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After hearing someone ask the question, Hu Gui turned around.

"Dunce means stupid," he said enthusiastically. Once this slipped his mouth though, he recovered himself. He dumbly turned around to look at the young man and Miss Jun again.

This young man seemed to be calling Miss Jun this.

Why would he use the word dunce? It was because of the Go arrangement.

The Yangcheng Go arrangement.

Young Master Fang and Miss Jun are from Yangcheng.

You are a dunce.

A dunce.

Hu Gui looked to the other side. Lei Zhonglian was looking at him coldly.

Hu Gui raised his hand and covered his mouth, and lightly slapped himself.


"Yes," Miss Jun said to him. "I am that dunce."

Perhaps the young man didn't expect her to so straightforwardly answer, or perhaps the sight of a young lady using such a vulgar term was comical, for he snorted in laughter.

"Really, too amazing," he said, looking at Miss Jun, smiling but not smiling. "You actually chased me here?"

"I wasn't chasing you," she said.

Chased here.

Wasn't chasing you.

Everyone wore expressions of understanding, but their faces were also twisted strangely.

Obviously it meant that there was something between a man and a woman, but wasn't Miss Jun married?

The room's focus turned to Fang Chengyu.

One escaping one pursuing, and one dear little crippled husband.

Lovers who could not get married because the benevolent Jun Jiuling was promised to another.

Hu Gui had already elevated Miss Jun to a member of a love saga.

But unfortunately, everyone would gossip about this kind of thing.

"Okay, everyone leave now, leave," Hu Gui said loudly.

Once he spoke, Miss Jun and others did not oppose him. Hu Gui felt more affirmed in his own actions, and called out repeatedly. The people in the tea house were reluctant but they did not dare to provoke Miss Jun, so they left quietly.

In the end, Hu Gui finally went out and stood by the entrance of the tea house to guard.

Only four people were left in the grand tea house.

"I always knew that Go arrangement was shady," said the young man, raising his eyebrows. "But I didn't think that you would really not let it go."

Miss Jun looked at him with raised eyebrows in return.

"I always knew you had a small heart," she said. "But I didn't think you would be vile to this extent."

He raised his eyebrows.

"What does that mean?" he asked. Suddenly he remembered something, and his expression turned to surprise.

She meant that she wasn't trailing him? Otherwise she would have recognized him on the mountain.

Obviously, that had indeed been an accident.

She hadn't realized it until she heard him speak of the Go arrangement in Yangcheng.

No wonder she had said then 'so it was you'.

It means she wasn't referring to the woodcutter him, but to the person who solved the Go arrangement in Yangcheng.

If it was like this, then really it was...

"Can there be this much coincidence?" he said in surprise.

He reacted quite quickly.

Of course he was quick. He was able to think of using Tian San to avoid being found when he he broke the Go arrangement.

Miss Jun looked at him.

"It seems to be so."

The young man looked at her with a different expression.

"So, there really is fate between us?" His lips hooked into a smile and he raised his eyebrows. "Young Lady, what are you thinking?"

She looked at him.

"I want to know why I am a dunce," she said.

The tea house was silent.

Then the man laughed loudly.

"You child, don't sweat the small stuff," he said. His original expression of playing the fool disappeared and was replaced with a bright and warm complexion.

He patted the girl's shoulders, like a close neighboring Big Brother.

Although a neighboring Big Brother couldn't pat a girl's shoulder.

And a close neighboring young lady would not grab onto a man's belt unreasonably.

But now, they wouldn't sweat the small stuff.

"It was just a phrase," he said with a smile. "This is men's talk; a girl shouldn't know. It doesn't mean anything, it's like saying the weather is good today."

She looked at him expressionlessly; Fang Chengyu and Lei Zhonglian remained as before.

Obviously some embarrassment appeared on the young man's face.

But it seemed he was good at diffussing his embarrassment. In the next moment, his face was serious.

"You're not chasing me because of the five thousand taels?" he asked.

"Of course not," said Miss Jun.

He nodded his head approvingly, like he hadn't asked anything earlier.

"I know you weren't," he said. "Someone who can take out five thousand taels to throw away definitely is a high class gentleman."

He sized up Miss Jun and Fang Chengyu.

"Your behavior is not ordinary; you definitely don't look like the type to care about five thousand taels of silver. What's more, this isn't about the money."

"Yes, this isn't about the money," Miss Jun said. She asked again, "Why did you think I am a dunce?"

Dealing with this girls was the most troublesome.

You can never know why she always gets mysteriously involved with you.

He wanted to take a step back, but he was stopped by her hand on his belt.

"You let go first," he said.

Miss Jun looked at him without moving.

"Don't worry, I won't run," he said. "I now know you don't covet my beautiful face, so of course I wouldn't be scared."

He pointed at her wrist. Miss Jun's summer vestments were light and exposed her fine wrist and the jade bracelet.

"See, your hands are so beautiful," he said. "But speech and conduct are not so beautiful."

As he spoke, he hooked a stool with his foot and sat down.

Because he moved to suddenly, Miss Jun almost fell down into his arms.

She let go.

The young man sighed in relief, then gestured around him.

"Sit, sit," he urged, like he was welcoming old friends who had come back from a journey. "Sit down so we can speak."

Miss Jun sat down in front of him. Fang Chengyu also sat down, but he didn't come closer, just located a stool right where he had been standing.

"You see, your little husband is so good to you," the young man said. He looked at Fang Chengyu and praised sincerely. " He listens to what you say and is always at your side, but does not bother you."

Fang Chengyu smiled at the young man, somewhat bashful, happy to be acknowledged by someone else.

"Of course, you are also very good." The young man looked at Miss Jun and praised her honestly. "You listen to what he says and bring him with you. You never hide anything from him or shrink away. To be able to do that, you are a wonderful woman."

He picked up the tea from the table next to him. He picked up an evidently unused teacup on the table and poured in the tea, then handed it to Miss Jun.

"I didn't think that so much later and so far away we would meet again. This must be fate." He smiled indulgently at her.


Miss Jun didn't say anything but accepted the tea cup, not ignoring that it was dirty.

The young man seemed to know she wouldn't ignore him. This exchange of tea happened according to his wishes.

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