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Chapter 200: Ask Your Name

Miss Jun really did not know why she cried. She just wanted to.

She did not think that Heaven was unfair. She just felt that Master was not fair.

How was Master this kind of person?

Did Master even do such a thing?

Be so good to others but play games with her?

Of course, she wasn't resentful. She just felt wronged, and mostly just because she hadn't known that Master was this kind of person.

She followed Master for six years, but she did not seem to know this person at all.

What was even more sad was that this person she did not know was already dead. She would never see him again, so even if she wanted to know him, she couldn't.

The grief submerged her like a wave, and she could not avoid drowning in it.

That kind of grief was a thousand times harder to bear than seeing Master's corpse.

Sadness was strange and mysterious and unreasonable.

She didn't want to think of reason; she just wanted to cry.

She had never had a good cry before. She hadn't cried since she was young.

She had fallen from a tree, was punished by her father, and sweets she stole had knocked out a tooth.

Hugging Master's arm she left the capital, was thrown into a pitch-black dirt field.

She had been walking through the wind and camping in the elements, sleeping on the ground till her whole body ached, was bit by insects, and snakes had crawled into her trouser legs.

She watched Master die, watched her parents die, and even watched herself die.

She didn't cry then, and she didn't even feel the need to cry.

Only when the Lantern Festival lantern was solved, and she lost 5,000 taels of silver, did she feel the need to cry.

Go arrangement lantern.

It wasn't because of him.

Now, it was him again.

It was always him.

Miss Jun looked at the young man through her veil of


The man with his eyes on the sky and the awkward expression on his face retreated while holding his breath.

"You're not allowed to go," she yelled. She leaped forward, grabbing the young man's arm again.

The young man groaned.

"What the hell are you doing?" he exclaimed. "You're not doing this for money, nor are you coveting my beauty. You…" His words suddenly came to a standstill, then he spoke up again. "It's because of that person?" he asked. Although he asked, his eyes said he already knew it clearly.

Miss Jun looked at him and nodded.

'Can you tell me about him? How do you know him? When did you meet? What did he say to you?'

There were countless questions bubbling in her heart, but she didn't know what to ask.

"Did that person tell you about this Go arrangement? But did not tell you how to solve it?" the young man asked first.

Miss Jun nodded again, squeezing the tears out of her eyes.

The young man laughed twice.

"Then I really have just undergone an underserved catastrophe," he muttered. Then calmly, he added "I'm sorry, young miss, I don't have anything to say to you about this person. We just met once by fate, a long time ago. If you want to look for him, I can't help you."

Once he said that he saw the grief on the girl's face intensify.

This was bad. 'Must you cry again?'

He mourned in his heart, but this time the girl did not cry, just looked a bit upset.

"No, I'm not looking for him," she murmured.

He can't be found.

She just wanted to listen to stories about her master; she wanted to see him in the eyes of others.

Although it seemed meaningless, people did not always have to do something meaningful.

"Anyway, no matter what, I can't help you. I met him by chance once, and we exchanged only a few sentences,"

sentences," said the young man with more understanding.

Master was the divine dragon whose head could be seen but not his tail. This was normal. Many people had met Master once.

This wasn't strange. Miss Jun did not speak and nodded.

When the young man saw her being reasonable, he relaxed.

"Really, I don't even know what his name is or what he does, if not because... " he said, raising his eyebrows and spreading his hands. He then suddenly paused.

Miss Jun looked at him.

"Because there was a certain thing that was important to me on that day, so I have a better recollection of it, otherwise I wouldn't remember him either," said the young man.

If one thing leaves a deep impression, it is normal for a person to remember other things or people involved with that matter as well.

But Miss Jun still saw a strange look flash across his face. It seemed to be embarrassment.

It seemed that the matter was something that embarrassed him.

But it had nothing to do with Master, had nothing to do with her. She was not interested in caring about what other people found hard to forget.

"... I had actually even forgotten it. I forgot all about it, until I saw the lantern in Yangcheng, then I suddenly recalled," said the young man. He reached out again and patted his chest. "I'm really not fooling you."

Miss Jun grunted 'en' and lowered her gaze. She let go of his arm.

The young man relaxed his whole body.

"Young Miss, did that person trick you?" He couldn't help but smile. He must have fooled the girl into thinking that comic Go arrangement was a real treasure. "You don't need to care about it. That guy is no decent man."

"What are you talking nonsense for? You're not a decent person," Miss Jun berated him, very dissatisfied. "If you don't know anything, don't talk about it."


about it."

The young man pursed his lips together.

"That Go arrangement even if ... even if the solution is weird, it is still an exquisite Go arrangement," Miss Jun said.

Pigs were also exquisite. The young man grinned, but quickly stopped.

"Yes", he said seriously.

Miss Jun looked at him without a word, holding onto her arms, pensive.

"Say, Young Miss, although there is much coincidence between us, me meeting you, you knowing that person, but there are many coincidences in the world that come and go," the young man said tentatively. "There is nothing strange. We are strangers who met like patches of drifting duckweed. The green hills don't change, the green water flows along. Can I go now?"

After listening to his incoherent rambling, Miss Jun pressed her hand to her face and felt that she had gone too far today.

"What's your name?" she wondered.

Maybe Master had mentioned him once.

The young man did not shirk the question and laughed brightly.

"I am who I am, and I shall not be ashamed," he declared loudly. He cupped his fist towards Miss Jun. "Ling Jiu."

After he finished saying this, he did not see the girl bow to him in return, or give him her name, or call him Noble Son Ling.

She looked at him, her expression somewhat strange.

"Why are you called Ling Jiu?" she asked.

The young man's heart broke like a mountain collapsing.

Why do you ask why?

Why did she ask why she was a dunce? Why is she repeatedly asking why?

What in hell was going on? Where did he speak wrong?

This name was not insulting, right? He mourned in his heart.

There was no end to this.

Lei Zhonglian could not help but look at Miss Jun.

If one said that asking why she was called a dunce was because she felt insulted, that was an understandable matter. But now asking why this man's name was his name seemed illogical.

Even a fool illogical.

Even a fool would know that the name this young man gave was not his true name. Walking around the Jianghu, meeting strangers like drifting duckweed, enmity born without end, how could he give his true name.

Was she now questioning his fake name?

Even if you see through it, they should not say it. Those people should be left a life line, in case you meets them again. This was just common sense.

Miss Jun couldn't not know.

Otherwise, she would not have bowed to the Yan Family and still easily accept them admitting their mistake.

Or was this purely asking him why he was called Ling Jiu.

There was certainly a reason for a person's name.

For example, you were named Lei Zhonglian, it was because your ancestors were surnamed Lei, Zhong because you were the middle child, and Lian because at the time of his birth his mother was picking lotuses.

Some people's name came from what they encountered on the road, whether they saw a dog or a cow. Then they would be called Goucheng or Daniu.

Of course, the names of Miss Jun and Young Master Fang were a little more thought out.

However, when asking for the origin of the name, it should be someone you are familiar with or have a good relationship with.

Were they at that point in their relationship?

The young man raised his head and smiled at Miss Jun toothily.

"Because I'm the ninth one at home," he said. "My surname is Ling, so my name is Ling Jiu. It's a very shallow name that might make Young Miss laugh."

Miss Jun watched him thoughtfully.

"I see," she said. "That's how Ling Jiu came about."

The young man continued to smile at her, flashing his white teeth.

"Or else?" he asked.

Or else, she would have thought it was another coincidence.

Miss Jun looked at him.

Because she too was once called Ling Jiu.

中(zhong): middle莲 (lian):lotusGou - dogNiu - CowJiu - Nine
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