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Chapter 192: Suggestions of Coming and Going

But after the laughter, when they thought about it, Jun Zhenzhen was acting as usual.

"If Zhenzhen can fill one volume at Runan, her doings in our Yangcheng can at least fill three volumes," Concubine Yuan joked while raising three fingers.

Everybody laughed again. But this laughter was filled with more emotion.

"Good thing that this Yan Family can see things clearly, unlike the Ning Family," commented Fang Yunxiu.

Fang Yuxiu wiped her mouth.

"And she is amazing, otherwise the Yan Family would not have acted that way," she said.

Yes, in order to dominate the Yan Family, and spread her name through Runan, she could not have lacked either timing, money, or superior medical skills.

"In this world, some people are rich and powerful for a long time but still lack common sense," said Concubine Yuan with a smile. "Sometimes they need a violent wake-up call."

So she was saying if Miss Jun had not shown such shocking ability, the Yan Family would not be so quick to admit defeat.

In this world, where there would be someone so soft-hearted. It was hard to accomplish this.

Fang Yunxiu understood. She smiled and sighed but did not say anything.

"How is Chengyu?" Lady Fang asked.

When she heard Old Lady Fangs ay that Fang Chengyu and Jun Zhenzhen had not been hiding in a different courtyard, but rather had long since left Yangcheng, went through Shanxi, passed two government offices to Runan, Lady Fang had swooned on the spot.

So far. Even she had never gone that far; how could her Chengyu bear it.

Good thing good news kept coming in day after day.

"Young Master can already walk with his crutches without anyone supporting him," a young, dust covered servant boy said in the anteroom. "Young Lady said that in a few days, he will be able to walk on his own."

Lady Fang leapt to her feet in excitement.

"Is it true?" she asked.

"Young Lady said so, and she would not lie," said the servant boy. "Medicine that can vanish all ills and wonderful skills that can bring back spring. If it is false, then you are welcome to smash the sign of the Jiuling Hall."

Concubine Yuan snorted.

Everyone else laughed, and Lady Fang wiped at the corner of her eyes.

"Yes, although I had never believed in her before," she said, "she really never speaks false."

She said that Fang Chengyu was poisoned, she said that the disaster of the three generation of heirs of the Fang Family was a human-made disaster, she said she could cure Fang Chengyu, she said she could ferret out the villain behind the scenes.

It had all come true now.

Old Lady Fang set down her teacup.

"Right now, the house is peaceful. Chengyu is much better, so tell them to come home," she said. "Once they come home, Song Yunping’s beheading will pass the government and everyone in the entire county will know our Fang Family has been plotted against by this crafty villain, that our Fang Family is not guilty of the wrath of heaven."

Everyone in the room stood with great affirmation.

As she walked out next to Old Lady Fang, Fang Yunxiu’s face was still excited and emotional.

"So her family’s medical skills were so amazing," she commented.

Fang Yuxiu smiled.

"I think it is her medical skills that are amazing, not her family’s," she said thoughtfully.

Fang Yunxiu looked at her without comprehension.

"Are you saying that the medical skills of the Jun Family are not amazing?" she asked. "Didn’t she inherit them from her family?"

"If the Jun Family’s medical skills were so amazing, when she went back home the house would not have been pushed down," said Fang Yuxiu seriously. "People will only bully those who they think they can bully. Otherwise they know that if they use an egg to smash a rock, they will not be bullying anyone, but courting death."

Obviously, the Yan Family was not the type to court their own dea


Fang Yunxiu understood, but her confusion increased.

"Then what about her?" she said.

"She must have some other renowned master," Fang Yuxiu surmised.

So it was like that. That was right. Fang Yunxiu nodded her head with sudden realization. No matter whether it was her family’s skills or some other person’s, it was still a joyous thing.

"That’s right, I should tell this to Liu’er," she remembered.""It will make her happy."

Liu’er was still in the Fang Family. She did not feel constrained because her young miss wasn’t there; she was as domineering as ever.

Fang Yuxiu laughed but did oppose it.

But a young servant girl soon returned.

"Miss Liu’er is not in her room. I don’t know where she went," she said.

Miss Liu’er went where she pleased. No one dared ask her where she was going, and there were even less people who dared to stop her.

Liu’er pushed open the door, but took a step back when she smelled the room.

"Hey, Third Miss, haven’t you died yet?" she pinched her nose as she spoke and walked into the room to open the window.

The summer air immediately started to circulate through the stuffy room.

Liu’er coughed and released her nose. When she saw that the tea and snacks on the table had gone bad, she immediately became angry.

"Third Miss, don’t you know how to recognize good intentions. If you don’t eat, then I won’t give anything to you," she said.

No matter what she said, the room was still silent. Liu’er entered the inner chamber and saw Fang Jinxiu sitting on the brick-bed.

She was leaning against the wall, hugging a pillow and absently looking out the window. She had become much skinnier. Her smooth and round face was all angles making her eyes look big. Her normally sharp eyes were lifeless, like the fire had gone out in them.

Liuer’ didn’t know what to say. Fang Jinxiu was the daughter of that vile person. She was an expert in disdain and jeering. It was hard for her to console her.

"Never mind." She waved a hand. "You should go escape. Don’t just stay here dumbly."

This was a good idea.

The more she thought about, it the better it sound.ed

"You should pick up a bit, I will give you some money."

"Everyone says a disaster will live a thousand years. So you definitely will still be well if you go out."

"No matter if you live well or not, my heart will not grieve for what I don’t see."

She mumbled to herself as she walked around the room. She hadn’t made a full round when Fang Jinxiu jumped off the bed and pushed her away.

"Get out."

Liu’er was caught off guard and fell outside the door. She saw that the door had been shut.

"You can’t tell good from bad," she angrily jumped to her feet and cursed. "Even I, who is so virtuous, won’t care about you anymore."

She stomped off.

Fang Jinxiu leaned against the door and sunk down. Her expression was wooden, but tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"I will not go. I still don’t understand, I don’t understand, why," she mumbled.

She had always strove for the sake of the Fang FAmily. She had always wanted to be the Fang Family’s hero, but now she knew that she was no hero, and her mother was a villain in the destruction of the Fang Family.

The heaven above her head and the earth beneath her feet, all of it had crumbled.

The weather in Runan at the end of May started to change. The wind started to blow, bringing in thunderstorms.

"The weather is not good today, so you should close the Jiuling Hall for a day," said Fang Chengyu where he stood at the entrance with his crutches as he looked at drizzling rain.

Right now they were not in the shack. The Yan Family was going to construct the house for them, and had bestowed upon them a place for them to stay temporarily.

Miss Jun did not decline him. She calmly walked in and hung the Jiuling Hall inside.

"I did not come here to start a feud. I only wanted to spread the fame of the Jiuling Hall," she said. She looked at the sign board on top of the door. "Everything else is auxiliary. It is not a pressing matter."

She looked at Fang Chengyu.

"We have been here for quite long. It will be good to take a break," she said.

"I don’t know if there's anything fun to do in Runan," said Fang Chengyu. He excitedly grabbed his crutches and took two steps.

"Runan, I also don’t know. I was young when I was here and haven’t come back for a while," said Miss Jun.

Actually she had never come back.

Someone poked in their head from outside.

"MIss Jun, I can take you on a walk. I know what’s fun and good to eat," coaxed Hu Gui.

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