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Chapter 191: Lowering Your Head and Admitting Fault

The current gossip was throwing conjectures every which way. But it had no effect on Miss Jun.

She still opened shop for diagnosis as treatment when the sun rise, and she returned to the inn bearing her sign when the sun set.

Her bearing never changed. Only people and events of the outside world changed. And it seemed that all of these changes were within her expectations.

As Lei Zhonglian drove the carriage, he turned back. Early summer was quite hot. As Miss Jun raised the curtains of the carriage, she stroked the words "Jiuling Hall" on her sign board like always.

"So at the start, Young Lady, you never planned to buy the land deed?" he couldn’t help but ask.

She shook her head.

"I did," she said. "Of course I did. I was going to buy it no matter the price."

She looked at Fang Chengyu.

"Just you weren’t going to spend our family’s money," Fang Chengyu said. "No?"

She smiled.

"Yes," she said. She explained for Lei Zhonglian. "I originally planned to do the same as I did now, open up shop and give treatment, but not free like it is now. Rather, for a high price."

High price?

Lei Zhonglian was pensieve.

Hu Gui had told the Yan Family who wanted to buy the deed that the young miss of the Jun Family wanted to buy the land, and that he could name any price.

If this was something said to someone without money, they would think that it was some spendthrift. It would be a waste not to take advantage of the offer.

But to someone with money, they would put more consideration into it. After all, those with money care about their face.

The Yan Family might have named a high price, so Miss Jun would have opened shop as usual, supposedly to earn money to buy the land deed. Naturally, she would continue to rely on her miraculous skills.

The fees for treatment naturally would have been a shocking sum.

To stir a controversy, an extreme price was required, whether it be extremely cheap or extremely expensive.

All in all, the goal was for the name of Jiuling Hall to spread through Runan.

But the current method was much quicker at attracting attention. If the price was so high, it couldn’t instantly attract hordes of people seeking treatment. There would just be observers. And there would be very few who could raise such an exorbitant price.

"I didn’t think that the Yan Family would do this," Miss Jun said sincerely.

She thought that the worst ending would’ve been the Yan Family’s impolite refusal. They had money but didn’t care for it, just the land.

"You see, at whatever time you can’t give up hope. You don’t know if Old Heavenly Father will surprise your next step with good fortune," she said with a sigh to Lei Zhonglian and Fang Chengyu.

Fang Chengyu nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Yes, yes," he said.

What "yes, yes". Lei Zhonglian was speechless.

The house being knocked down was a pleasant surprise? More like a fright.

No one would think of such a thing as good fortune.

Evidently, whether something is fortunate or unfortunate did not depend on the matter but on the person facing the matter.

She had such talent to turn the bad into good, to make things play out to her wishes.

She was different from other people.

Lei Zhonglian sighed heavily, before waving his whip and turning onto the streat of the Jiuling Hall. However, the next moment, he pulled back on the reins.

Because of the sudden movement, Miss Jun and Fang Chengyu jolted forward. They grabbed each other at the same time.

Every moment, she was concerned with his well being.

Fang Chengyu smiled and looked outside.

What was it?

Was it the people waiting for treatment blocking the road?

"Young Lady, Young Master, there are people repairing the house," Lei Zhonglian said.

Miss Jun and Fang Chengyu had both seen it. There were a lot of people standin

g where the crumbled remains of the house that had stayed there for half a month. They were pulling up partitions and tidying up the rubble and pieces of wood.

"Miss Jun has arrived!"

After this cry, the observers hurriedly turned around to make way. A group of people broke away from the ones repairing the house. At the forefront was an old woman.

"Miss Jun, I am repairing this building for you," said Old Madam Yan loudly. "It was my family who pushed down your house, so now I will fix it for you."

The bystanders were in an uproar.

They never thought that the Yan Family would actually admit to it.

"This was done by my bastard son," she continued. She shook her walking stick in her hand. "That scoundrel, I will chase him out for you."

Master Yan used his fan to hide his face as he unwillingly walked out.

The holding fan was extremely big, like a cattail leaf fan. The image of it blocking his face was quite comical.

"Miss Jun, I originally wanted him to strip naked and beg for punishment, but he is not so good looking. I am afraid that Miss Jun would be the one punished instead," said Old Madam Yan. She slapped him upside the head. "So I beat him for a bit and made him personally come and roof your house."

Master Yan dropped his fan because of that slap, exposing his black and blue face. Both his eyes were black. Obviously, the beating hadn’t been light.

Everyone exploded into laughter when they saw Master Yan.

Master Yan anxiously reached up for his fan to cover his face again.

Fang Chengyu looked on with interest. Miss Jun calmly smiled.

"So it was like that," she said.

She didn't say that she hadn’t known this, and she didn’t say that she did. This sentence summarized everything.

Old Madam yan nodded. She didn’t know if she should respond or to praise her skillful answer.

Old Madam Yan’s voice was still loud and at first glance seemed vulgar and shrewish, but her expression was much more serious.

"That’s right, he wanted to buy this land, so when he heard that you, the owner of the house returned, he committed this crime," she said. "I won’t say sorry to you; what’s done is done. I did not come here to beg for your forgiveness. I am just here to make up for this offense. If the house was knocked down, then I will build it up. I also bought this land for you…"

When she said this, Hu Gui jumped out.

"No, I didn't sell this to your family; I am giving it to Miss Jun," he said nervously. "The land deed should have been Miss Jun’s. It was my family who broke the contract. It was our mistake."

If I let you buy the land and give to Miss Jun, what will become of me? I am not so stupid. How could I think of making money now. I may make money, but I could not live well in all of Runan City.

Money will sooner or later be spent. The gains do not make up for the losses.

Everyone laughed at again at these two people’s struggle.

The reason for what was transpiring was clear to everyone. Although they feared difficult things in the world and did not dare speak up, did not dare question, but everyone could tell good from evil.

The two people who had been the one to bully the orphan were forced to lower their heads and admit fault. They were fighting over the one to please this orphan. They were like people from a story or play. The villains paid for their evil. It felt quite carefree to see them bowing to the protagonist.

Even if it hadn’t happened to them personally, it was very enjoyable to watch. After all, Old Heavenly Father had eyes. Wicked deeds had a price. This confirmed the justice of the world, and a life with justice was a life of hope.

Through the days of hardship, toil, and bitterness, as long as you had hope you could live.

"This Yan Family no doubt is the local tyrants of Runan. They could verybow their heads and stand tall. Although they had lost face, the knew when to admit to their fault to portray themselves as men of character. They also could resolve this conflict with Zhenzhen. It really was two birds with one stone."

Old Lady Fang said while raising her tea cup.

"It’s good that they are smart."

Unlike a certain family. Compared to the nearby Ning Family in Beining who had daughters in the city, Jun Zhenzhen had to teach them a lesson before they could gain peace.

Because Head Shopkeeper Song was to be executed, Concubine Su committed suicide, all of Head SHopkeeper Song’s spies in the Fang Family had been eliminated, Fang Chengyu’s whereabouts were no longer a secret in the Fang FAmily.

News of Fang Chengyu was continually sent back home.

The house in Runan City had been pushed down, the business of the straw shack was naturally no exception. And the description in the letters was extremely vivid.

Concubine Yuan recited the letters with great intonation, like she was reading a book.

"It’s like a book, just as I said. What’s more, it’s being told in the teahouses of Runan like a real book," she said with a laugh. "It’s called ‘When Jun Jiuling Returns to Her Homeland, Third Master Yan Pushes Down the House in the Night."

So it was called as such.

The people in the room couldn’t help but laugh.

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