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Who is she?

Miss Jun sighed lightly.

"I am the daughter of Funing County's Jun Yingwen," she said softly. "I grew up in Funing with my father. Funing often received the protection of Duke of Cheng, and once he came to inspect our city, and I had the honor to meet him."

She looked up at Zhu Zan.

"I am also fortunate to have seen the Lord Heir from afar. Lord Heir is so handsome and noble, hard to forget."

Her eyes were beautiful, delicate and bright, sparkling like stars in the night sky. On top of that, she had cried before, so the redness and tear stains had not disappeared. Her face was clear as a lake full of starlight.

Looked at by such a pair of eyes, being called memorable in such a bashful manner, who could bear it.

Zhu Zan chuckled and reached back to rub his head while pushing Lei Zhonglian's hand away. He stepped forward.

"Is that so? So that's how it was," he said with a smile, his face slightly embarrassed, but still showing his undisguisable satisfaction. "I am really unforgettable."

As he spoke, the three people who were facing off over life-and-death with the swords out were now standing apart. Lei Zhonglian's soft sword hung in his hand. Miss Jun's neck had red marks, and she was leaning against the pillars weakly. Standing in front of her, Zhu Zan rubbed his head and smiled like a child.

It looked like they had always been standing and laughing there, like the life-and-death confrontation between them had been just an illusion.

Standing outside the door, Hu Gui and the others stuck their heads in to see what was happening and saw this pleasant smiling scene, so they looked away.

"It looks like the new love is getting along with the old flame," he said emotionally to the people around him. "It's all been remedied."

Miss Jun bowed to Zhu Zan.

"Please forgive me for being rude," she said.

She did not mention his status again, nor did she stare at him again.

After confirming that he was Zhu Zan, many of her suspicions had been solved, such as why he could solve the Go arrangement Master left behind and why they would meet him on the road.

Although there were still some details she wanted to know, like what Master had said to him and why did they talk about the Go arrangement, this was not the time. Asking these questions would only bring emotional comfort, yet they might cause Zhu Zan to be more suspicious.

After all, based on the couple interactions they had, she knew he was a very sensitive person.

It could be troublesome to stir up such a person.

Miss Jun did not want to get mixed-up with someone else's problems.

"You see, you are polite again." Zhu Zan laughed. He then reached out and patted Miss Jun's shoulder. "Who are we to each other?"

'This is not being free-hearted, this is shamelessness,' said Lei Zhonglian resolutely in his heart.

Moments ago he almost killed her, but now he was asking this question? He was so relaxed.

Miss Jun, who was about to walk away, staggered because of his pat. She shot him a look.

Zhu Zan laughed again.

"Didn't you say I have a life-saving favor, not to mention that you long desired to meet me," he said.

Miss Jun smiled at him. She was just about to speak when there was a loud noise on the other side. Everyone looked over there and saw Fang Chengyu's crutches fall to the ground.

"Chengyu," said Miss Jun.

Everything had happened so suddenly, and they had forgotten him.

What happened just now must've scared him.

Lei Zhonglian went to support him, but he saw that Fang Chengyu who dropped his crutches not only did not fall, but instead he took a step.

He stumbled and staggered, but he did not fall.

Miss Jun looked surprised and immediately smiled. She reached out to Fang Chengyu.

Lei Zhonglian stopped.

He knew that Miss Jun was constantly leading Young Master to walk on his own during these last few days. Every morning and evening, she took him and walked him slowly in the room and courtyard. He always took at least one or two steps, three or four on a good day.

He looked like a child learning to walk.

But Lei Zhonglian knew how hard and difficult it was. Young Master Fang was a man who has been paralyzed for close to ten years.

The young miss said that by about June, Young Master Fang would be able to put down his crutches.

It seemed to be ahead of schedule.

The teenager stumbled, walking ungainly, like a drunkard. He finally drew near, and instead of holding Miss Jun's hand like usual, he rushed over and hugged her.

"You scared me," he said loudly, with tears in his voice, and buried his head in Miss Jun's shoulder.

Although he was a thin young boy a year younger than her, with such a violent jump, Miss Jun almost fell to the ground.

She smiled and staggered a few steps before steadying herself. She reached out to hold Fang Chengyu.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," she said with a smile, patting his back. "Don't be scared."

Fang Chengyu hugged her without letting go.

"I never knew I was so afraid to die," he said hoarsely.

Miss Jun did not say anything, and Zhu Zan laughed to the side.

"Don't be scared. You're still young, so you will have a lot of life to live in the fuutre. So kids like you shouldn't be thinking about life and death," he said straightforwardly. "Once you've grown you'll know that all people are afraid of death. There's no need to be ashamed."

Lei Zhonglian looked at Zhu Zan.

Zhuz Zan matched his gaze.

"Did this feella see what I did?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. "Are you scared too?"

This person…

Lei Zhonglian did not speak, but his face was sullen.

"You don't have to be scared." Zhu Zan smiled a little, showing his white teeth. "A waste like you not fainting is already pretty good. You will live a while longer."

A vein bulged on Lei Zhonglian's forehead, but he still didn't speak.

There was nothing that could be said. He spoke the truth. If they didn't have the strength, it was their own dishonor.

Fang Chengyu was still hugging Miss Jun.

"I always thought I was not afraid of death," he said, "but I was really very scared just now. I was afraid that you were really going to die."

Miss Jun smiled, stroking his shoulders.

Zhu Zan just clicked his tongue again.

"So young yet such an oily mouth," he said, shaking his head. "Kids nowadays are getting more and more absurd."

Miss Jun patted Fang Chengyu's shoulder.

"Okay, it's okay. Let's go back," she said.

Fang Chengyu straightened up, face full of grief, but with a touch of embarrassment as well. He was going to let go of Miss Jun to take a step back, but lost his balance and fell on his butt to the floor.

"I still can't walk," he declared, pouting.

Yes, he couldn't walk yet, but sometimes there were miracles like this. In great fear or great happiness, people could do things they couldn't before.

Miss Jun had seen such miracles many times when she followed Master.

However, this kind of stress stimulation did not always work, so it couldn't be used at any time.

In this case, thanks to Zhu Zan, the stimulation helped Fang Chengyu to start walking ahead of schedule.

Miss Jun looked at Zhu Zan and smiled at him.

"Thank you, Noble Son," she said.

Zhu Zan looked at her slyly.

"I don't know why you're thanking me," he said, raising an eyebrow. "But no need for thanks, I'm just a good person who helps others."

A good person who helps others?"

Helped who? Helped Tian San win the Go arrangement, or saved Young Lady from the cliff?

And for what happiness? For five thousand taels of silver, or a hard to find herb?

Lei Zhonglian rolled his eyes.

Miss Jun smiled again.

Zhu Zan had to be like this. Otherwise how could he beat Twelfth Royal Uncle.

"The green hills don't change, the green water flows along. May we meet again, if we are fated to do so," she said, reaching out for Fang Chengyu. "We'll go back first."

Lei Zhonglian hurried over, and the two helped Fang Chengyu up.

"It was only an accident that I was able to walk," Fang Chengyu said, his eyes sparkling. "I still need to use crutches."

Miss Jun smiled and held his arm.

"I will support you," she said.

Fang Chengyu said 'o' and took a step. Miss Jun took a step with him. They walked together slowly with her supporting him.

Lei Zhonglian let go of the boy's arm, his eyes were full of delight. He turned to pick up the crutches from the floor and went out.

Zhu Zan watched Fang Chengyu being supported by the girl as he walked through the door.

"So the little cripple wasn't born a cripple? Interesting," he said.

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