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Chapter 134: To Ask for Clarification
Really, how shameless. Could a girl say such a thing?
Are your peaches ripe?
Aren't you actually asking if he can 'perform' or not?
Really! No face! Are you a girl or not.
Fang Chengyu burned with rage.
But even though this was obviously something a girl shouldn't ask, it was a reminder to the married women.
Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang's gazes turned to Fang Chengyu, then slid down to his waist.
It wasn't just Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang. Many of the servants had subconsciously moved their lines of sights.
Only a thin sheet was draped across his waist. With all these women staring, it seemed they could burn through it.
That was right. Fang Chengyu was a cripple that couldn’t even go to the bathroom by himself, let alone engage in pleasures of the flesh.
Was there really a medicine that could turn a cripple into a man?
Everybody could not help but want to see.
Although Fang Chengyu had never become a man, he knew what a man was. Right now, with a crowd of women staring at what made him a man, what sort of man was this.
Fang Chengyu was embarrassed, anxious, and angry. Not a bit of his happiness and pride from before remained.
It was always like this. A very happy occasion was destroyed by her succinctly.
That woman would always do things like this.
Fang Chengyu smirked and threw something on the bed onto the ground.
"Take a look," he said.
The women’s eyes followed his movements to what was on the ground.
On the ground was part of the bedsheet, slightly wrinkled, and dotted with red blossoms.
The older women had personally seen this before and understood what it represented. The younger servant girls got it several beats later, their faces burning red hot as they turned away.
How humiliating...
Lady Fang could not help but step forward and pick it up.
"Mother," she couldn’t help but shout, her voice trembling. "It really…"
Old Lady Fang didn’t say anything. Miss Jun spoke first.
"This could confirm whether it's fake or not," she said, "but there are plenty of ways to recreate hymen bleeding."
This woman!
Fang Chengyu ground his teeth together, and awkwardness appeared on the women’s faces again.
"Okay, party's over. What next?" said Old Lady Fang, finally breaking her silence.
Everybody suddenly realized that the room and courtyard were indeed packed with people. Everything was happening so suddenly that they forgot to clear out.
The older servants hurriedly shooed out the younger girls before following after.
"Let them put on clothes," said Old Lady Fang as she eyed Fang Chengyu and Lingzhi in displeasure. She then turned and went to wait in the outer room.
Because the servant girls had rushed out, Lady Fang personally handed Fang Chengyu his clothes, absent-minded. She seemed to be in a dream, not daring to say anything.
Lingzhi picked up her own haphazardly scattered clothing.
"Old Lady, everything is fine now," called out Lady Fang.
Old Lady Fang walked back in along with Miss Jun, accompanied by Liu'er who was glaring daggers at Lingzhi.
Although servants were supposed to leave, Liu'er had excluded herself.
Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang acted like they hadn't seen her.
"Chengyu, is your body well?" asked Old Lady Fang.
Fang Chengyu still did not say anything, and Liu'er shouted angrily, "Who cares how he's doing, this devil and cheater!"
Miss Jun motioned for her to be silent, so she grumpily stopped talking.
"I'm fine," said Fang Chengyu. He smiled at Miss Jun sincerely. "Thank you, Wife, for your meticulous care."
Lady Fang also couldn't help herself.
"Chengyu, you really, really can… you can?" she grabbed his arm and asked anxiously.
Old Lady Fang looked at Miss Jun pensively.
"Zhenzhen, this med

icine, it can make him...?" she asked.
"His body is well, so of course he can," said Miss Jun.
Old Lady Fang instantly straightened up with good cheer.
"But your body is well?" Miss Jun asked, looking at Fang Chengyu.
While she was following her master and studying medicine, she had personally treated many kinds of bizarre illnesses and afflictions, but this was her first time dispelling this kind of slow-acting poison. Besides feeling his pulse, she needed the patient to describe his body’s condition to her clearly.
She was of course confident that she could cure Fang Chengyu, but she didn’t have a set time frame.
A while before Fang Chengyu had said he was feeling better. She guessed that it would take several days before the blood in his lower body could circulate properly, but it was fine now? Did this brat hear the rumors that he was supposed to leave behind an heir so he deliberately slapped her face?
Everyone turned back to look at Fang Chengyu.
He smiled coldly.
