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Since Fang Chengyu had been victimized, they had always wanted to find their enemy. For so many years, they could never forget their unease.

Now, finally they could meet their enemy.

Truly it was happiness. Great happiness.

Old Lady Fang clenched her fist tighter.

"But they have been in the shadows and we in the light for too long. Their preparations are much more thorough than ours. In case they find out that Chengyu was not just able to have a child, but was actually completely cleaned of poison, then they will immediately kill him," reminded Miss Jun. "Just like I  said before, the cat…"

Miss Jun gave Old Lady Fang a look, and Old Lady Fang gave her a look.

"...consolidation [1] of all of our power to deliver a fatal blow…" she finished.

Old Lady Fang could not help but scoff.

She had said before to not liken them to a mouse, but she hadn’t thought that this child would actually remember.

"It’s fine." She grimaced. "You’re saying that while everything is in their hands, they can play tricks on us. But when we break out of their grasp, they will be angry and show no mercy."


"That is also to say, it is a very dangerous time," continued Old Lady Fang. "We need to make the best out of our mistake and spread the word that we only gave Chengyu medicine to bear a child. So your fit and fight with that servant girl, and the prescription you wrote…"

She looked at the prescription in her hands.

Miss Jun had just written two prescriptions, but only one of them was taken by Liu’er.

"That was medicine to prevent pregnancy," Miss Jun said.

"This is a pregnancy inducing medicine," Old Lady Fang said, looking at the prescription in her hand. She smiled.

"A booster for nutrition," she said with a smile, slyly winking.

Old Lady Fang did not say anything, just looked at the prescription with a complicated expression.

Just as Miss Jun had said, those people didn’t seem like they wanted to destroy the Fang Family all in one go. They just wanted to cut off the Fang Family’s joss sticks. So if the Fang Family had used medicine only to make Chengyu able to have sex, and if that servant girl really got pregnant, then those people’s attention would shift to the servant girl.

Then in order to fulfill the Fang Family’s curse—something happening to the Fang Family’s heirs—Chengyu would stay out of their view.

"I just don’t know if that servant girl wants to or not…"

"Of course she wants it," Old Lady Fang interrupted, her expression grave. "Didn’t you ask her? She said she did it voluntarily, and it had nothing to do with Young Master."

When she said this, Old Lady Fang looked to Lady Fang.

The less people that knew about this the better. Otherwise, it would be more easily exposed.

A mother’s happiness at her son’s capability to have heirs would not make anyone suspicious at all.

"What happened now just isn’t a confirmation of the rumor that the marriage was conceived to make Chengyu sire an heir," Old Lady Fang said. "Now we must make the best of the mistake. Jun Zhenzhen can keep Chengyu under observation so that she can complete the final step of the treatment. Now that the poison has been cleared up, she can strengthen his meridians."

Lady Fang’s happiness was unending. She immediately understood what Old Lady Fang meant.

"I will keep Lingzhi under observation too, to create a facade that Lingzhi and Chengyu have angered Zhenzhen," she said.

Old Lady Fang nodded.

Lady Fang couldn’t help but step forward.

"Mother, you said if Lingzhi really is pregnant…" she said.

"If she really is pregnant, then you must take even better care of her," Old Lady Fang interrupted.

That was only natural.

Lady Fang’s eyes reddened slightly.

"This time, I will give my life so that Chengyu’s child will not undergo the same suffering as Chengyu," she sobbed out.

Mother-in-law and daugher-in-law were interrupted by the voice of a servant girl.

"Old Lady, Second Old Master is here."

Second Old Master?

Old Lady Fang’s teacup dropped to the ground. A huge change came over her.

Lady Fang also jumped in fright.

"Mother what is it?" she asked in a hurry.

"Second Old Master is here?" Old Lady Fang parroted back, incredulous.

Old Master Fang had brothers. Old Lady Fang believed it was them who had come.

Those brothers had all been chased back to Shandong. They had cut off relations earlier, and when Old Master Fang died, they had come to cause trouble from Shandong.

But that was when they were young. Old Master’s brothers were now very old. How could they journey so far?

Perhaps it was because of worry that something happened to Chengyu that she thought of that time when her husband had died.

"Mother, it is Second Uncle Song," Lady Fang said gently.

Old Master Fang had also had a sworn brother. That was the head shopkeeper of the De Sheng Chang, Song Yunping.

The appellation of Second Old Master indicated his intimacy with the family.

Old Lady Fang’s expression was still strange.

"It’s him?" she asked.

"Of course it’s him."

Lady Fang did not understand.

What was going on with Mother?

Old Lady Fang was thinking of when Miss Jun had said they would see their enemy soon.

Something had just happened to Fang Chengyu and now Second Master Song arrived on their doorstep. Was that not too coincidental?

It was him?

Could it be that the Fang Family’s enemy was someone so close to them?

Her thoughts were in a whirl, and her body flashed hot and cold.

"Mother, today is accounting verification day. Second Uncle said a couple days ago that he would be here today," Lady Fang added.

Old Lady Fang calmed down.

Right, this wasn’t a coincidence.

"Mother, do you want to postpone for tomorrow?" she asked as she watched her expression.

Postponing something they've already agreed on would just make people more suspicious that something had happened. Old Lady Fang sighed deeply.

"No need. It's just checking the accounts. There's no need to delay."

She stood up.

Lady Fang made a sound of confirmation. She waited upon Old Lady Fang personally as she changed clothes, then went along with her to the main drawing room of the Fang residence.

Head Shopkeeper Song was already sitting inside.

Old Lady Fang glanced at the pile of account books on the table, then looked at the old men accompanying Head Shopkeeper Song.

They were chatting, discussing matters of the exchange firm.

As expected they were here to look over the accounts. She was overthinking things.

Old Lady Fang sighed lightly, then smiled as she walked in.

"Big Brother Yunping, you've arrived," she greeted.

At this time, Miss Jun had left the study and entered Fang Chengyu's room.

Baishao and Maidong did not dare stop her. They could only greet her with terror.

"Leave," Miss Jun ordered.

Baishao and Maidong became more uneasy.

Why didn't any other person come? Could it be that Lady didn't' make any arrangements? Miss Jun was so angry, what were they to do if she killed Young Master?

Their thoughts were in confusion. They didn't dare leave, but they also didn't dare not leave. They stood in their spots, feeling pitiful.

"Get out," Miss Jun said with temper.

Maidong and Baishao shivered in fright and scrambled out.

"Let's go quick, we need to call Lady," Maidong said in a low voice, standing outside. "I will stay here and watch over."

Baishao scrambled away.

Maidong lurked near the door, pressing her ear to hear what was happening inside.

There were no sounds of a fight inside.

Miss Jun had gone into the bathroom, then exited after a moment, gripping a small box. Then she stood by the bedside.

Fang Chengyu, who was lying there, looked at her.

Both were extremely calm.

"You are too much!" she suddenly shouted angrily.

Maidong jumped in fright.

Fang Chengyu looked back at her.

"Jun Zhenzhen, you cannot differentiate good from bad!" he suddenly shouted back loudly.

Maidong wrung her hands together, unable to stop pacing.

As expected it was a fight, a fight.

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