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At this proclamation, the entire room fell silent, followed by sobs.

Lady Fang went limp. Fortunately, Concubine Yuan caught her from behind.

"Lady, Lady!" The servants hurried to surround her.

The room descended into chaos.

"Impossible!" Miss Jun’s voice cut across the din. "Didn’t you say he would have one more year?"

What was she saying.

The servants could barely disguise their anger.

"Impossible, impossible!" Incredulity was written across her face. She looked at Imperial Physician Jiang with anger. "You lie!"

Imperial Physician Jiang had met with many family members of victims, but that was when he was young. Now no one would dare treat him so, and he didn’t need to deal with such treatment.

"How is it impossible?" he said cooly. "Let me ask you, did you recently give him a large quantity of supplement medicine?"

Everyone’s heart jumped when they heard what he said.

Truly, no doubt he was the imperial physician.

Concubine Yuan sighed regretfully.

There it was.

Now the fact that Young Master was given aphrodisiacs couldn’t be hidden.

"That kind of medicine should have no effect," Miss Jun declared, stepping forth with anger. "My family are doctors,and you’re a talentless charlatan. What do you think you’re saying."

Imperial Physician Jiang felt that he was mistaken about what he had felt when he first entered.

What profundity. Obviously, it was just disdain.

Of course, he could not lower himself to a child’s level.

"What kind of medicine was that?" he only asked cooly.

Miss Jun snorted and bit her lips.

"It doesn’t concern you," she said.

Head Shopkeeper Song furrowed his brows.

"So what exactly happened? What kind of medicine did you give Chengyu?" he shouted.

Lady Fang had already torn free from Concubine Yuan’s embrace. She threw herself onto Fang Chengyu and sobbed, having no time to listen to Head Shopkeeper Song.

Old Lady Fang’s expression morphed for a moment.

"Didn’t you say there would be no problems with the medicine?" she looked at Miss Jun, shaking. "Didn’t you say there would be no problems? Why has it come to this? What has happened to Chengyu?"

This was confirmation of what Imperial Physician Jiang had said.

Though he wasn’t happy about this at all. For him, it was just an insignificant matter.

"So it was an aphrodisiac," he said. "You actually made him eat an aphrodisiac. Could it be you didn’t know his condition? Even a normal person couldn’t take it, but you thought that he would be fine with eating such a thing."

He shook his head disapprovingly.

Although he knew why the Fang Family did it, it was hard for him to approve it as a doctor.

Head Shopkeeper Song also understood it. He looked appalled as he pointed at Old Lady Fang.

"Sister-in-law, you, you’ve gotten dementia," he seemed to be unable to speak from anger.

Old Lady Fang only had eyes for Miss Jun, not sparing him a glance.

"Didn’t you say it will be fine? Did you trick us? Why did you trick us, why did you harm us?" Her voice was trembling, anger and despair written across her face.

She was looking at Miss Jun, but her words were directed at Head Shopkeeper Song.

The emotional tremors could not be concealed, and she did not need to fake anything.

Everyone watching this seemed to be bearing a heavy sadness while they looked at Miss Jun with undisguised anger.

Panic flashed in her eyes, but it immediately transformed into a smirk.

"My medicine is of course flawless. This is because…"—her eyes flashed—"because he slept with that servant girl."

"That’s right," Liu’er immediately shouted as she placed herself in front of Miss Jun. She faced down everyone’s hostility. "Who told that cripple to be so horny. My young miss didn’t say he could sleep with someone. He was the one to sleep with that servant. He hurt himself."

Head Shopkeeper Song had already gone lightheaded from what he was hearing.

"Sleeping with a servant girl is what happened?"

He angrily slapped the table.

Old Lady Fang’s face was pale. She looked at him, too embarrassed to speak.

"Brother, I am too ashamed to tell you," she said with tears in her eyes. "It’s all my fault, all my fault. I was blind."

I was blind, to regard an enemy as family for so many years.

Old Lady Fang violently slapped herself.

Everyone jumped in fright.

The servants rushed forward and kneeled in front of her, staying her hand.

"Old Lady, don’t do that," they sobbed.

Head Shopkeeper Song sighed.

"You, there is no need for that," he said helplessly.

She beat her chest and sobbed.

"Old Master, Dalang, Chengyu, I am sorry. You have died unjustly," she screamed.

The room was filled with sobs, sorrowful and pitiful.

"Yes, this is his own fault. What does it have to do with me."

Only Miss Jun could speak calmly in the midst of the mourning.

It really was too bullying. One of the servant girls couldn’t continue watching.

"Old Lady, it isn’t Young Master’s fault." Maidong fell to her knees with an audible thud. "It was Young Lady… just now Young Lady forced Young Master…"

As an unmarried servant girl, she was much too bashful to say such things.

