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Chapter 136
Chapter 136: What Must Be Done

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Once Miss Jun ran out, the tense atmosphere in the room dispelled.

"Young Lady ran to the study," reported Concubine Yuan after looking out the window. She was somewhat concerned. "I’ll check and see if she’s going to do something like kill herself."

"Just let her die," Fang Chengyu said with a cold smile.

Lady Fang slapped her son, hard.

"I told you to shut your mouth," she said. "You still don’t know your mistake."

"Mistake? I made a mistake?" countered Fang Chengyu. "Weren’t you the ones who always wanted me to carry on the ancestral line? Now that I can do it, what have I done wrong?"

Fang Chengyu had always been a gentle and obedient child. This was the first time that Concubine Yuan had seen him feigning ignorance so.

But yes, that brought up a good point—he was a child.

A child, tormented by illness for years on end, unable to do things others could do. If he suddenly found that he could do what men could, no wonder he went insane.

"Young Master, there’s nothing wrong with you," Concubine Yuan hurried to say. "It’s just that…"

"It’s just that I need to sleep with her, not other people, yes?" he interrupted with a cold smile.

This child!

"I like Lingzhi, and I don’t like her, so I don’t want to sleep with her…" He then shouted, "Bring Lingzhi back here!"

As he shouted, he hit the ground, and seemed for a moment like he was to roll on the ground. It was like a child who wanted a toy and was making a fuss.

Lady Fang was angry and anxious and had no idea what to do.

He had never been a child that would cause a scene. This was the first time as a mother that she had encountered this situation.

There were really many things that she was finding out for the first time.

"Okay, okay. Young Master, we will go bring her back. Don’t be in a hurry; your body is more important," advised Concubine Yuan.

Old Lady slapped the table again.

"Really, what will the next scandal be?! Put him onto the bed," she declared.

Concubine Yuan shouted for the servants to help him onto the bed.

"Okay, you can all leave." Old Lady Fang’s expression was complicated. "Suniang, you look after Chengyu. I will go see to Zhenzhen."

The next step was to placate the married couple.

This was the process of soothing out fall-outs between husband and wife that many households had to go through.

Concubine Yuan made a sound of affirmation before leading the servants away.

When they saw Concubine Yuan leading them out, the servants standing in the courtyard were all quite curious.

"Auntie, how is Young Master?" some of the servants couldn’t help but ask.

"It cannot be said here." Concubine Su still fastidiously dissuaded speech.

Concubine Yuan was about to say something when Liu’er came running out.

"Get out of here! Go far far away!" she shrieked and stood on top of the raised platform of the entrance. "If you dare grumble and gossip here, I will sell all of you together."

Right now Miss Jun was in a temper, while Old Lady and Lady couldn’t keep their happiness down. To placate Miss Jun, they definitely wouldn’t mind giving her a few people to vent her anger.

Everyone dispersed like a flock of birds.

Old Lady Fang walked into Miss Jun’s study.

Miss Jun was sitting in front of a table, using a

mirror to check her appearance. Her hair was in disarray, and there was still remnants of her excitement on her face. However, her eyes were calm. She gave off a strange feeling.

Earlier, she had pulled off the village woman act very smoothly, but she also had felt out of sorts. What did her actions look like?

She waggled her eyebrows and pursed her lips at the mirror.

She had never done something like this in her entire life. She really was unpracticed.

When she heard Old Lady Fang enter, she set down the mirror and started to smooth down her hair.

"Is Chengyu really well?" Old Lady Fang opened the door to see the mountain [1].

"He should be well," Miss Jun said.

"Is this a bad outcome or not?"  Old Lady Fang then asked.

A cured Fang Chengyu was what they had always hoped for. Now they could say that their dreams had come true. However, she asked if this was a bad outcome. If someone heard this, they would think that Old Lady Fang had gone delirious from joy.

But Miss Jun nodded.

"Now everyone will know he is well," she said with regret.

People of the household, outsiders, their people, the enemy’s people.

Old Lady Fang grew grave.

The important thing was not that the enemy knew that Fang Chengyu was better, but that they didn’t know who the enemy was.

Still, I am in the light and the enemy in darkness.’

But this time, they must be frustrated by being fooled. They definitely would find a direct way to claim Fang Chengyu’s life.

I can cure sickness, but I cannot cure death. If he dies, there is nothing to be done.

Miss Jun looked at Old Lady Fang.

"The people came here quite quickly just now," she mentioned, looking outside. "The news has probably spread by now."

Yes, before she was too concerned about Fang Chengyu to care about anything else, but now when she thought about it, there were too many people there.

Although in order to prevent beating the grass and scaring the snake Old Lady Fang did not screen everyone in the house, but when she saw how many chances there were for the enemy to plant his informers, she could not help her ire.

"Is Lingzhi their person?" Old Lady Fang asked.

Miss Jun shook her head.

"She isn’t." Then she smiled. "Lingzhi should be one of Little Cousin’s people."

Old Lady Fang knew very well how a girl became a man’s person. She couldn’t help but feel awkward, but she still needed to ask.

"Zhenzhen, Chengyu, can he really do it?" she asked.

"The poison in his body has already been dispelled. Although his meridians and muscles are still weak, there shouldn’t be any problems with doing that," she reported.

The poison in his body had been dispelled.

There was no problem with continuing the family line.

Old Lady Fang felt her whole body weaken while burning hot. She wanted to cry, and she wanted to laugh.

"Anyways, it’s not important whether he and Lingzhi really did it or not," she added. "The important thing is that now we need everyone to think it’s true."

‘So that’s why she put on her shrew act earlier,’ thought Old Lady Fang. As expected, it wasn’t really because she was upset that Chengyu had slept with a girl.

Regret appeared in Old Lady Fang’s heart.

If she really was angry, that would mean she had some fondness and concern for Fang Chengyu.

Wait, what was she thinking? That was impossible.

"But shouldn’t we want people to think it’s fake?" Old Lady Fang recovered herself. "We shouldn’t let everyone know that Chengyu has been cured."

Miss Jun smiled and shook her head.

"It can’t be hidden," she answered. "If this thing hadn’t happened, then we would have had time to keep it in the dark for a bit longer. Then when people were unprepared, we could have ‘cured’ him."

But now with this sudden occurrence, only an idiot wouldn’t believe it. And that enemy definitely was not an idiot.

Old Lady Fang fell silent.

"Chengyu, that child…" She sighed.

"But this is good," Miss Jun said. "We can turn this to part of our plan."

She lowered her head, raised her brush, and wrote a line of words.

"Liu’er," she called outside.

The sounds of pounding footsteps were followed by Liu’er’s entrance.

"Give this prescription to Lingzhi," she ordered, pushing the paper across the table.

Old Lady Fang raised an eyebrow, then thought of something

Liu’er’s eyes also lit up. She had also thought of something.

"Young Miss, just relax. I will personally pour these into her," she said viciously. Prescription in hand, she whirled out of the room.

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