"I know whether my body is well or not," he said. At this he paused. "But, now another person knows."
He smiled and looked at Lingzhi, who was kneeling on the ground.
"Lingzhi, would you say my body is well?"
Lingzhi’s gaze was attracted to the cloth spotted with blood Lady Fang had put down.
"Yes," she lowered her head, almost touching her chin to her neck, "Young Master… is very good."
‘Very good’ naturally had more than one layer of meaning.
This question and answer session was really...
Even the pure Liu’er couldn’t bear to listen.
"Shameless," she said, gritting her teeth.
For a woman, if her husband were to have an affair with a servant girl, it would definitely be shameful conduct. But for a mother, her son sleeping with several girls was no big deal. Moreover, this son was handicapped.
Don’t even speak about a servant girl, even bedding a beggar would be an occasion to thank God and Buddha.
For Lady Fang, who her son slept with wasn’t important. What was more important was that he could sleep with someone.
"Mother, Chengyu." Lady Fang was so excited she didn’t know who she should address first.
Miss Jun took a step forward and looked at Fang Chengyu.
"Describe it in detail," she ordered.
Describe what?
Fang Chengyu stared blankly.
"Say how you and she did it," Miss Jun said.
How they did it...
Lady Fang and Old Lady Fang immediately blushed, while Fang Chengyu was incensed.
"Really, shameless," he cursed.
"Zhenzhen, this time it was Chengyu’s mistake…" started Lady Fang awkwardly. "Don’t be angry."
"How am I angry?" Miss Jun asked, taking in their expressions. "You are all overthinking it. He just hasn’t said it very clearly, so I want him to describe it for me. I still don’t know if he’s cured or not."
What’s this bullshit logic.
Fang Chengyu smirked.
"There’s no need for that. You can see whether I’m well or not yourselves," he said.
Everybody looked at him. He supported himself with his hand against the bed and stood up.
Lady Fang and Old Lady Fang’s mouths hung open in shock. Liu’er also stared, wide-eyed and dumbfounded. Miss Jun was still mostly calm, only a hint surprise on her face.
"Chengyu!" Tears immediately poured down Lady Fang’s face and she threw herself forward.
Her Chengyu stood up.
Her Chengyu could stand.
Old Lady Fang fell back into the chair with a plop, tears also going down her cheeks.
Although Fang Chengyu was standing unsteadily, and his hand was still tightly latched to the bedpost, he could truly stand.
A paralyzed child for close to ten years could stand.
"Chengyu, Chengyu!" sobbed Lady Fang. She wanted to grab Fang Chengyu, but she felt he was like a fragile doll that she didn't’ dare touch.
Fang Chengyu was about to say something when Miss Jun stepped forward.
"You really slept with him?" This time the one she asked was the servant girl Lingzhi.
Lingzhi was shaking all over and refused to lift her head.
"Young Lady spare me, Young Lady spare me," was the only thing she could sob. After resolving herself, she managed to lift her head. "It was all this servant's fault, all this servant's fault. It was unrelated to Young Master."
"Didn’t I ask whether you slept with him? Cut the crap," Miss Jun barked.
The sudden raise in volume shocked everyone in the room.
Miss Jun’s sudden change in tone was inconsistent with her usually gentle and carefully chosen words.
Was this anger?
Lingzhi bent over the ground, sobbing without words.
Lady Fang felt awkward, Old Lady Fang frowned at the girl, and Fang Chengyu smiled.
"I’ve already said everything. What do you still need to know?" he said. "If you don’t understand, I can tell it to you again. I like this servant girl, so I…"
He hadn’t finished when Lingzhi crawled over to Miss Jun.
"Young Lady, this isn’t related to Young Master. It was this lowly one who seduced him," she cried. "This servant seduced him to do such a thing."
Lady Fang couldn’t help but try to approach her.
"Zhenzhen, we shouldn’t be first talking about this now…" she started.
Without waiting for her to finish, Miss Jun fixed her gaze, bit her lip, and lifted her hand.
A crisp pah! sound resounded.
Lingzhi shrieked and tumbled down.
Miss Jun still wasn’t finished. She yanked Lingzhi up by the hair.
"You little dirty cunt, you dare steal my man, I’ll beat you to death," she shrieked.
Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang stared with their jaws dropped.

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