girl had fallen because she wasn't standing firm. But the culprit all along was Jun Zhenzhen,

Ning Yunyan almost passed out in anger.

Jun Zhenzhen!

Everyone was here to point fingers at them, while Jun Zhenzhen's carriage had already disappeared from sight.

She had never wanted to make contact with Jun Zhenzhen. When she came to the city, she hadn't planned on crossing swords with Jun Zhenzhen. She just wanted to personally witness these young misses teach Jun Zhenzhen a lesson.

She hadn't thought they would come face to face and would eat such a great loss.

That's right, as expected of that scoundrel.

But couldn't a scoundrel do as they wished?

"She said if you wanted to make her apologize, then send an invitation to her face," said Ning Yunyan, teeth grinding. "Just wait, I will throw an invitation in her face."

Many things happened today. Fang Yuxiu was not faking her calm. She was truly calm.

When the carriage passed through the gates, she finally came to.

Miss Jun paid her respects before taking her leave back to her own courtyard.

"Miss Jun," Fang Yuxiu called out, opening her mouth for the first time.

Miss Jun looked at her, her expression searching.

"Let's go talk about what happened today with Old Lady," suggested Fang Yuxiu.

"No need. There is nothing that can be said," said Miss Jun breezily.

Nothing that can be said?

Fang Yuxiu was stunned.

They met the Jinyiwei, and also compared Tenth Noble Son Ning to a brothel girl. There was nothing to be said about these things?

Fang Yuxiu had always been a cautious person who didn't say much. She only watched Miss Jun leave with her servant girl, then looked in the direction of Old Lady Fang's living quarters and back.

"You go tell Old Lady Fang we've returned," she said. "I will go and change clothes first."

The servants would tell Old Lady Fang what occurred while they were out, and Fang Yuxiu would return to her quarters.

After all, it was Miss Jun's matter. If she didn't say anything and Second Young Miss were to say something, she would definitely be thought of as tattling by Miss Jun. The young miss had done such things more than a few times before.

The servants made sounds of understanding and left.

Fang Yuxiu had not even returned to her own rooms when she was approached by Fang Jinxiu.

Fang Jinxiu and Fang Yunxiu already knew that she had returned and were waiting impatiently.

"Hurry up and tell us, what happened today?" asked Fang Jinxiu impatiently.

Fang Yuxiu glared at her.

"Don't hope for things to happen," she rebuked. "Don't be so eager for fights."

Fang Yuxiu laughed.

"There was no end to the fights today. Everyone insulted each other," she said with a bitter smile.

Fang Yunxiu went blank. Fang Jinxiu laughed.

"Tell us," she said.

"Did you suffer because of it?" asked Fang Yunxiu with concern, watching Fang Yuxiu.

Fang Yuxiu shook her head and related what had happened today.

Although they had guessed something would happen, Fang Yuxiu's accounts shocked the sisters, especially when they had heard about the Jinyiwei making the storyteller announce the news at the tea house.

The sisters did not care about Thousand-Man Commander Lu marrying a princess, what they cared about was the Jinyiwei's behavior.

Fang Jinxiu thought about what had happened earlier.

"She was crazy, asking about what had happened in the capital," she said. "Asking about the emperor and Prince Huai at home is fine, but to actually dare to run to the Jinyiwei and ask. She has gone crazy with stupidity."

Fang Yunxiu patted her chest as she thought, fear lingering in her heart.

She shook her head.

"I don't think so. Instead she seems to be smart," she said, speaking of what Jun Zhenzhen had said then. "In that situation going in and asking was the best choice. It wasn't stirring up trouble."

Fang Jinxiu tch'ed.

"Not stirring up trouble? If she wasn't stirring up trouble, she wouldn't have run into the teahouse after hearing all the noise," she said. "Second Sister, you're overthinking it. She couldn't be as much as you think."

That was so.

When she was about to leave, she had suddenly run into the teahouse. She definitely wanted to hear about what was happening.

Things in the capital.

That time, she had stopped the exchange firm's manager to ask about it. Although she hadn't brought it up again, perhaps she was always thinking of it.

Then it couldn't be said whether she was smart or stupid.

Fang Yuxiu paused.

"However, she stuck out her leg to trip that girl who was going to hit me," she said.

Fang Jinxiu snorted harder.

"Second Sister, she tripped that miss obviously because she wanted to make a joke of her. How was it for you?" she retorted, sizing up her sister with a frown. "Second Sister, how come I feel like you seem to like her?"

Fang Yuxiu broke into laughter.

"What are you saying?" she said.

"But you do, when you like someone, you talk all about them," said Fang Jinxiu with a snort. "The Jun Zhenzhen you describe... Is it really the same Jun Zhenzhen we know?"

Fang Yuxiu dissolved into laughter, then tilted her head thoughtfully.

"Maybe you were just too biased before?" she suggested.

"Look at you. You say you don't like her, but right now you doubt us," Fang Jinxiu shouted.

Fang Yuxiu smiled and pulled on her.

"Your second sister is teasing you," she said.

Fang Jinxiu looked at Fang Yuxiu's neither smiling nor frowning eyes.

"However," she snorted, pursing her lips, "I didn't think that she would compare Tenth Noble Son Ning to a whore from a brothel."

It was even better than she had made Zuo Yanzhi shamefully spend 150 taels.

Tenth Noble Son Ning was more expensive than a courtesan.

Thinking this, Fang JInxiu couldn't help but laugh.

When Old Lady Fang heard of this, she did not find it funny and was instead so scared that cold sweat ran down her back.

That mouth was really too poisonous. It was too much.

Old Lady Fang felt a sudden pain in her forehead and pressed her hand against it.

Why did she think that that child had changed? Right now, it looked like she was provoking trouble like before. She had even intensified her trouble making…

Old Lady Fang did not count on Miss Jun coming to her about this, so she went over to Miss Jun instead.

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