Saying "Doing that kind of thing" was all she could manage.

That kind of thing? What kind of thing?

Everyone was stunned as they recalled Young Lady’s skewed clothes when they first entered.

No way.

Lady Fang was stunned. She stopped crying to pull back the blanket on Chengyu.

Concubine Yuan conveniently took a glance, only to see a young man’s smooth body underneath a blanket...

She hurried to look away.

Lady Fang pulled apart the clothes she had personally given to Chengyu, and immediately her eyes darkened at what she saw.

"You, you…" She pointed at Miss Jun, the words not coming out. She swayed to the side.

Concubine Yuan caught her again.

The room descended into chaos again.

"How could you do this? How could you do this?"

Appalled and angry, Old Lady Fang pointed at Miss Jun.

Miss Jun was neither afraid nor ashamed.

"What did I do? Why can’t I do it? He is my man, sleeping with him is heaven’s law and earth’s principle." She snorted.

"That’s right, why can’t she do it? My family’s young miss should sleep with him as is heaven’s law and earth’s principle," Liu’er parroted.

Head Shopkeeper Song was dumbfounded, and Imperial Physician Jiang looked like he had seen a ghost.

He had been practicing medicine for many years, but this was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

The room rang with sobs and shouts and curses, the words all blurring together.

"Troublemaker! Preposterous!"

Head Shopkeeper Song could not hear what was being said and shouted, pulling Imperial Physician Jiang by the sleeve, bringing him outside.

"A farce!"


When Old Lady Fang stammering from shame arrived at the drawing room, the managers had already left.

"Don’t go. Could it be you wanted to see the comedy again?" Head Shopkeeper Song askedscathingly. "What is going on?"

Old Lady Fang blushed red.

"Second Uncle…" she stuttered. "I-I can’t do anything."

Tears fell.

"You say you can’t do anything? It couldn’t be that the Fang Family has finally fallen."

Head Shopkeeper Song looked at her angrily and helplessly.

"Sister-in-law, Chengyu is a human." He let out a long breath, and his voice started to tremble. "He is already experiencing such unhappiness. You cannot treat him like this."

Yes. He is a human, he is a child. We genuinely and sincerely took you to be our relative, so how could you do such a thing? You are not human.

So sincere, he treated their Fang Family with utmost care. It was not a half-hearted concern. When it was time to be strict, he was strict. Everything was for their benefit.

Who could suspect that such a person would be their enemy.

Even at this moment, Old Lady Fang couldn’t help but be doubtful, worry that she was just overthinking, that she had guessed wrongly.

Head Shopkeeper Song’s arrival and Imperial Physician Jiang’s arrival was just a coincidence.

Tears fell from Old Lady Fang’s eyes again.

She sobbed into her hands.

Head Shopkeeper Song sighed again, then looked at Imperial Physician Jiang with despair.

"Doctor Jiang, can Chengyu be saved?" he asked.

Old Lady Fang’s heart swelled with hope and she looked at Imperial Physician Jiang with an expectant gaze.

He shook his head.

"If it were just the medicine, I could resolve it. But Young Master has surpassed the force his body could take. His lifeforce has been exhausted." He shook his head again. "Just let his days be as happy as possible."

Old Lady Fang collapsed onto the chair like she had been struck by lightning. She sobbed and buried her face in her hands.

Head Shopkeeper Song could hear those sobs even after he exited the room.

"Thank you for your trouble, Imperial Physician Jiang." Then said with some awkwardness, "What happened today, please…"

Today the Fang Family had done such a preposterous, shameful thing. He was asking to keep it a secret.

All the servants standing around showed expressions of gratitude and relief. Really, this family was fortunate to have Old Master Song. Imperial Physician Jiang smiled.

"Head Shopkeeper Song, you jest. I still have  a doctor’s duty to uphold," he said.

Head Shopkeeper Song thanked him again, and instructed one of the servant boys to send him off.

He watched Imperial Physician Jiang leave, then walked to his own carriage. As he was boarding the carriage, he turned back, shaking his head in grief. Then he finished getting on. No trace of sorrow was left on his face.

"Lamenting in unhappiness..." He shook his head and began to sing softly. "We[1] could not keep her here… even if we had wings we could not shake off time. A thousand autumns we have seen cannot stay, the mansion sways and rocks under the wind and rain…"

At the same time, after sending away all the servants, Old Lady Fang, who was sobbing in the drawing room, stopped her sadness.

Even if everything has gone according to your plan, the Heavens have not given up on me, so they sent us Jun Zhenzhen.

Old Heavenly Father has opened his eyes and promoted justice.

[1] The Royal we

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