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Chapter 135
Chapter 135: A Wife’s Fury

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Miss Jun hit someone.

Miss Jun actually hit someone?

Actually, this shouldn’t be so strange. This wasn’t the first time she had physically fought with someone. She and Fang Jinxiu had gone for a round in the garden before.

But this time it was a servant girl. She actually came to blows with a servant.

The reason wasn’t because ‘You dropped my handkerchief so I stepped on your handkerchief’ kind of thing.

It was because her husband had an affair.

From her actions, attitude, and tone, this was simply like fighting between two village women.

"I’ll kill you, you piece of shameless crap!" she yelled. "I’ll beat you to death, you piece of shameless crap. You stole my man; I’ll kill you!"

It seemed that for a moment, it was all a mess of hair and clothes, ragged breathing mixed with sobs.

Even Liu’er, who was always the first to act on her young miss’ behalf couldn’t respond for a moment. Then she jumped into the fray wholeheartedly.

"You shameless, lowly piece of crap! I’m gonna kill you whore!"

The shrieks and sobs and sounds of a conflict filled the room and filtered through the door and window.

The servants standing in the courtyard were amazed. Even Concubine Yuan turned to grab a better look.

"An altercation," she commented with surprise and humor.

When she heard it, Concubine Su frowned.

"We should leave," she said. "Let’s not stay here."

Concubine Yuan shook her off.

"How can we leave? With Miss Jun’s personality, how could Old Lady and Lady stop her," she said quietly, eyes twinkling bright.

Then they heard Fang Chengyu’s roar from inside.

"... You just try to hit her… If any of you dare move on Lingzhi…Otherwise I will just die right now for you…"

Concubine Yuan sputtered into laughter, bumping Concubine Su with her arm.

"I never thought that our young master would be so deeply invested," she said with a smile.

Concubine Su frowned harder.

"Hurry up and go. We can’t stay here; this is nothing good," she exhorted.

Concubine Yuan tsked.

"How is this not a good thing?" she whispered furiously. "Other people sleeping with a servant is no good, but for our young master, this is something we never even dreamed could happen."

That’s right.

Young Master being able to cheat with a servant, no, being able to have intercourse, meant that not only was his body doing well, but there was a chance for the Fang Family’s incense sticks.

Fang Jinxiu and her sisters were standing a bit farther. After all, this was something that girls who hadn’t married yet wanted to avoid, but they could still hear the shouting and fighting and Fang Chengyu’s voice from within.

"Little Brother still is not doing the right thing," Fang Yunxiu sighed.

"What’s bad about this?" Fang Jinxiu pulled a long face. "It’s a man protecting the woman he likes. Who made her marry Little Brother. A twisted gourd is never sweet. Now that she’s crying and fighting, how is that heroic."

Fang Yunxiu almost smiled.

"What’s with that rubbish. She isn’t a man [1]."

But how should she interpret it? Was Fang Jinxiu protecting Jun Zhenzhen or Fang Chengyu?

But she felt that this time, it was indeed Fang Chengyu who had committed the wrong.

"You can’t say that," s

he said. "Even if you don’t like her, this shouldn’t be done."

"Then how should it be said? How was this done? Should he have slept with her?" Fang Jinxiu retorted.

Fang Yunxiu hit her.

"Stop talking, you." She was bright red. Fang Jinxiu didn’t talk after being hit. Fang Yunxiu looked to Fang Yuxiu. "Second Sister, what about you?"

Fang Yuxiu, who had always been silent, nodded. She looked to the courtyard.

"Little Brother’s voice is still quite clear," she commented.

His voice?

The other two were momentarily blank. After all this, that was all she had to say? They couldn’t help but look into the courtyard.

The clamor from the courtyard was truly quite loud.

"Chengyu, shut up," Lady Fang said anxiously.

Fang Chengyu did not listen to his mother like he had before.

"Just try and hit her. If I die, just see if you can still live. Jun Zhenzhen, you are too shameless," he pointed as Miss Jun as he shouted.

Lady Fang wanted to stop both sides of the fight at once. Although she was a mother and mother-in-law, one side was inappropriately fighting while the other was inappropriately cursing. It really was a vexatious situation.

"Enough! Stop it you two." Old Lady Fang, who had been standing stunned off to the side finally recovered from her stupor. "Come, servants."

The ever attentive Concubine Yuan immediately motioned to Concubine Su, ‘See, I told you so’. Not waiting for her to say anything, she hurried to lead the servants in.

The scene that lay before their eyes was much messier than they had imagined. They were especially surprised when they saw Miss Jun attacking Lingzhi.

Right now, Miss Jun did not look like the young miss of a bureaucratic family at all.

"Pull them apart. Who knows what will happen next," Old Lady Fang ordered.

Concubine Yuan personally came to grab Miss Jun.

"Young Lady, Young Lady, careful of your hands," she warned gently.

The other servants took the chance to surround Lingzhi, cutting her off from Liu’er.

"Take her and sell her!" shrieked Miss Jun pointedly as she grabbed Concubine Yuan’s arm.

"Jun Zhenzhen, you dare!" shouted  Fang Chengyu, pointing at her accusatorily.

Liu’er threw off the servants stopping her, then went to grab Lingzhi’s hair to drag her out.

"See whether my young miss dares or not," Liu’er shouted.

Lingzhi sobbed and cried, reaching out for Fang Chengyu.

Fang Chengyu let go of the bed frame to stop this, but he could only stand, not walk. He fell to the ground.

Lady Fang shrieked in surprise and leaped forward to help him, while Old Lady Fang also anxiously stepped forward.

The room descended into another round of chaos.

"Take her away." Old Lady Fang slapped the table multiple times.

"Take her and sell her!" Liu’er’s protest hadn’t weakened at all.

The servants did not know  what to do until Concubine Yuan motioned for them to take Lingzhi away.

"Hurry up, hurry up, then sell her," she said.

This fulfilled both people’s instructions. Old Lady Fang and Liu’er didn’t say anything else, and the servants took Lingzhi away.

"You can’t…" Fang Chengyu shouted from where he was sitting on the ground.

Lady Fang reached out to cover his mouth.

"You, talk less," Lady Fang ordered furiously.

The room temporarily fell into silence, but the atmosphere was strange.

Now what should they say? Should they rebuke Young Master for his conquest?

They really weren’t accustomed to doing this.

This was the thought that was passing through everyone’s mind.

Old Master had no brothers near him. There was only one Master, and at that time rumors of the curse were circulating around, so they wholeheartedly wanted Master to spawn many young and gave him several concubines. There was no sleeping with servants, not even an outside merchant, because all they wanted was to birth a son, many sons.

But in the end, there was only Fang Chengyu. And he had turned into a cripple at a young age, so he had no chance to even propagate.

No one had hope that he could have kids. Just living several years was something to thank Heaven and Earth.

A sudden affair with a servant, they really did not know how to respond to it.

Logically, they should be reprimanding him. But for the Fang Family, this was something they were actually itching to praise and let all of Yangcheng know.

What should they say.

Concubine Yuan looked at Miss Jun, who she was supporting. Miss Jun looked back at her.

"I won’t live." Miss Jun shook off her arm, then ran away, sobbing.

"Young Miss." Liu’er hurried to chase after her.

Concubine Yuan backed away and inhaled deeply, rubbing her arm.

Miss Jun really had great grip strength.

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