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Chapter 201: Think of Your Origins

Ling Jiu.

She was called by this name.

It was the inverse of Jiuling.

The first time she used this name, she was ten, and she had climbed over the Duke of Cheng's walls. She climbed up adventurously and was discovered.

The security of Duke of Cheng's household was very strict. There were even people stationed at hidden dog holes.

The person had jumped out, thinking he'd caught an assassin. She didn't even have time to respond before she was trapped on all four sides by intimidating guards.

The moment she stumbled down from the wall, she introduced herself loudly.

"I am Ling Jiu," she shouted. "I am Sir Zhang's disciple. Please let me in."

Of course afterwards these people were so courteous as to invite her in, and instead made her roll on the ground.

She was still a child.

She resisted crying.

Fortunately, the East Palace guards were chasing after her and picked her up.

Both the Duke of Cheng and her father were not lightly frightened. However, because of this disaster, Master had to treat her. Then she had the opportunity to hold Master's arm and be dragged around for ten miles before she finally got his permission to learn medicine from him.

At this, Miss Jun's lips curled into a smile, and she nodded.

"Then I will bid you farewell first."

She heard the young man's loud voice.

Miss Jun saw him cupping his hands and smiling at her.

"The green hills don't change, the green water flows along. May fate bring us

together again," he declared loudly, a smile stretching across his face.

He had said this before. Miss Jun did not pay attention, but there was nothing to take note of. She returned the salute with a nod.

The man called Ling Jiu's smile deepened and spread to his eyes.

His eyes were normally clear and bright, but they flashed with cold shards, making others afraid to stare too long into them.

But when he smiled, his eyes crinkled and hid away those cold shards, leaving only the brightness and a hint of elegance, and warmth like that of the sun.

These eyes…

When Miss Jun looked at him, countless thoughts poured out and started to mash together, but a name suddenly jumped out through the confusion.

"Zhu Zan," she said.

Her voice was not loud, her lips barely moved. It seemed that she was the only one who could hear it. But the one called Ling Jiu, who had started to turn around with a smile still on his face, became ramrod straight. He hadn't finished turning, and a cold aura like a knife tip started to seep out.

"Be careful."

Lei Zhonglian's voice suddenly cried out and people rushed forward, but they were still a step too late.

Miss Jun only felt that a harsh wind rush toward her, before her neck was gripped by a single hand. She struggled for breath as she was slammed against a pillar.

Her body collided violently, making it harder for her to breathe.

The man who

who was called Ling Jiu used one hand to choke her neck, and the other hand to hold Lei Zhonglian's wrist.

Lei Zhonglian held a soft sword in his hand.

It was a hidden weapon he had wrapped around his waist.

Just as he shouted, he pulled out the soft sword and rushed over.

But this man easily avoided his attack. Not only did he grab his wrist, he also pulled his own sword and pointed it at Miss Jun's heart.

The momentum his sword was about to pierce in Miss Jun's heart, and Lei Zhonglian had to use all his strength to stop it.

Fang Chengyu stood motionless with his crutches.

There was no sound of duck or peacock in the room, no shouting, no weeping. The stagnant air swept around them like a cold tide.

The sun was shining gloriously outside, and there was a lot of talking and laughing.

One side lively, one side frozen, instantly becoming two realms of life and death.

"Hey." the young man said as he looked at the girl whose neck he could snap at any time.

The response to this scenario was really strange.

The girl's originally beautiful and refined face had turned blue because of suffocation, and her facial features were somewhat twisted. She didn't look beautiful at all.

But her eyes were calm. Not just calm, for there was also surprise and incredulity in them. There was just no fear.

Zhu Zan.

He was really Zhu Zan.

She still hadn't properly reacted to her thoughts when she

when she said that name.

She didn't even know why she thought of it.


She looked at the man's face, felt his breath on her face.

Because of the smile that reached his eyes just now?

The expression in his eyes was really familiar, like she had seen it somewhere before.

Then she thought, ah, that person, Duke of Cheng, Zhu Shan.

For a little girl who hadn't seen sweets in a long time to be suddenly handed a candied fruit, that person was just like a god.

That bright and beautiful smile to a gluttonous child was really unforgettable.

Her mind instantly shifted towards another conclusion.

Military aura.

Zhu Shan.

The age was wrong.


Speaks the northern common language.

Has seen Go arrangements.

Has seen her master Divine Doctor Zhang.

During childhood.

Divine Doctor Zhang went to the Duke of Cheng's government office.


Courier station.

A Map of Routes to the Capital.

The Jinyiwei from the capital came to ask questions.

He appeared in Yangcheng.

This mess of information blended together, making her blurt out the name Zhu Zan.

Unexpectedly, it was really him.

This was Zhu Zan.

The Duke of Cheng's son.

Miss Jun looked at him, part of her wanting to laugh and part of her slightly sour.

She hadn't expected that the second person she met whom she knew from her previous life would be him.

The first was naturally Doctor Jiang.

However, Doctor Jiang was someone she knew because they had met and spoken before.

And Zhu Zan should not be regarded as someone she knew, because they had not dealt with each other or even met or even met before.

She didn't know him, and he did not know her either.

The pain in her throat suddenly lessened, and the big hand holding her neck lost its strength. She gasped down mouthfuls of air and let out her breath anxiously.

The hand was still firmly holding her neck and pinning her tightly to the column.

She looked at the man before her eyes.

His face was serious and solemn, his gaze calm and sharp.

"Who are you?" he asked.

Who am I.

No matter who I am, you do not know me.

Miss Jun looked at him with a slight sourness in her heart.

Of course, this sourness was not because he did not recognize her, but because of the past.

But although it was not obvious, Miss Jun could hear a trace of doubt in his voice.

Why was he doubtful?

Manager Gao mentioned that Jinyiwei in the capital were looking for him.

He was also wandering through Shanxi and Henan, and he was very alert. He was obviously avoiding pursuers.

The moment she had said his name, he was quick as lightning to nab her. He was obviously on guard against someone.

This kind of alertness did not require further inquiry of one's origins. That was not necessary.

But why was he so doubtful to ask who she was, and he also retracted his killing intent?

"You have no intention of killing and no panic in your eyes," Zhu Zan's whispered. He seemed to see the confusion in her eyes. "You are not here for me; who are you?"

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