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This was a stupidity competition.

The nephew chuckled.

Miss Jun was not smiling, but without any signs of displeasure, she accepted the prescription. She looked it over, then looked at the patient.

"Uncle, you must be experiencing swelling in your upper chest area, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, nausea, agitation, and little appetite," she said warmly. She gave the prescription another look, then turned back to the patient. "Redness on the tip of your tongue, yellow-white back of tongue, and a wiry pulse?"

The middle-aged man looked shocked.

"Yes, yes," he repeated.

This young lady was able to describe his illness just from looking at a prescription, exactly the same as the famous doctor he had sought out for diagnosis yesterday.

Miss Jun nodded and studied the prescription.

"The pathology of your illness is due to a conflict of energies in your body, which causes both cold and warmth, both internal and external symptoms. The gallbladder is undergoing illness, which causes the swelling of the chest and the dry mouth. The heat of the gallbladder is inharmonious with the stomach and liver, which causes the agitation, dizziness, nausea, and lack of appetite," she stated. "The prescription is very good; I don’t need to change anything about it. I will draw up the medicine according to the prescription."

She passed it over to Lei Zhonglian.

"Please come over here to receive your medicine," stated Lei Zhonglian.

The middle-aged man’s face was stunned, as if he didn’t understand.

"You can draw up prescriptions made by others?" he asked again.

Miss Jun smiled gently.

"I had the same diagnosis as that other person, so naturally I will," she stated.

So it could actually be like this?

To the side, Hu Gui and his nephew were staring in shock.

So couldn’t people come from other doctors to her place and receive free medicine?

Other doctors would not use less expensive drugs just to save money.

Hu Gui and his nephew exchanged looks.

"Is she an idiot?" the nephew asked.

They were just saying that Miss Jun would prescribe cheaper medicines in order to avoid incurring huge losses, or simply tell them there was no use for medicine. After all, she was the one diagnosing them. The right to decide was all hers.

But Miss Jun had just said this kind of thing and was doing that kind of thing.

Hu Gui did not dare ascertain if she was stupid. Right now, he was stunned stupid.

"That doesn’t matter. She can say that the other person’s prescription is not right. Then she can prescribe cheaper medicine," said the nephew quick-wittedly.

Hu Gui slapped the back of his head.

"Are you stupid?" he said quietly. "Wouldn’t that be offending the other doctors? They’re not right, but you are? Who are you? Are you a god? Is this spreading fame or infamy."

Doctor Jun never dared talk big his whole life as a doctor in Runan. How was this silly girl so arrogant.

Oh yeah. The nephew rubbed his head, then his eyes started to sparkle.

"Ai, if that’s so, then isn’t there no need for Master Yan to appear, if she’s dumb enough to provoke them?" he asked.

"I think that that person is not so foolish," said Hu Gui with displeasure. He watched Miss Jun hand the prescription to her servant.

"Please come here to receive your medicine," said Lei Zhonglian.

The middle-aged man stumbled to his feet, still incredulous.

Outside the straw shack was another straw shack. Inside was a medicinal cabinet where an employee was responsible for fulfilling the prescription.

According to rumor, Miss Jun had bought out a whole apothecary in the city and had a specialist mixing the drugs.

Hu Gui frowned when he saw this.

Bought out an apothecary.

She really had money.

If she had money, there was no need to waste it like this.

He really could not understand the thoughts of young people.

Hu Gui shook his head and backed off, but he collided with someone behind him.

"Out of the way, out of the way," they said.

Hu Gui turned to these people, and his expression was slightly stunned.

He recognized them; they were people from the De Sheng Chang exchange firm.

What were they doing here? Delivering money?

Hu Gui smiled at his joke.

But before his smile had fully formed, he saw the people from the De Sheng Chang walk over to the straw shack and the youth behind Miss Jun.

Miss Jun had let her lame little husband siti behind her, neither near nor far. He would not disturb her treatment, but he could still hear and see what she was doing and saying.

The young master was someone who couldn’t leave, and the pitiful Miss Jun had to look after him every moment.

‘What sort of plot is this,’ Hu Gui thought while watching the De Sheng Chang people speaking respectfully to the youth. The young man wrote something with his brush and passed the paper over to them. They took it deferentially, and respectfully backed away.

It was probably cashing in for silver.


Hu Gui went blank.

Why would they act so deferentially?

The De Sheng Chang were always respectful to wealthy masters. It couldn’t be that Miss Jun’s husband’s family really possessed some wealth?

De Sheng Chang had drawn level to them, and Hu Gui subconsciously grabbed one of them. He recognized them because of the exchanges they’d had several days ago about the land deed.

"Big Brother Xiao Ban," he called out, pointing at the shack. "Did they exchange a lot of money?"

The one called Xiao Ban looked at him strangely.

"Exchange what money?" he counter-asked.

Hu Gui tsk’ed.

"If they’re not exchanging money, could it be you’re giving it to them for free?" he said.

The employee Xiao Ban laughed.

"It’s not that we’re giving them anything," he said. "It’s not our money at all. It’s all his."

What did this mean?

Hu Gui blinked several times, still not getting it.

Xiao Ban clapped his shoulder as he still did not get it.

"Hu Gui, don’t you recognize the young master of our family?" he asked, pointing to the youth sitting in the straw hatch. "That is our young boss. The De Sheng Chang’s money is not ours, but his."

What the hell!

Hu Gui was staring.

"Second Uncle, Second Uncle."

His nephew came running in.

In the courtyard, the uneasy Hu Gui immediately grabbed him.

"What is it?" he asked anxiously.

"Second Uncle, I asked around. Doctor Jun’s in-law’s are the Fang Family of the De Sheng Chang." His nephew gulped down several mouthfuls of saliva. "So the De Sheng Chang belongs to Miss Jun’s grandmother. Now that she has married her younger cousin, she has become the young lady of the De Sheng Chang."

Hu Gui was dumbfounded.

He had thought that the Jun Family’s in-laws were indeed surnamed Fang, and they had seemed to be wealthy.

But not many of the other family’s relatives visited, and the Jun Family did not have any heirs so the marriage festivities were not that lively. Moreover, the new bride and Master Jun had soon been appointed elsewhere, sometimes not coming back for two to three years. Everybody, even Master Jun had soon forgotten about who Madam Jun’s maiden family was.

Runan City was small and the De Sheng Chang had set up a branch here in recent years. At that time, Doctor Jun was no longer.

Who knew that the two families were actually related by marriage.

So it was the De Sheng Chang.

Although the De Sheng Chang had not been operating for too long in Runan, its name was not unfamiliar. It was an exchange firm, and that meant money.

Not just Shanxi and Henan. It had firms almost everywhere, and possessed a great wealth.

No wonder the girl could say something like having them quote a price. No wonder she could make treatment free for a month.

"So she really was a dragon," Hu Gui murmured.

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