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Chapter 195: Careless


Everyone held their breath.

Miss Jun stiffened, everyone else looked at them in shock, while Fang Chengyu stared at them in interest.

"Young lady, I’m telling you, my wife must share my lot in life. You have just met me by chance, so I do not desire you to devote your life to me," he said righteously while looking at the girl hanging off his arm.

The girl’s expression turned strange.

Hu Gui and Lei Zhonglian were also looking at the young man with complicated expressions.

"This is my husband," she said as she eyed Fang Chengyu.


The young man looked at Fang Chengyu suspiciously.

He hadn’t noticed last time, but he was her husband?

Fang Chengyu smiled at him and nodded.

The young man froze slightly, like he had seen something like this before.

A shiver ran down his back at the thought. He didn’t need to remember what a beautiful youth would do.

His gaze fell onto Fang Chengyu’s crutches.

"Lady," he looked back at Miss Jun and changed his way of addressing her. "Even if you want to hang your plums over the wall, you shouldn’t do it right in front of your husband. It is much too cruel."

The room was dead silent.

Hu Gui turned to look at Lei Zhonglian.

"Looks like this one is also a dunce," he said seriously.

Lei Zhonglian took in a deep breath.

‘Shut up, you’re the dunce,’ he thought.

The young man’s words froze everyone in the room. Even the waiters carrying out food did not dare take a step.

While everyone was frozen, the young man shook off Miss Jun and walked away.

Miss Jun felt like she had never been this angry before.

Before and after she had been reborn, she had met all kinds of people. Yet all of them had always been respectful to her. There were the ones in Yangcheng who did not follow propriety, but they didn’t really matter. She could deal with them easily. If she wanted to smile she would smile. If she was unhappy, then she would slap them.

But this was the first time she had met such a man that was so adept at playing a fool and being annoying.

She was angry. She didn’t know where it had come from, just that she was very angry.

If you want to leave, it won’t be that easy.

Miss Jun leaped forward and grabbed his waist.

"You‘re not permitted to leave," she declared.

The restaurant was filled with the sounds of inhaling cold air.

A girl was hugging a man’s waist, her body pressed to his back. She looked like a child compared to the man.

Even if she was a child compared to the man, she was still a girl.

Such an embrace was naturally shocking.

Hu Gui was staring, barely managing to clamp down on the cry in his throat abruptly. His face warped grotesquely.

Miss Jun, really is unrestrained.

Her supple hands and body were pressed forward. This was not the first time. Not long before, she was also touching his back.

The young man was like a drenched cat. He squeaked and almost jumped while trying to pull away.

Miss Jun thought that she was going to be full-heartedly pushed away, but she merely stumbled. She grabbed him again.

"Without explaining, you are not allowed to go," she said.

This time, he had met a stubborn rock!

He never thought that things would get to this point. This girl actually dared to move against him, and took a mile from an inch from him.

Had the law of the world collapsed so?

The young man raised his arms and took a step away.

"Inappropriate!" he shouted again.

At the moment, there were quite a few people on the street. When they heard the shout of "inappropriate!", they turned to look with interest.

Miss Jun still didn’t let go, and was being dragged along by him.

"Let go of me, let go of me, inappropriate," the young man shouted. He raised his arms in alarm. "It’s broad daylight; let go of me."

At la

st, Hu Gui reacted. Miss Jun wanted to catch that man, as for why, that was not his concern.

He would follow Miss Jun blindly.

"Don’t let him run," Hu Gui shouted. He was the first to go whizzing forward.

When they heard him, the servants and employees of the restaurant recovered. They ran with him, some of them seizing stools.

A whirl of people were charging forward. Fang Chengyu was left in the back.

Lei Zhonglian stayed close to his side.

Fang Chengyu suddenly smiled.

"I didn’t think that Older Cousin was so unrestrained," he commented.

Most of the time, this girl was expressionless. She always acted calmly and rationally, was composed and proud.

She would smile at him kindly, and would also mock others with a cold face. But he had never seen such a childish abandon.

Well, he couldn’t say it was the first time. The first time had been when she found he slept with Lingzhi. She had been set off then.

But that was a complete act.

But this time she was responding on her own emotions, without any hesitation or other considerations. There was only one thought; don’t let this man run.

"Don’t let him run," Fang Chengyu voiced to Lei Zhonglian. "Otherwise she will really be upset."

Because of the man’s shouting outside, the people in the street immediately gathered to watch. When they saw what was transpiring, they were shocked.

Even so, Miss Jun still refused to let go.

The young man saw the people around him and his face darkened with anger, anxiety. He raised his arms higher.

"How can a young woman like you be like this? You can’t act inappropriately because you think I’m good looking," he said.

He didn’t think that this woman would still be so shameless in front of a crowd.

But though there were many people around, it was silent.

Really strange.

These Runan people were really strange. There was a thick-skinned girl here.

Seeing that he was faced with no jeering, only staring, he was dumbstruck.

Hurry the f*ck up. Shout, jeer.

"Aiyo, Miss Jun is looking for you. What are you running for?" said a mystifying voice.


The young man froze and looked to who was speaking.

It was a wealthy, middle-aged man. What was stranger was that he was holding a large fan and covering his face.

This was a robust, wealthy man. His face was part green part purple, so was he afraid people would see him?

He must be sick.

These Runan people were truly strange.

"Don’t let him run! This is someone Miss Jun wants," someone shouted loudly.

What the hell!

The young man stared. When he saw the group of people chasing after him, his shock turned into anxiety. He glared.

He could not help but turn around and look at the girl gripping his waist.

‘Careless,’ the young man thought.

So this girl actually had been a hegemon of Runan!

It seemed like this wasn’t the first time this evil tyrant had tried to take liberties with an innocent man.

And the people of this place were helping the tyrant!

As they say, you can’t judge someone by their appearance. It was the same for men or women.

He shouldn’t have thought she was just a girl that wouldn’t oppress the people.

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