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How could it be the word pig?

Miss Jun stretched out her hand to pick up the Go stone, then dropped it, then picked it up, then dropped it again.

The black and white stones formed a word, a Go arrangement.

"This Go arrangement is extremely subtle and contains the three studies of Heaven, Earth, and Man." The man was sitting on a cushion , looking solemn and serious. "If you can penetrate these mysteries, then you will really be able to play Go."

For this purpose, she had spent a year flipping through all the Go manuals and memorized countless games, yet Master still shook his head at her final attainment of the art. In the end, with a single point of a finger, he solved what perplexed her for a year..

Miss Jun laughed.


So it was actually like this.


What exquisite arrangement, what three studies of Heaven, Earth, and Man. He must be a liar, right?

Was he actually calling her a pig?

Should she be grateful to him for his endless respect?

Miss Jun's face froze.

She knew that her Master had never wanted to take her as a disciple. He tried every single way he could think of to make things difficult for her. He was respectful on the surface, but he was cursing her on the inside.


She was just a pig in his eyes.

Tears suddenly rushed out of Miss Jun's eyes, and she raised her sleeve to hide them.

This sudden change stunned the three people in the room.

The young man jumped a few steps forward.

"Oh, it's not that I'm insulting you", he said. "This Go arrangement is just teasing."

This was said a bit coldly.

"What's there to cry about, there aren't five thousand taels of silver here."

"Who lacks silver," sobbed Miss Jun.

What fierceness!

The young man rubbed his nose and stepped back again.

"Yes, I was wrong, of course you don't care about silver", he said, then thought of something. "You have superb Go skills. This is undeniable. However, those who are good at Go are not invincible. After all, although people smart like me are rare, they do exist."

'Indeed, people like you are rare,' Lei Zhonglian said in his heart.

Miss Jun cried louder.

She had never cried like this.

Like a child, standing in place, covering her face with her sleeve, venting her voice.

There was despair and sadness in her cries, breaking the hearts of all who heard them. That was because the heart of the one crying was also broken.

Fang Chengyu's face appeared anxious and sad.

"Cousin, don't feel bad," he said, grabbing his crutches.

The young man also seemed to feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Well, well, you don't cry. I'll tell the truth," he said. "I did not discover this."

Miss Jun suddenly stopped crying. She lowered her sleeves, exposing her face full of tears. She looked at the young man with her upturned eyes, still gushing with tears.

Her pear blossom rain appearance really could not be looked at directly.

"I met someone, the same person about whom you asked me who had said that." He lifted his eyes and spoke stammeringly and reluctantly. "In order to fawn over me, he took out this Go arrangement to make me happy. Because it was so special, I remembered it very clearly."

Miss Jun looked at him and stepped forward.

"A person." She repeated with tears in her eyes. "A man?"

"Nonsense, I, a young master, will not dilly-dally with women," said the young man, rolling his eyes.

'You are not too straightforward now,' commented Lei Zhonglian internally.

A person, a man.

In fact, Miss Jun had long been sure in her heart, since when he had said that sentence.

That sentence was the same as Master's, both in terms of words and expression.

She had only been with Master for six years. She was but a short-lived guest to him who had lived through many decades. She did not know Master's origins, did not know his past, whether he had relatives, disciples, and who he knew who were his friends.

She didn't know anything.

Sometimes, when she thought of him, she felt that Master was familiar yet unfamiliar.

In addition to showing her Go arrangements, Master had also looked over others...

Miss Jun looked at the man in front of her.

"He was trying to make you happy?" she asked, choking.

"That's right, or Young Master will beat him". The young man continued to look up at the ceiling as he said, "So you don't have to cry. You lost to me not because you are not smart. It was only an accident."

Was this enough consolation? Shouldn't girls who love face know not to cry?

When he finished speaking, he heard another sob, and the girl's cries almost pierced his ears.

They were even louder than before. This time she did not even lift up her sleeves. She just stood before him and sobbed.

The sound of her crying quickly left the teahouse.

The people on the outside hadn't yet dispersed, and once they heard the cries, they started talking about them..

This cry was loud, but it wasn't too heartbreaking. It was mostly filled with sadness.

"The emotions of children in this world are the most heart wrenching," Hu Gui exclaimed ruefully as he looked to the heavens. "Miss Jun, someone who is so outstanding, still has a regret that is hard to fill in her heart. Heaven is truly unfair."

Heaven is truly unfair.

The young man also looked up to Heaven and sighed.

There must be so many people, every moment and every second, calling someone else a dunce. How could he get so unlucky?

If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have entered Runan city.

Obviously, it was normal at the beginning. So who could've known that he would encounter such an abnormal person.

"I didn't hit or curse her, but even talking nicely didn't work," he muttered. "If I had known earlier, I might as well have just done it. Sure enough, I can't be a good person. Being a good person is a thankless task."

Fang Chengyu had already dodged Lei Zhonglian and come hobbling over. He ignored the young man's whispering and looked at Miss Jun with worry and sadness.

What could be dož?

His hands were tied.

He used to love to cry, but then stopped. If he didn't cry, no one would try to console him. He absolutely didn't know how to deal with this situation.

He didn't know much about the lantern Go arrangement, just a bit.

Miss Jun was of course not angry because of the five thousand taels of silver.

Most of the time, what we care about is not money or things, but our feelings.

Wholeheartedly preparing, bubbling with enthusiasm, hell-bent on victory, but suddenly being extinguished by a bowl of cold water, sudden defeat. This was an unbearable depression.

For example, preparing your whole life and conducting yourself for a career, but suddenly you catch ill and become useless trash.

Jun Zhenzhen had prepared this Go arrangement with care, and it must have been her greatest pride, the most exquisite one she could think of. However, it was solved with such an absurd method.

There is indeed a lot of unfairness in the world.

Although everyone knows logically that there are many unfair things in the world, and can see that there are gains and losses, it is always hard to avoid this moment. It's like the straw that will break the camel's back.

Fang Chengyu, in the end, didn't say anything. He merely stood beside Miss Jun with his hands on his crutches, his face reflecting her sadness.

In this situation, the person who provoked Miss Jun's tears did not speak, and Miss Jun's husband did not speak, and the one who never liked talking, Lei Zhonglian, was even more laconic.

The three men in the room stood dumbly as they watched Miss Jun cry, helpless as if they were watching a child cry.

One of them never came in contact with children, one did not raise children, and one was a child himself, so they really did not know how to soothe a child.

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